OTC: Chiefs / Raiders Once Again Making Two Rivals Relevant

“It’s been a long time since the Chiefs have been very good. These teams sport no household names, at least not yet. And the last ongoing connection to their storied rivalry is Al Davis, apparently determined to go out with his boots on, while his team has surprisingly rebooted to the verge of contender status. Giving this coming Sunday’s matchup at The Coliseum a certain throwback flavor. The Raiders and Chiefs in a meaningful game – go figure. It’ll almost seem like old times.”
Bob Costas, NBC
GH: Costas spent a few network minutes on a piece Sunday night discussing this upcoming battle between the AFC West rivals. The Chiefs are slowly creeping back into the outer reaches of NFL relevance. And so are the Raiders.
“I think they beat Oakland. I think the Chiefs pound the ball and control the clock. … The Seattle Seahawks scare me. The Chiefs aren’t a 13-3 team, I don’t think. Maybe 11-5.”
Tim Grunhard, 810 AM
“The Oakland Raiders. No doubt about it.”
Matt Cassel, when asked by Soren Petro to name the Chiefs’ biggest rival, 810 AM
“Al Davis’ dirty white sweat suit that he poops in all the time. … I bet Al Davis eats his own head lice. I’m already fired up (for Raiders Week)!”
Bob Fescoe, 610 AM
“Your observation about Haley and tough questions is dead on. Maybe it is the winning, but I attend every Monday "day-after" news-conference and he has never bristled at the toughies. He might disagree with the premise of the question, but, he has been willing to answer the questions with thought and detail. BTW – I have counted at least three occasions this season in which the Chiefs PR staff has told the media to wrap up the questions only to have Haley say he doesn’t mind answering more questions. In fact, in one instance, he said, ‘This is fun.’ ”
Media Reader, responding to Haley calling out Mitch Holthus for handling the Chiefs coach interview so delicately, OTC email
GH: Haley’s like most head coaches — much more agreeable at pressers when he’s winning than well, we all remember last year. So what’s the deal with that sweat-stained hat he can’t seem to replace?

“He’s not our cancer. He’s somebody else’s garbage.”
Tim Grunhard, saying the Chiefs need to pass on acquiring Randy Moss, 810 AM
GH: There has been a LOT of Randy Moss talk on local radio that appears to me to be premature, speculative, and a waste of time. The Chiefs have a better chance of signing Bill Maas.
“It is Tuesday afternoon, the Chiefs are leading the AFC West at 5-2, and it is a meaningful Raider week for the first time since like 2002, and Kevin Kietzman has spent the first hour and 25 minutes talking about Nebraska’s horrible fans (sarcasm), Ed Cunningham and helmet-to-helmet hits. What is he going to do when Nebraska joins the Big 10 and he can’t bait Husker fans all fall? Guess we will get to practice his journalism skills once and for all.”
Reader Bill, OTC Email
GH: KK appears determined to shame Nebraska and their fans into a Big 12 championship for their final conference hurrah. Is Kietzman going to expect a 2010 B12 ring from Bo Pelini for his part in firing up the Children of the Corn?

