OTC: KU Football Now Irrelevant / KSU Hopes Not

“Progress (for KU football) is going to have to be measured in other ways (than wins) this year.”
Nate Bukaty, 810 AM
GH: Yeah, that’ll go over well with the alums. Spend $50 million on upgrading your football facilities and then look for other ways to measure your success other than wins. Any wonder why KU continues to flounder in football?
“It’s not the losses; it’s the way things have looked on the (Kansas) sideline. The cleanest way I can say it is it’s a cluster. You see shots of Turner Gill and it looks like he’s staring into space.”
Bob Fescoe, from earlier this month, 610 AM
GH: I listened to Fescoe and Josh Klingler interview the rookie KU coach Thursday morning and heard none of the vitriol and sarcasm that Fescoe has been directing to toward Gill over the past month. If ever a head coach deserved to be grilled, it’s the highly-paid yet poorly performing Gill. Instead we got back-slap questions from the talent and textbook coach-speak from Gill. Awful radio.
“Gridiron reverts to irrelevance at Kansas”
Headline in Thursday’s Kansas City Star
GH: Go back a few months and what was the lesson we all learned? Football runs college athletics and every other sport (including college hoops) may as well be women’s soccer. This headline should concern every KU fan to the point of action. Instead, it appears to be received with a shrug and a question about Josh Selby. I believe Kansas football is staring at the dawn of the darkest decade in their football history. They are 2-13 in their last 15 games and 0-11 in recent Big 12 games – with no victories in sight. But none of this seems to upset Kansas enough to even bother.
“This is the changing tide around here, both locally and throughout the region, pushing football back and basketball forward. I sat in on one of the meetings trying to brand Kansas City as the college basketball capital of America.”
Sam Mellinger, Kansas City Star
GH: Sounds a lot like building a $200-million glass-enclosed palace to house printing presses just as the world is embarking on an all-digital media era.
“Kansas State is looking more and more like a product of their schedule.”
Dennis Dodd, college writer for CBSsportsline.com, as the once 5-0 Wildcats continue to struggle to become bowl eligible, 810 AM
GH: Kansas State is looking a lot like they did last season, a decent little team that just can’t compete with the real teams. At least K-State is trying. They might not be any more successful than KU in the long run but they haven’t completely turned football into autumn foreplay for their basketball program.
“Getting sense that K-State fans aren’t as bummed at Okie State loss. Still going to bowl, 3 losses to ranked team, and, um, hoops season?”
Sam Mellinger, Twitter
GH: Check back in late November on the temperature of the Wildcat fans’ bumminess over their football program. They ain’t all that happy now with no QB and a leaky D. A continued downward spiral will not be good for Bill Snyder’s legacy. They ran off CBS once before and if Bill doesn’t get a win (and quick), he might be shuffling papers for the next Ron Prince before Turner Gill gets whacked. Texas this weekend offers a great opportunity to get well.  
“(Texas head coach) Mack Brown says he may not be able to get things fixed this weekend and maybe not by the end of the season.”
Chip Brown, of OrangeBloods.com, Twitter
GH: K-State has owned Texas like Texas has owned Nebraska. The Wildcats need this win as much as any this season to show they are ascending rather than descending under Snyder.
“I don’t think these two teams (MU and NU) are that far apart. I do think that Nebraska is the better team but the question is how much better? I don’t think the talent is that far apart. I think Missouri’s got a heckuva football team and I think they can run the table. I don’t think they lose another game.”
Soren Petro, 810 AM
“I would not have come here (to Missouri) if I didn’t think we had a chance to build a national program.”
Gary Pinkel, 810 AM
GH: Mizzou is on the brink of becoming a perennial top-20 team. They’ll need to knock off Texas and Oklahoma from time to time, but the rest of the B12 is going to be there for them to build a 10-win season each year. Pinks is one helluva recruiter even if he’s lacking as a schemer and game-day coach.
“Texas Tech isn’t very good at all. I think (Tommy Tuberville) is in over his head. At the place he is? It’s not going to work. I was the only guy to call that at the beginning of the year, by the way. I don’t think he’s going to be there long either.”
Kevin Kietzman, 810 AM
GH: Tuberville must have snubbed KK in an earlier life because Kietz has been as rough on Tubby as anybody outside the state of Nebraska. For some reason Kietzman loves ripping Tuberville but props up Turner Gill at every opportunity. I kind of think KK likes having K-State’s in-state rival coached by someone as deficient as Gill.
