OTC: Chiefs Score Scary OT Win Over Bills


“Time out! Time out! Time out!”
Todd Haley, as he caught the attention of the referee just prior to the Bills’ Rian Lindell kicked the potential game-winning 53-yard field goal, CBS
GH: Haley did some crazy, bizarre things once again Sunday. And once again despite his penchant for the bizarre, his Chiefs won. No decision was more important than him calling time out to negate Lindell’s laser shot that cleared the uprights by 10 yards or more. The CBS cameras caught the Bills’ head coach Chan Gailey in a great replay where he almost but at the last second decided against calling a TO before Ryan Succop ended the game with his kick in OT. That is the difference between one team being 5-2 and dreaming about the playoffs and the other team spiraling toward a lot of people losing their jobs at 0-7.
“The bottom line is that right now the Chiefs are a just-win-baby team.”
Danny Clinkscale, 810 AM
GH: The NFL is a just-win-baby league. The way the Chiefs win might make us nervous and be rough on the furniture inside your family room but a win is a win is a win. Every one of them looks good come December.
“We could have a divisional playoff game at home with a bye! And once you’re in the dance with the running game we have now – we’ve seen running teams win Super Bowls – I don’t want to get everybody’s hopes…up but it’s a possibility.”
Bill Maas, 610 AM
GH: A bye in the playoffs and then a home game at Arrowhead in January? That kind of heady talk should warm up even Jerry Mazer’s cardboard box.
“They have the next five out of seven on the road. It’s a good damn thing they won that game yesterday! These next seven games will determine what kind of team they are.”
Soren Petro, 810 AM
GH: The Chiefs’ schedule is soft but every road game in the NFL is a struggle. 5-2 can turn into 7-9 real quick in this league and with this odd head coach.
“On the positive side, the Chiefs are the most unpredictable team in the league. That makes them very hard to prepare for.”
Mitch Holthus, on Haley’s penchant for the absurd and insane, 810 AM
“A long time ago John Madden said that winning is the perfect deodorant. And right now this (Chiefs) team is covered in deodorant.”
Bill Maas, 610 AM
“I’m a work in progress in a lot of areas.”
Todd Haley, Metro Sports
“I will openly and honestly say I don’t know what I’m doing.”
Todd Haley, TV 41
“It’s worth a pause here to acknowledge that Haley is in the midst of a masterpiece coaching job. The Chiefs are on track to win the AFC West in a rebuilding year, and Haley will be mentioned as a coach-of-the-year candidate. What we’re starting to see is that Haley is willing to be self-critical, even in the midst of success, even when he doesn’t need to be.”
Sam Mellinger, columnist, Kansas City Star
GH: Haley is either a mad genius or simply a teenager with the keys to Clark Hunt’s Lamborghini. “Unconventional” doesn’t even describe going for fourth-and-one inside your own 30-yard-line late in a tie game. But if he loses to Buffalo at home yesterday, no one is applauding his willingness to be self critical.
“Why does it matter if (Haley) is consistent if it doesn’t make sense most of the time? I just love to hear that, ‘Well, at least they’re consistent.’ What does that matter?”
Shan Shariff, to a caller who said he was happy with how consistent Haley is with his decisions, 610 AM
GH: Only one thing matters – the W-I-N. Gailey is consistent as hell – and where’s that gotten him?
“One of the great places to watch football in the NFL – and it’s brand new!”
Gus Johnson, play-by-play voice of Bills/Chiefs game for CBS broadcast
GH: Arrowhead was again showing a number of empty seats but the crowd appeared to hang in until the end of this five quarter overtime thriller. The stadium might be sparkling new but the grass turf is as ugly and chewed up as some of the Arrowhead parking lots. Read on.
“Lamar has been gone now – rest his soul – put the damn FieldTurf down! The players loved it, it’s much safer. Do it!”
Danny Clinkscale, 810 AM
GH: How can Arrowhead’s grass look so bad this early? We can’t blame the Wizards anymore since they moved to the CAB. I’m with Clink, scrape the crabgrass off the dirt and lay down a safe, beautiful FieldTurf and be done with it. Can you imagine how bad that field is going to be in January for the best rushing team in the NFL?
“Their draft class has been absolutely stellar!”
Steve Tasker, CBS analyst for Bills/Chiefs game, on the Chiefs’ 2010 draft class, CBS
GH: When was the last time this comment was directed toward the Chiefs? Pre-King Carl?