“To me it’s borderline kind of sick. It’s creepy.”
Kevin Kietzman, on the overriding number of Nebraskans who live in Nebraska and root for Nebraska, 810 AM
GH: Being a Nebraska native, it is not at all odd to me that Nebraskans in every burg in the state – some who have never been to Lincoln let alone graduate from NU – root like hell for the Huskers. That seems very weird to people outside Nebraska who do not understand how non-alums would harbor such a passion for a school they did not attend. All I can say is that Nebraska is a different place when it comes to college football. And sometimes different is good.
“I’ve been trumped! I’m now the voice of reason (compared to DeArmond)! I didn’t use the word inbred.”
Kevin Kietzman, referring to Mike DeArmond’s now viral video on the inbred Husker, Cardinals and Jayhawk fans, 810 AM
GH: Kietzman kept up the Nebraska bashing for most of the afternoon. I was highly entertained. Read on.
“These Nebraska fans will not allow it to stop! They think that the media is out there agitating them! It’s the other way around! … It might have happened to me 100 times (where Nebraska fans have accosted him in public). You just want to have a moment with your wife and they won’t let go.”
Kevin Kietzman, 810 AM
“For me personally, living where I live, Nebraska football fans aren’t as bad as some Kansas basketball fans. For me. … I think they are both cut from the same cloth. I agree with Mike DeArmond.”
Todd Leabo, 810 AM
GH: Relax guys. Another couple of months and football season will be over — and the big, nasty Huskers will magically morph into easy-to-beat basketball players.
“We were in Omaha over the weekend for a reunion of the Omaha Mustang’s semi-pro football team. They had us on the sideline and then walk out to the center of the field to be recognized. I just want to say that the grass at Rosenblatt Stadium was the finest grass field I have ever walked on, played on or seen with my own eyes and feet. Ever. It was soft, it was lush, it was absolutely beautiful. It looked like Augusta National but it was in Omaha. So why can’t the Chiefs grow grass at Arrowhead?
Greg Walker, former Omaha Mustang wide receiver, who was honored with former teammates at Omaha’s Rosenblatt Stadium last weekend, KCC email
GH: Clark Hunt should be embarrassed that the Jackson County tax payers funded his renovation project and he has allowed the field to become one of the NFL’s worst. Hire Jesse Cuevas, the Rosenblatt groundskeeper or put in FieldTurf. Now.
“For a lot of people, one of the reasons they’re not going to Arrowhead is because they don’t want to be so disconnected to the rest of the NFL. … There is no reason that ribbon board can’t be more informative.”
Nick Wright, on the lack of replays from around the league being shown on Arrowhead’s video boards, 610 AM
GH: I agree. There is no reason the fans inside the stadium should not have the same access to updates and highlights that those at home enjoy. The NFL needs to wake up and give their most important guests what they desire or watch the blackouts continue to mount all across the league.
“There’s not a lot of people (at Royals games). Their attendance stinks. Their attendance is brutal. Royals tickets are a bargain to what you pay (at other ball parks).”
Soren Petro, 810 AM
GH: Petro has been singing this song for a decade. I on the other hand am amazed that the Royals continue to average close to 20K fans a season despite 25 consecutive seasons of non-playoff baseball. And how can Royals tickets be a bargain at any price? The franchise has been a joke for David Glass’ entire reign as owner.
“Next year I think it’s a year too early for the Royals – or 40.”
Jeff Passan, when asked to pick the MLB pennant winners next season, 610 AM
“It’s amazing how few concussions there are in college football with all the collisions there are every Saturday. I’ve been a football coach for 20 years and there are a lot less concussions now then there were 15-20 years ago.”
Gary Pinkel, 810 AM
GH: Where is Pinks getting his stats on concussions? This is the same guy who when asked about Blaine Gabbert being knocked out during the Nebraska game, he replied that Gabbert was fine. "He’s doing really well,” said the Mizzou coach. “We had practice last night. He looked really good. He is a very tough guy." A tough guy? How does being a very tough guy make you immune from head trauma?
“Interesting comments from Gary Pinkel today. He thinks it’s going to go to (automatic) ejection for helmet-to-helmet contacts.”
Kevin Kietzman, 810 AM
GH: Pinkel appears to be on a mission to penalize helmet-to-helmet hits. Good for him. But when is someone going to ask Pinkel if he shoulders some of the responsibility for these hits on his quarterbacks by putting them in offensive sets that offer little or no protection from corner blitzes and blind-side hits? Last season Pinkel sent Gabbert into a half-dozen Big 12 games with a bad ankle that severely hampered his mobility. It appears to me that Pinks has selective concern when it comes to his QB’s well being.
“It won’t.”
Bo Pelini, when asked how these helmet-to-helmet hits would change the way Nebraska players conduct themselves on the field, 810 AM
“We’re young and green and carless and wild but fun.”
Bill Self, assessing his team prior to their exhibition opener against Washburn, Jayhawk Radio Network
GH: How does Bill Self get away with calling his team “young and green” every season? Brady Morningstar and Tyrel Reed are almost as old as Danny Manning by now. Mario Little is a five-year senior. The Morris twins are both juniors who might be gone after this season. Senior Connor Teahan is contemplating redshirting – probably so Self can proclaim his team young and green again next season.