“The competitiveness of our team is something I really like. Our team is very, very competitive.”
Gary Pinkel, while being interviewed by Bob Fescoe, 610 AM
GH: The game that sold me on the 2010 version of the Tigers is how they played at Texas A&M. They dominated a proud team in a very tough yard. They need to do the same at Texas Tech this Saturday and move on.
“Another sign of Baylor’s amazing season: The Texas victory makes the Bears 5-67 all-time against the Big 12 South.
Blair Kerkhoff, Twitter
GH: Wow! Just freaking wow! Could Baylor win the South? Does a Bear shit green and gold in the woods?
“That (Nebraska radio) broadcast made me sick. It made me sick! That ain’t the Greg Sharpe I know! He’s a different guy. He’s drinking the (Nebraska) Koo-Aid! They all think they’re better than us! You listen to his broadcast. It’s not an act! He clearly thinks he’s better than Kansas City!”
Kevin Kietzman, on the former K-State play-by-play announcer, 810 AM
GH: I am sure Greg Sharpe heard or was made aware of Kietzman attack on his work as an NU broadcaster. I am not sure what Kietzman expects from Sharpe but his criticism of Sharpe being too excited while calling a Nebraska touchdown run makes no sense. Does he expect Sharp to sneer over the radio and call the Husker fans inbreeds?
“Here’s where I differ from you. … You went after Greg Sharpe pretty good. The guy is paid to do that. That’s his job.”
Jack Harry, to Kietzman, 810 AM
GH: Harry had some fun at Kietzman’s expense this Wednesday by being the voice of reason. Yes, it was rare and entertaining radio. Read on.
“When they sit there (on the Nebraska radio broadcast) and all they give is Big 10 scores, to me that’s just disgusting! Sorry! They don’t give Big 12 scores on their broadcast! ‘Time for a conference update,’ they call it and they give Big 10 scores. You did not know that did you? It’s disgusting! … They are so all in and full of themselves now!”
Kevin Kietzman, 810 AM
GH: Making up stuff has always been a staple of Kietzman’s show. But does anyone out there still believe his shtick? This one was simply one of his funnier fabrications that have no truth or credibility.
“(Nebraska fans) must feel that everybody is kinda ganging up on them. Don’t you kinda get that idea? That you’re ganging up on them?”
Jack Harry, who also asked KK if he thought the 48-13 beating that Nebraska administered to his alma mater in Manhattan was affecting his judgment, 810 AM
GH: Whatever KK’s goal is in attacking NU daily, I suggest he reevaluate his game plan. His efforts to shame Nebraska into a fourth-place finish in the North do not seem to be working. Maybe KK needs to invite Bo Pelini on his show and drop a handful of fake laughs on him to begin the Huskers’ demise.
“The Oregon Ducks are a treat to watch! They make Peyton Manning and the Colts look slow. The only thing that can slow Oregon down is Oregon itself. It they don’t have a letdown; there is nobody that can beat Oregon. Oregon is the team to watch. If they lose then it’s Armageddon.”
Kirk Herbstreit, ESPN Radio
GH: If you haven’t caught Oregon on the tube yet, you need to see this act in action. Wowser! It’s like 1990 Loyola Marymount hoops in pads.
“It’s the fastest team I’ve ever seen except maybe with the exception of a couple of those Florida teams the last couple of years.”
Dennis Dodd, on the Ducks, 810 AM
“Boise State is still out there (undefeated) but they are going to get tested potentially against Hawaii.”
Kirk Herbstreit, ESPN Radio
GH: Nothing more needs to be said when you roll out the Rainbows as your game on the schedule to sweat. Boise State is a nice club that has no business being ranked in the top five.
“I would be a liar if I didn’t sit here and say 810 had been running stuff. I said it. Does that make me as bad as Chris Harris (the KU football player who said he understands that Kansas fans leave early because KU is a basketball school)?”
Shan Shariff, on the ratings war between his station and 810 AM, 610 AM
GH: Well, certainly not your every-day comments from Shariff. Read on.
“Now, that is going to change. It’s in the process of changing. I can’t get into ratings and numbers and all that. But trust me, things are on the up and up.”
Shan Shariff, on the ratings war with 810 AM, 610 AM
GH: I believe Shariff meant to say, “things are looking up.” We have been asked to trust a talking head about the ratings in the past. I think we’ll wait for some hard facts.
“Organic Hoodie / $19.99”
Price on a hooded sweatshirt at Whole Foods
GH: This organic craze is just nuts. Now hoodies are organic? Translation for the term organic: “Another way we can jack up the price of an otherwise affordable item in hopes someone overpays to make themselves feel better about driving a 7-passenger airbus to transport themselves to the grocery store.”
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20 Responses to OTC: KU Football Now Irrelevant / KSU Hopes Not

