Tracy: Mysterious Stranger Wows at Unicorn

There’s a new guy in town…

That would be actor Victor Rader-Wexler who appears now through Sunday in The Seafarer at the Unicorn Theatre, 3828 Main in Kansas City. Rader-Wexler recently moved here with his two teenage girls.

You may recognize him and his gloriously ironic “Voice of God” pipes from multiple roles on Seinfeld, As well as in Minority Report, the 2002 Steven Spielberg movie that starred Tom Cruise.

This play is so good, there’s but a single seat left for Saturday night. However there are seats for both Sunday shows at at 3 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.. 

So don’t miss it!

Rader-Wexler plays a mysterious stranger who drops in on Christmas Eve at a poker party with four Irish guys.  This cast, which includes David Fritts, Stuart Rider and Dean Vivion along with Allan L. Boardman as Richard, in the role that won a Tony for the actor who played the part of the blind brother.

These seasoned actors have 65 combined years of acting between them, And it shows; it’s a pleasure to watch them.  Directed by Mark Robbins, The Seafarer is a first class effort fresh from Broadway. It’s by noted Irish playwright Conor McPherson (leave it to the  Irish to  manage alcoholism as if it were a mild case of psoriasis – just something one ignores). 

Once  again  Unicorn producer Cynthia Levin – like Sacajawea – has scouted another of the best plays to bring back to Kansas City.

So forget the airfare, the cab rides, the hotel bill and the pricy restaurants— just go see The Seafarer.

There’s even a surprise ending  I bet none of you will see coming. 

But hurry – It’s so worth it. And it’s not even about gays!
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One Response to Tracy: Mysterious Stranger Wows at Unicorn

  1. Charlie says:

    Gotta love that Sacajawea
    There is another mysterious stranger at work in this production that has eluded the keen eye of our little Indian scout named Tracy. Um, Tracy meet KCAT. KCAT meet Tracy.

    If one reads the program, it should be readily apparent that this is a co-production between the Kansas City Actors Theatre and the Unicorn. And (a little inside scoop for y’all) the project actually originated with KCAT. They didn’t have room for it in their regular season but wanted desperately to do it. So they went to the Unicorn in search of a co-production and the Unicorn, wonderful people that they are, said "You bet!". And look, theatrical brilliance ensues!

    So, while the idea of Cynthia Levin dressing up as Sacajawea for Halloween is a very fetching one, she has to share the honors this time around.

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