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18 Responses to OTC: Chiefs / Raiders Once Again Making Two Rivals Relevant

  1. mark x says:

    … nuts on parade…
    If the Moss Mess were happening LAST year, I believe there could have been a good chance that Pioli would have signed him, given Pioli’s propensity to sign NE wash-ups. …………………………

    What’s up with KK? Tuned in Monday, after the Chief exciting OT win and he’s discussing Nebraska? Dude, is truly messed up. I’m FORCE to listen to Nic Wrong during the afternoon drive home … just sad. ……………………….

  2. mark x says:


  3. Cliffy says:

    I’m told a headline is required, so here it is
    A win-at-all-costs attitude leads to coaching that encourages dirty play. See Pelini. See high school kids kicking the other team’s QB while he’s down. Of course, feeling otherwise is "stinking thinking" according to our host here at OTC. Let’s just wait until somebody is paralyzed or worse before we take this seriously, right? (paragraph)

    I listened to Wright the other day for awhile and was amused by him using excerpts of Fescoe’s inane laughter. Trouble is, Fescoe probably doesn’t realize he’s being made fun of. Fescoe is truly the worst of the worst on KC sportstalk radio … and that’s saying something. I feel badly for poor Josh Klingler. (paragraph)

    I second mark x on the paragraph suggestion. Thus far, I see little potential for this format to improve upon the last one. How is it any better?

  4. Greg says:

    New format
    Change is always a bitch. I find the no paragraphs and inabilty for me to comment inside a reader’s comment frustrating as well. I know that Hearne is working to smooth out the kinks so I’m willing to give the new site some time to evolve into a more user-friendly and organized portal for news, commentary and an exchange of opinions.

  5. Kerouac says:

    Covetness other team(s) … success
    Allegiance check: Chiefs, Dodgers, Lakers, Canadians (nhl), Notre Dame (cfb) – to show my love of the games more so the names, second favorites include among others OAK Raiders football & SF Giants MLB. in all cases these since the 1960’s. Sunday, I was thrilled for the Giants/their fans… full disclosure, no apologies.

    One other team too: I’ve followed the Nebraska Cornhuskers basketball team since the mid -1960’s when Stu Lantz, Tom Baack and the latter day Harlem Globetrotter Nate Branch were leading NU into the Top 10 at one point / brief moment in time.

    This year’s team may just surprise some people… if nothing else they finally have some legitimate size, which in NU lingo means more than one guy 6’5+ (for the unintiated, NU once had a starting Center they listed at 6’6 – he was actually 6’4 1/4 on his best day.) Now if only they could be gifted w/ just as many stiffs on their schedule as the chiefs… another Paper Tiger would be born.

    On the other, ever wonder if they sit around Nebraska homes, radio stations etc. with their voodoo dolls in hand wringing their hands/gnashing their teeth over all the success/football Championships KU, KS & MU and in Oakland the pro success football Championships same KC? No, need to wonder why.

  6. Kerouac says:

    ‘covetousness’ too…

  7. Redfan says:

    Aren’t you being a bit of a baby here? You could find a at least a dozen hits that were the same as Cortney Osborne’s hit on any given Friday, Saturday or Sunday. The difference is, the target of those hits was not ducking his head down to take that hit. And a lot of those hits are celebrated. There’s a reason the Big 12 hasn’t decided to suspend Osborne…they’d have to suspend about 5 other players for similar hits.

  8. bschloz says:

    Chiefs Versus Raiders (Spoken Like Howard Cosell)
    Wuz up with this new format??….Wheres smarty? jojo? chuck?uncle dick? Come on guys I hope you didn’t bail. Anyway here is my 2 cents for Oakland……FUCK OAKLAND….CHIEFS 24 RAIDERS 14….with conviction 6-2!