  1. bill says:

    Ron Prince
    The Prince of Purple owns Texas not K-State. Let’s see Snyder beat them first. They are 5-5 overall against the Horns.

  2. Gavin says:

    Where to Begin?
    Let’s start with the least significant part first. Greg, you come from a place where corn is king, so you might not know that cotton comes from a plant. No, seriously, it does! This "plant" is similar to corn, although you can’t eat cotton! Well, I guess you could but it has no nutritional value. ANYWAY, this "cotton" plant grows a flower and that flower is turned into a thread (I don’t want to get all hypertechnical here, so you’ll just have to trust me on this) and these "cotton threads" are put through a prcoess known as weaving, which turns the cotton into cloth and later that cloth is turned into articles of clothing. When something is grown "organically" it means that the plants were untreated by certain pesticides and herbicides. A lot of people think that too many chemicals used to help plants grow is bad for the environment so some people like to know that their "cotton" is produced in such a way that its impact on the environment is minimized as much as possible. Some people are willing to pay extra. Sometimes these people are stupid, but their heart is in the right place. Your ridicule of them won’t really make them change, though. (paragraph) ANYWAY, the more important aspect of today’s OTC is that you seem to think that KU fans don’t care whether football sucks. What bullshit. Trust me, we care. But what are we to do? People are all over message boards calling for Turner Gill’s head. I’m one of them that is willing to donate to a fund to help pay for his firing. But, really, what can we do? People are starting to skip football games and why the hell wouldn’t we look forward to basketball after this clusterfuck of a football season? It’s evident that KU will support a good team (look at 2008 and the kind of support the Fightng Mangnos got in the same academic year that KU won the NCAA tournament in basketball ) and even a mediocre team (the following year KU only went 6-6 and to a weak bowl but still had strong fan support), but what are we suppsoed to do when the product is this lousy? (paragraph) I’ve said before that I don’t think you’re a KU hater, but I do think you are frequently unreasonable about KU. I’ll admit, I’m biased, so I may be biased in my perception of your comments about my school, but you seem to think that KU fans are okay with sucky football in one breath and the next you’re saying it’s okay that we skip games because we shouldn’t be expected to blindly support a shitty product. (paragraph) So, we have a restive fan base who is staying away from shitty football games and starting to focus on a sport where we don’t suck. Fans are calling for Gill to be fired, no matter what the cost. Even people who were Lew Perkins supporters (like me) are appalled at the deal Perkins made when he hired Gill without a buyout. WHat is the KU fanbase doing wrong in your mind Greg, and how can we get your approval?

  3. Kent says:

    Nebraska radio
    I heard them give the Big 10 scores on the radio broadcast; I thought it was hilarious. Not sure why KK was so offended by that.

    Nebraska’s radio team currently is pretty dang good. Sharpe is one of the better play-by-play guys around … I’m pretty sure he didn’t make Kietzman sick when his Kool-aid of choice was purple grape rather than red cherry. Davison is refreshingly honest for a relatively young former player: I couldn’t watch the Texas game but listened to most of the second half on the radio and he was pretty blunt about what was going wrong, especially in the receiving corps.

  4. mark x says:

    the format with no paragraph is driving me

  5. hammy says:

    KK didn’t make it up
    Nub gives a rundown of all the Big 10 scores thru the whole game. I heard it several weeks ago and shook my head. The Big 12 needs to remove Nub and Col players from their conference ads. Immediately.

  6. Gavin says:

    mark x
    Word. It’s like "Ulysses" if it was written by James Joyce but instead of Trinity, Joyce went to Texas Tech.