“How my Lions doin’, man?”
Gus Johnson, who was unaware his mic was still hot as the CBS crew went to break late in the game, CBS
GH: Johnson gets raves from most fans and I like his over-the-top style. I also like that he’s a real guy just wanting to know how his squad is doing while he’s at work on Sunday.
“Not once, in the days leading up to the game or in the depressing aftermath, did Chan Gailey betray a trace of ill will toward Chiefs coach Todd Haley, who had fired him as offensive coordinator just 13 days before the 2009 opener. Gailey was more emotional than I’ve seen him after Sunday’s crushing, 13-10 overtime loss to the Chiefs. His voice was halting. He seemed on the verge of tears. But Gailey said he felt for his players, who had battled again only to fall short. Personal redemption had nothing to do with it.”
Jerry Sullivan, columnist, BuffaloNews.com
GH: Gailey refused to run the ball late in the game to secure field-goal position in overtime. His play calling could not have differed more from Haley’s approach. These two could not have coexisted with the Chiefs.
“But if an NFL team wants to compete for the Super Bowl, it doesn’t settle for a quarterback (like the Bills’ Ryan Fitzpatrick) who plays above his obvious limitations. It looks for a guy who can rise up to his undeniable and prodigious physical abilities. The Chiefs wanted so desperately to see those qualities in Cassel, they gave him a $63 million contract. The Bills would do well to shoot a lot higher.”
Jerry Sullivan, columnist, BuffaloNews.com
GH: Cassel is impressing no one outside of Kansas City and not a great many inside the City of Fountains. But at 5-2, he is hearing less and less opposition to his game and paycheck.
“THAT is how you play the 3-4 D-line defense! And these guys just keep getting better.”
Bill Maas, 610 AM
GH: Maas has been critical of the Chiefs’ defensive front for much of the season. He is now seeing vast improvement, especially in the formerly much-maligned Glenn Dorsey.
“I think people that weren’t paying attention thought the Chiefs would have a walkover (against Buffalo).”
Steven St. John, 810 AM
“Utter complete domination for the Chiefs today… Arenas returns a punt for a TD, Cassel throws fewer than 20 times… we win 34-13.”
Nick Wright, prior to the game on Twitter
GH: Wright appears to have taken the place of Jason Whitlock when it comes to wildly inaccurate predictions for both college and pro sports. He’s also on record picking Kansas to beat K-State and Mizzou beating Nebraska. Whitlock perfected the art of being wrong into an almost cartoon-like persona. On Wright it just makes him appear ill-informed and less credible.
“We got boobies! Oh my gosh! And they were not scary!”
Bill Maas, reporting a female flashing during the Chiefs’ postgame show on Halloween, 610 AM
“Can a brown-skinned guy blush?”
Shan Shariff, on the boob flash, 610 AM
GH: This might be just the promotion to improve the walk-in crowds at 610’s remotes.
“The front seven must have been playing very, very well for the Chiefs stopping the run. It’s very difficult not having watched the flow of the game (to comment on it). … I guess. I don’t know. Maybe he was just thought there wasn’t anything there and we’ve got to pass the ball. I don’t know.”
Kevin Harlan, as a Monday morning guest on The Border Patrol, when asked by Steven St. John to comment on why Chan Gailey chose to pass more than run once in Chiefs’ territory, 810 AM
GH: Harlan is the wrong guy to have on to do Monday-morning analysis of the Chiefs game. He calls another game on Sunday and almost assuredly doesn’t have time to do anything more than read a game story before his spot on 810. He sounded flustered and a bit embarrassed when asked to analyze a game he didn’t see. Move Harlan to Wednesday mornings and get Kendall Gammon on in the Monday slot. Then we’ll have someone who was at the game and can give us a sideline perspective.
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6 Responses to OTC: Chiefs Score Scary OT Win Over Bills

  1. Kerouac says:

    Howard Beale is in the house…
    "The NFL is a just-win-baby league."

