Jennifer: To Market in the River Market

Over the course of my living in the River market area for nine years, I  had many a day when I wished for a place close by to pick up a gallon of milk… 

For a brief period of time, that place was Garrett‘s.  Unfortunately, this corner market was way ahead of its time.  Lack of foot traffic caused Garrett’s to depart, taking with it the convenience of downtown shopping.  And it took many years before Cosentino‘s came along.  While it’s beautiful store,  it’s still really not in “the hood.”

Then, one day it was announced that Scott Fitness was closing its outpost at the corner of 3rd & Wyandotte . John Scott, owner of Scott Fitness personally showed up at the final spin class to kick everyone to the curb, so that his new renter could immediately take over. 

Turns out the new renter is Jim Andrews, who is also a member of Scott Fitness and had expressed an interest in the location.  Jim wanted to create a  neighborhood market spot that would unfold organically by developing under customer input. Jim spent over 22 years in the construction business. A skill that served him well when it came to transforming this lackluster, undefined box of a room. The redefined space is cheery and bright and feels like it has been there for ages.

Residents can pick up most basics, but the location will also offer a generous amount of prepared food.  Chef Tiara Taylor is offering homestyle soup creations like chicken and wild rice and lobster bisque. Tiara has also created some pretty amazing parfaits like the yogurt, banana, peanut butter & chocolate version that is waiting for customers every day. By the time you read this, they will also be offering fresh deli sandwiches.  A salad bar is already in play.  Prepared salads include a Greek style pasta salad, macaroni salad and a green pea salad.  Chef Tiara is a warm and welcoming presence at Market 3 and her passion for food is evident.  She served me a pulled pork sandwich that was loaded with a juiciness that I didn’t expect at a market.

Although this is a perfect spot for grabbing food on the go, Andrews wants it to be a community space where people can come together.  The togetherness is happening in the eat-in area and on the community bulletin board. Market 3 will also participate in uniquely River Market events like the Wine Walk. 

Thanks for bringing us Market 3, Jim.  At long last, I am on my way to pick up that gallon of milk and I don’t have to drive.

Jennifer Janesko



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