Hovick: Midland by AMC Explodes in November


People aren’t generally comfortable with change, but it’s part of life…

The Chiefs are 5 and 2, seven games into the season and KC Confidential is also making a change for the future.

Hearne has found a way to switch it up in the past keeping many people coming back to bitch or blog which is our right as Americans.

At the Midland we are all about change.

Fall is one of the busiest times of the year for our concert season. The variety of artists and the number of events continue to be on the rise just like the number of wins for the Chiefs.

I’ll give you a glimpse of what some of you may have missed and what many of you enjoyed in October at the Midland

98.9 The Rock brought us the third annual Freakers Ball. This sold out show of Rock fans had a mix of hot, freaky and even disturbing costumes. Headliner Five Finger Death Punch kept their fans heated up well past the witching hour.

Kansas City Public Television continued to bring great shows to the Midland. In October their fans came in droves to see classic guitar artist Tommy Emmanuel. Even booking on the same night as the world famous American Royal BBQ, there were plenty of die hard fans here to enjoy the true talents of a master on acoustic guitar.

Straight No Chaser returned to the Midland this past month as well.

They are the only artist with two sold out shows in less than six months in the Midland in 2010.

It’s wild; Straight No Chaser is 10 college friends singing their way across the country with their original acappella arrangements. Their personalities and voices create a mix of comedy and harmony on stage as their medleys about the 12 days of Christmas or a parody of Lady Gaga.

We will bring them back soon.

Jerry Springer kept all of the chairs on the floor as the host of America’s Got Talent

Comedy was a big part of the mix in October with stand up funny guy Craig Ferguson, Louis CK and Jerry Seinfeld performing here.

This was the first time for late night host Ferguson. He let rip well beyond just the "seven dirty words" on our stage all night long. He can’t talk like that on national television but he gave everyone fair warning at the start of the show.

Louis Ck and Jerry Seinfeld returned to the Midland to sold out audiences. Musicians and comedians are all different. Louis had his spin on everyday life, raising children, technology and shopping while Seinfeld delivered his own unique look at life.

So just like the Chiefs changing to a have more wins than losses seven games into their season, the Midland kicks off November with more music and comedy winners:

*** John Mellencamp will carry the ball first with his sold out show on Friday November 5th. A little ditty about Jack and Diane will be missed by those who did not rush to get tickets.

*** Yo Gabba Gabba will be in for two shows on Saturday November 6. Brobee and his friends will blitz the Midland to sing and dance all of your favorites.

*** Tim & Eric have a strong chance of getting called for a personal foul as they bring their style of comedy here on November 15.

*** George Lopez will scramble on third and long with his return to the Midland on November 18.

*** November 20, Country Music superstars Lady Antebellum sold out the day they went on sale, so there’s no chance of a black out. The three talented singers and their crew are also college football fans and will be warming up all day while supporting their teams of choice backstage.

*** For the KCPT faithful, the Canadian Tenors will not sack any quarterbacks during their performance on Monday November 22.

*** Jessie James Dupree with his band Jackyl is already sold out November 24. This is the Wednesday night before Thanksgving and Jessie always will find a way – even facing fourth and one – to cut up one or two stools on stage with his chain saw.

Who knows maybe he will carve a turkey this time.

So Kansas City fans, learn to adapt!

Live life to the fullest

Accept change

Rock with it!

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