  7. Johnny Utah says:

    Cowardly media
    Lots of media folks have hammered Turner Gill, as they should. The team looks uncoached, small, slow and disinterested. they were down 31-0 at half at home to their instate rival (a mediocre one at that) with a packed house. No wonder fans are bailing on the team. When will local media ask Gill tough questions to his face instead of when he’s not around? I know we won’t get it from Bob Davis on Hawk Talk. J Brady? KK? Clink? Bukaty? those dorks on 610? Metrosports? Grow some balls, media.

  8. Shecky says:

    Please explain, Greg
    Greg, you once again accused KK of fabricating the comment about Nebraska radio giving Big 10 scores. I don’t listen to NU football games, but there are two people above who claim that it is true. Can you reconcile for us?

    Who is lying Greg? You or KK? Are you a big enough man to admit that you’ve been caught lying (again)?

  9. Greg says:

    Only B10 scores
    GH: What KK is being less than truthful about is his statement that the Nebraska radio broadcast gives out ONLY B10 scores — which is not only false but nuts. The B10 Scoreboard segment that KK is talking about is a sponsored feature on the radio broadcast that is nothing more than a paid commercial.

  10. Ptolemy says:

    Kietzman piles on the frosting on the Nebraska claims because it absolutely drives Nubbers into a frenzy and that plays into the popularity of his show. Shanin and Parks do the same damn thing with their "compromise party" radio to a Limbaugh lead-in audience that drives them nuts. It’s radio….it’s weak and lame and uninventive radio, but all the good hosts have killed themselves, so you get what you get.

  11. Omaha says:

    Techno Whiz
    I have been trying to log on since Monday, it has taken me this long to fill in all the required fields. Gavin, I don’t think Greg is a Kansas hater but I do believe he has no love for Gill as a coach. Myself I say give him 3 years and see how he recruits. He supposedly still has some great Kansas connections. Also, the homecoming pictures are priceless.

  12. Omaha says:

    Make that Texas connections.

  13. Java Man says:

    "textbook coach-speak from Gill. Awful radio." Just to irritate you more, count the number of times Coach Gil starts an answer with "Well…."

  14. Gavin says:

    Omaha, you’re right, he doesn’t respect Gill as a coach but at this point that’s pretty easy. After all, how can you defend the guy right now? (paragraph) My problem is the disdain that Greg obviously feels for KU fans. One minute he seems to be slamming us for supporting KU football (whcih stinks and is therefore not worthy of support) and the next minute he seems to be slamming us for NOT supporting KU football (which, again, ditto). (paragraph) Not that the KU fan base lives for Greg Hall’s endorsement and not that Greg Hall has ever let his unreasonableness ever get in the way of him spouting off, but I’m genuinely interested in what Greg would have KU fans do. I don’t have the power to fire Gill, but if I did, I would. Since I can’t do that am I supposed to be true to my school and prevent him from showing an out-of-context photograph taken late in a blowout by showing up for the game or am I supposed to show that I won’t accept this inferior product and not go to the game, thereby allowing Greg to show an out-of-context photograph taken late in a blowout, thereby allowing him to ridicule KU and its fanbase.________________So, which is it Greg? Please, enlighten me/us. How do YOU think we should handle this situation?

  15. Rainbow Man says:

    So KK… Joyce Hall Is Inbred?
    KK– Newsflash.. People in Omaha do think they are better than us… and they should. I love Kansas City and I will never leave. But I respect Nebraskans. Have you been to Omaha lately? Their downtown is much more dynamic than ours. The people of Nebraska are some of the most intelligent, resileint, kind, and caring people I have ever met. They can go to the Big Ten because The Big Ten wants them. The Big Ten does not want everyone KK. Nebraskans did not care to buy Royals ads from 810. They don’t really need the Royals. Creighton averages 17,000 per basketball game. Nebraska gets 70,000 at a spring game. Omaha is much closer to Chicago than Dallas. Now is Omaha better than KC… No. But they should think they are. KK needs to remember that a lot of Nebraskans move to KC and set settle down. The Hallmark founder is one…

  16. Greg says:

    GH: Response to Gavin
    GH: Gavin, I made it through your last post but got lost in your first one somewhere around the lecture about Eli Whitney and the boll weavel. KU should hire an AD and tell him to fix football — now. You don’t invest $50 mill and then allow one man to ruin your program. Instead, I see KU fans moving on to BB thinking Bill Self’s boys will help them forget Terrible Turner.