    – and that’s the problem my opine, also-ran teams such as the mirage kc has built upon the backs an 8-16 .333 opponents W/L mark to date gamedays this season.

    Were they to go 16-0 it would be no different, just an more precipitous fall that awaits : record belies what the eyes cannot deny: in a room full of Olive Oyl’s, even would stand out.

    Why is they haven’t beaten ‘anyone’, not in truth played anyone? Could indict the entirety modern NFL parity; part & parcel thereof kc is as close being 2-5 as their present 5-2, losses to SD, CLEV & BUFF no more unbelievable than wins same.

    0-1 vs winning team, HOU / 0-1 vs .500 team, IND / 4 wins against 4 winless teams they played, SD, CLEV, SF & BUFF / 1 other win vs a .500 team, JACK was without it’s 1, 2 & 3 qbs so had to employ an farmer who looked neither more superior or inferior ‘the franchise’, ca$$el… rest my case. Next Sunday, next tomato can: OAK, 4-4. Add their .500 W/L, kc’s opponents on gameday 2010 becomes 12-20 – good for a crisp .375 mark.

    This chiefs team appears to me be a poor man’s version a Schottenheimer’s, several – and that’s being generous the current – a thousand pardons Marty. Tho the particulars may not be mirror image, the result will be the same likely – come post season, the coach turns back into pumpkin, the slipper doesn’t fit kCinderella and the clock strikes R.I.P. – they do not belong.

    "a win is a win is a win. Every one of them looks good come December."

    – end does not justify means unless only end matters is ‘look at our sparkling W/L regular’ (see Marty’s various chiefs, even those ’07 undefeated Patriots for reference) – then watch us implode post.

    While it may be why they play the games – to borrow comedian Myron Cohen, "well, everybody’s got to be someplace" – the 1980 US Olympic hockey team kc is not. That they as some other teams could receive an post season RSVP does not erase the reservations that (circa 2010) less filling is the imbibe NFL has poured, great taste like ‘a win is a win is a win’ end justifying the means, pass the vomit bag.

    Which brings us to the topic the NFL has discussed, more games, more post season qualifiers, more… ENOUGH, already stinks high Heaven. Soon, all 32 NFL teams will make the post season – what’s the difference any way really – quality wise six of one/half dozen the other. No child (team) left behind, and a chicken (post season) in every pot, Tippecanoe & Tyler too… Carl Peterson & the late Lamar Hunt would be so proud.

    C’mon Goodell et al, can we possibly pour some more saltpeter on the game? There’s still a faint pulse left the patient…

  2. Kerouac says:

    I love the NO PARAGRAPH BREAKS new look… nice.

  3. Doog says:

    That sod was loose…
    but consider me a bit on the purist side when it comes to turf.

    I like Fieldturf, but leave it as a solution to high school and college teams that need it to cut down on turf costs, or have grass fields with massive ruts in them. The Arrowhead field looked torn up, but at least that one doesn’t rut like lesser-maintained high school fields.

    I like the natural look of a grass field….and yeah, they could have worked on the turf inside the stadium a lot more. They had a month prior to the Jaguars game to work on the grass, which would have been a great time to replace it to a heartier colder-weather grass. The Royals do this at the end of every spring when they replace their infield….

    Besides, how the hell does GB get their grass to look decent throughout? Or Denver, for that matter? It can be done…..
    Now there’s another lull in the sked, it’s a great time to do something before the NW Mo/Pitt St game….

  4. JimmyD says:

    This Just In!!!
    Let’s get some Randy Moss here in KC! HE and Cassel have good chemstry

  5. Ptolemy says:

    The Turf!
    My lawn looks WAY better than the field at Arrowhead, and deer have a huge orgy on it every damn night. Somebody dig up George Toma.

  6. John says:

    Not impressed.
    This is why I miss Whitlock when it comes to Chiefs covrage. He’s on the money with this.

    Chiefs coach Todd Haley is so concerned with getting credit for K.C.

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