  9. Markus Aurelius says:

    Once again Redfan shows that he….
    ….cannot see the world through anything but his red-colored glasses. Did you even hear what your coach said this week??

  10. Markus Aurelius says:

    …the inability to create paragraphs in the comments is ridiculous. There is no reason for the coding to be set up this way. It’s an easy fix.

  11. kcredsox says:

    Once Again…
    "Pelini is willing to take a 15 yard penalty on occasion as the consequence of his coaching tactics if it means that his players will do whatever it takes to gain an advantage over the other team. He’s in a VERY small minority of coaches on this – particularly college coaches which coach student athletes and not professionals. Pelini doesn’t have a concern for an opposing players physical health or long-term well being – they are only objects in the way of the prize." Are you high? I think 95% of the coaches out there would love for their players to play like the Blackshirts. The other 5% would be KU and the other soft teams in football.

  12. Johnny Utah says:

    Royals fans
    Considering no playoffs for 25 years, and basically no one under the age of 30 can remember the Royals being good, they draw exceptionally well. if glass gives this city a decent team, the K will be packed every game.

  13. hammy says:

    Say what Greg
    So now a coach who puts a player slowed by a leg injury is at fault when the other team targets said player in the head???? I suppose when a person is hit by a drunk driver its their fault for being on the road after dark, right? Good lord you have reached a new low trying to defend your Head Hunting Huskers.

  14. MoCrash says:

    Fescoe the Fool
    Fescoe was on a tear Wednesday morning projecting Randy Moss as a Chief. The reasoning: because Moss played for New England and the Chiefs could potentially meet the Pats in the AFC championship game, so Moss could provide info on their tendencies. Forget that Moss has exactly the type of baggage that Pioli’s Chiefs have studiously tried to avoid, does it really make sense to eat $3.8 million remaining on Moss’ contract to do a job that a $30k/year staffer can by charting video which is available of all NFL games? That’s a lot of money for a star whose skills are clearly fading, brings nothing positive to the locker room and has an unreliable motor. Thanks for more brilliant insight, Fescoe. Next time try thinking before speaking.

  15. Uncle Dick says:

    tint your windows
    KK doesn’t understand that if you want a moment alone with your wife, maybe NU fans wouldn’t watch if she’d let go and you weren’t in your car in the parking lot. Who programmed this shit? The only one who dosn’t care is jojo because he only wanders in a singe paragraph. Smartman freaked out because of all the info the cyber-nazis require for registration and is currently checking to see if Hearne’s family really is part of the New World Order. This site’s so hard, Tony had to hire an illegal alien to help him upload it.

  16. Redfan says:

    Guess what….
    Markus….neither of the head shots in question that were delivered drew a flag so it’s odd you mention that Pelini is willing to take a 15 yard penalty from time to time. Seriously, go to Youtube, you’ll find hundreds of hits where no ejection is called for by anyone. Hits are just celebrated. Watch ESPN this weekend and see how many hits that could easily be construed as worse than either Martin’s or Osborne’s are either ignored as part of the game or celebrated. Cortney Osborne is 5’10", if he was seriously targeting Gabby’s head, he would have had to launch himself off the ground as Gabby is 6’5" tall. I guess next time he should just slow down and just grab the guy with his arm so as not to accidentally strike his head.

    And look, I really wouldn’t have taken issue with a flag on Martin, due to his celebratory antics. That shit isn’t cool. But, I’ve been lit up like that on kick off in high school and I’ve seen it happen to others at all levels of play. Like the old saying goes, "keep your head on a swivel".

  17. theKCeye says:

    Look who’s talking
    I find it interesting that you found a way to knock KK for ignoring Raider week to trash Nebraska again, Greg, since here in your space you put more effort into knocking KK than into analyzing the importance of the monster game this Sunday.

    It’s Raider week. Who cares about f’n Nebraska or Kevin f’n Kietzman?! GO CHIEFS!!!….-<a href="http://kceye.blogspot.com>The KC Eye</a>

  18. Redfan says:

    Is there a picture of the crypt keeper at the top of this OTC column?

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