  17. Brock Landers says:

    Crowd Shot tkaen out of context
    The context of the photo should be taken into account and is not very fair. Greg’s using that photo reeks of something KK would do because it does not give you all the facts and context. (Paragraph)

    The KU photo was taken at the very end of the game, very late 4th quarter. The photo shows DJ Beshears running the ball from the "Wildcat" or "Wild-Hawk" whatever you want to call it. Beshears a running back, was playing quarterback because KU had already lost starter Jordan Webb and backup Kale Pick. The score was 45-10. This was well into the third straight big 12 blowout loss for the Hawks in the final minutes. (Paragraph) I am sure if you got a photo of KU’s Memorial Stadium during the last several years under a tad better circumstances you would see good crowds. Attendance had been way up the last several years. (Paragraph) Major props to MU on their excellent season so far. The photo of the MU Homecoming game against OU deserves kudos. I think it is an unfair side by side shot. I’d love to see a photo of some tough Tiger losses over the years. I was at a game in Columbia in 2004? when KU jumped on MU 28 – 0 at half. The Mizzou fans and stands emptied out at the break. Thousands fled and left the stadium and this was the Border War. The funny thing is MU came roaring back in the second half and the Jayhawks had to hang on to win, but the stands were very empty and you would have gotten a similar photo. The other funny thing to me was MU was still in contention for a Big 12 North title at that point. Brad Smith was the MU QB. Look it up. (Paragraph) My NU buddy said last year he went to the game in Columbia where MU controlled for 3 quarters and NU stormed back with Suh and the crew in the fourth. He said the game was still a one possession game late in the 4th quarter and it was all Red in the stands. There was some bad weather, but it was still a one score game and had that been KU you would have heard about it. I’ve got a MU buddy who said he missed the Moe TD vs San Diego State because his group had bailed. I’d love to see a crowd shot even late in that game. (Paragraph) These fans in the stands pissing matches are silly. Lots of factors and context to consider. K-State did not even sell out Snyder’s first retirement and final game. WTF? That shocks me, but it happened. IOh well…just hoping to bring a little context to this story.

  18. Gavin says:

    Then We Agree
    Greg, OF COURSE KU should hire an AD and tell him to fix football. My point is that you keep banging on KU fans and I’m not sure I understand why. Should we support the team or not support the team? Is it my fault that KU football sucks and that I’m looking forward to basketball season? I don’t think hoops is going to cure all our ills, but why shouldn’t I want to think about basketball and get away from this vile football season? Again, I’ll ask, what are KU fans doing wrong?

    And you’d have found my first post easier to read (or you could skip the lame jokes about cotton entirely and still read the important part of the post) if KCC would fix the damn website and allow paragraph breaks.

  19. Rainbow Man says:

    But The Pelini Brothers Are Kind Of An Oddity
    There is something odd about the NU coaching dynamic. It seems overly emotional… and eventually… the two brothers thing will drive other assistant coaches away. I think Pelini’s term there will be short… and maybe by his own choice. Even though they are winning…. Something is just not right there. I still respect Husker Nation…. but there is something missing with Pelini.

  20. nick says:

    Gavin’s correct
    Gavin, GREAT posts. GREG, you are SO wrong in saying that Kansas fans don’t care about their football team. You truly do sound like KK in your anti-KU tirade. Mark Mangino was loved by many of us until his unraveling last year. We are now without an AD. When we finally get one, it would be the ONLY thing for him to do to let Turner Gill coach 2011 to fairly evaluate him and his staff. That’s a very depressing reality for Kansas fans. We can just hope and pray Gill is the right guy. HOW DOES IT NOT MAKE SENSE TO YOU that most Kansas fans want to forget football right now and think about our #7 basketball team?! I happen to think Kansas football WILL be back to at least Mangino’s respectable level in 2-3 years. And us KU fans are gonna love it and pack Memorial Stadium. As for the Cornhuskers, NOBODY WHO’S BEEN A LIFELONG KANSAS CITY RESIDENT CARES ABOUT THEM. I don’t dislike Nebraska, but I am not bothered AT ALL that they are leaving. Go. Leave. Bye-bye. We ain’t gonna miss the Big Red. Cornhuskers like yourself need to stop pretending that the rest of the Big 12 cares. We don’t.

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