Glazer: No Moss in K.C. Can Chiefs Beat Raiders?

Every NFL team has talked about ‘"hould we or shouldn’t we" on Randy Moss

Even the Chiefs.

There’s absolutely no doubt whatsoever that this team needs another wide receiver. We’ve  operated all year with just one, DBowe. Chris Chambers is done or so it would seem. He got paid and, I guess, kinda quit, Or just isn’t good enough anymore.

It’s pretty simple; if you are not wanted by New England with Tom Brady, who can and does throw deep – or Brett Favre, who deeply wanted Moss – he’s a no go in KC.

Besides THE FRANCHISE, Matt Cassel, has not exactly been the winged warrior going deep thus far!

So that’s that. On to Oakland!

This will be an uphill battle for the Chiefs. They have yet to prove they can beat anyone on the road. They won a tough one with Cleveland and that’s it. The Raiders maybe are the sleeper team in the AFC. They’re ranked number 8 in overall offense and number 9 in overall defense. And the Chiefs are 12th in offense and 16th in defense. So you can see the issues right there.

By the way Oakland is number 2 in running the ball and number 4 against the pass, yikes!

Other Chiefs problems: After game one, our return game has gone bye bye! Returners Dexter and Arenas have not put us in great field position since then. Of course Dexter is injured. The Chiefs badly need him back on the field because outside of Jamaal Charles their most dangerous threat is Dex. 

Our defense has been up and down.

Tamba Hali leads the AFC with seven sacks, but nobody else is helping him pressure the quarterback much. Without that pressure it’s tough to stop the pass on third down. And we’ve had a tough time  getting off the field due to that issue. 

The Franchise, Matt Cassel,  really only has two receivers, for the most part, with Dexter out. Just Bowe and Tough Tony, the tight end. That’s about it.

So what do we do to overcome?

In the Red Zone our offense has had some problems, especially on third and short or fourth and short. Thomas Jones and Charles are not often making those runs for first downs inside the 20. I think we need to call on Jackie Battle in those cases; he seems bigger and stronger for the short yardage pick ups. I also think we need to screen pass much more to Charles and Jones. 

All that said, it’s hard to see the Chiefs winning Sunday at Oakland.

Nobody has run over us, but the only team we jacked up was the 49er’s. And that came down in the second half. If we lose this game, then the season may well come down to the last game of the year with Oakland at KC. That game may decide the winner of the West.

However, I have a feeling Oakland is more likely to lose a game they should later win than the Chiefs are. In other words, we may get some help. And I don’t see the Chargers coming back this year, too many problems.

So the Chiefs could lose to Oakland, at San Diego, at Denver (less likely), to Tennessee, and maybe to an improved St. Louis team. They will need to win at least one of those to make the 10-6 season happen, as well as beat Oakland at the end of the year.

So a loss Sunday will make this a race again. A win and it’s close to over. 

But why worry? We have The Surgeon, The Franchise, we have Matt Cassel!


Who could want more?
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5 Responses to Glazer: No Moss in K.C. Can Chiefs Beat Raiders?

  1. craig glazer says:

    Chiefs/Raiders/oh my
    Yes Greg for the first tiime in years this game matters…nice.

  2. Kerouac says:

    First things first
    First, OAK 38 – chiefs 13: first place team loses, Raiders take control first place and the West &move into sole possession first place after DEN also beats kc to a bloody red pulp one week aft. __________________________________________________________

    Now on to 2nds, sloppy type, the unshaven one never saw a razor he wasn’t afraid of – how many amateurish boneheaded moves will ‘le grande bonehead’ aka haley make Sunday? What can he do for an encore? One thing is for sure: won’t be his first. _______________________________________________________________

    Let’s beat this dead Warpaint some more: they’ve played 1winning team HOU, and lost. 4 winless teams in SD, CLEV, SF & BUFF, and managed barely hold on 3 of the 4 & do what every other NFL team thence had done to them, but not as well/no better (in fact, they are as easily sitting 2-5 as 5-2). They’ve played 1 .500 team IND, and lost, another .500 same JAC & couldn’t solve a farmer impersonating a 4th string qb – until well into the 4th quarter. Aft this Sunday’s game vs .500 OAK, kc’s record vs break even teams will stand at 1-2, my opine. 5-3 portending 7-9 finish behind both OAK & SD AFC West of the worst.

  3. harley says:

    glazer…you don’t know shit about football
    did you ever play the game…ever put on pads or get tackled (besides in prison). Well truth is that you continue to show you nothing about the game or it’s intricacies. You’re just guessing like the rest of us. Now go back to
    your fun stories about strippers and whores. Do what you do best.

  4. craig glazer says:

    Hater Harley
    I did play my freshmen year in high school, middle linebacker, also tried out at ASU, was too small, didn’t make the team. Did five sports doc’s, including Ali, two went into most major movie theatres across the nation, even here in KC. My credits are too long to go into, just go to or google. I know just a bit more about life then strippers or whores. I’m sure you know more about whores then me, I don’t use them, I don’t have too, but I’m sure a punk like you does. What is your resume and what is it you think I stated that was so stupid? Nothing, thank you. See ya at the trailor park.

  5. Rainbow Man says:

    why i love haley
    Haley goes for it on fourth down when he has the best punter in the NFL. Haley has served up seven very different game plans this year. He is unpredictable. And it works. I think the carries, or lack or carries that Charles has this season will be settled Sunday. They will pound the rock Sunday.

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