Starbeams: Election Day with John Mayer, Lindsay Lohan & Herbie

 A UPS guy walked into the polling station this morning so I padded him down and made sure he wasn’t from Yemen before I checked his package.  We have a don’t-ask-don’t-tell polling station.

 Republicans are expected to pick up between 50-60 seats in the house.  50-60 seats?  That’s more tail than John Mayer will get today!

 Stephene Moore compared Kevin Yoder to Lindsay Lohan in a last minute attempt to move the meter.  We think she meant to compare Yoder to Herbie Fully Loaded.

 The Moore campaign maintains Yoder is hiding something from refusing to take a breathalyzer test on K-10.  Yoder says Stephene continues to hide the ‘i’ in her name.

$4 BILLION was spent on this mid-term election….and these are the people we are putting in charge of our country?  

The Missouri Conservation Department will host the first ever Swope Park deer hunt as the park now has between 60 – 70 deer per square mile.  The event is for archery people only.  The density of deer is twice the healthy limit.  You know there are a lot of deer when Stevie Wonder was first to sign for the hunt.

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