Hearne: Live and Let Die

From the get-go that was the question pretty much everyone involved with

KC Confidential

felt they knew the answer to; not to blog.

Greg Hall writes a kick ass column, then I throw up a hail mary or three and next thing you know, "Where’d Greg go?"


lays down some must-know fashion advice or


a killer restaurant review and a day later someone stumbles on to KC Confidential and there’s no indication whatsoever of anything resembling food or fashion to be found.

A Web site would clear all that up, right?

A Web site would allow us to put our best journalistic foot forward and prominently feature a story we think deserving until it’s replaced with something more compelling. And every time someone comes to the site, they’d see the latest from Maria Juarez, Craig Glazer, Tony Botello, Jack Poessiger, Brian McTavish, Mark Edelman, Nikki Grant, Larry Hovick, Kelly Urich and Kat.

Which isn’t to say the transition today to a Web site won’t be a bumpy one.



We’re not flying blind, but this shakedown cruise is certain to have its ups and downs while we sort out a few bugs, dial in some of your suggestions and train a few monkeys in the fine art of flying space shuttles.

So while many of us longed since Day One for the time when we could bid adieu to the blogosphere, I gotta tell ya…

Not everybody embraces change, and I already miss our old blog.

Not that I have the time – too busy sorting out those bugs and fielding suggestions and complaints!

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15 Responses to Hearne: Live and Let Die

  1. bschloz says:

    Congrats….great looking site.

  2. mark x says:

    Shake down cruise ?
    They treat you like a dog
    But you’re only human
    You miss your home Lord,
    You miss that woman
    The captain laughs he says,
    "You boys want some sex?"
    You can squeeze the sails,
    You can lick the decks
    It was a shakedown cruise
    I guess I just was born to lose
    They tell you life is going cheap
    I got myself in pretty deep

    — it should be your theme song ….

  3. mark x says:

    … more suggestions
    How’s ’bout a preview function …

    geez, my prior post sux

  4. MoCrash says:

    One good thing
    This web site sure loads significantly faster than the old blog. I’m not sure yet whether it will be more user-friendly, but at least it’s not as slow.

  5. nunya says:

    No feeds? No social media links?
    I don’t read individual blogs but drive content via RSS or Atom to Feedly where it can sit in a variety of content formats. Where o where have your feeds gone? Am I missing something?

  6. John Altevogt says:

    This has become a regular stop for me in my morning reading. The format is far more interesting and easier to find stories of interest.

  7. extremus says:

    Let me use Google reader…
    …to access your stories. You know, like all the successful sites do.

  8. hikatie says:

    rss please
    count my vote for an RSS feed. everything i read on the web drives to my rss reader; if you’re not there i don’t read you anymore.

  9. Markus Aurelius says:

    Either provide an RSS feed….
    ….which, seriously, is website design 101 these days, or go back to the old format. Not everyone wants to consume your content by going to your domain name and visiting your website. If this is your expectation then you have the same disease as the KC Star. Web 2.0 doesn’t require the reader/viewer to go to a particular site to get their content — the content is pushed to them. Seriously, how did you guys not already understand this??

  10. Markus Aurelius says:

    also, it’s almost a virtual guarantee that the…
    dialogue that occurs in the comments sections will dramatically drop with this format. Your design is set up to feature the original author first and foremost and the input of the readers is clearly secondary. Part of the real value of the prior blog was the better balance between the author and the readership’s comments. You’ve skewed it too far and I think you’ll change the dynamic, whether intentionally or not. Maybe that’s what you intended, but if not, then you may be in for a surprise.

  11. kctacoparty says:

    Another vote for RSS
    I typically only read OTC but on the rare occasions I read something else on this site it’s because it caught my eye in my RSS reader. I actually thought the site went away completely because I didn’t read all of Hearne’s blog about the new site and thought it was just announcing the site was shutting down. Then I didn’t see anything in my RSS reader so I assumed it wasn’t there. Oh, and your contact link doesn’t work and an About section would probably be a good idea. Otherwise, I guess it’s better than it was, huh?

  12. extremus says:

    Without RSS, you’re as outré as The Star.

  13. JazzFanInKC says:

    Let me jump on the RSS bandwagon. I haven’t looked at the site in days. Frankly, without this showing up in my RSS feeds, I didn’t think to see if there was anything new of interest.

    Also, this site is awful to read on a mobile device (columns are too wide to enlarge enough for legibility).

  14. harley says:

    You should just die.
    Sorry but the layout of this new "website" is atrocious. Whoever designed it
    has the talent of a 8 year old. I could buy a better looking site on godaddy.com
    for $3 a month. Didn’t anyone tell your designer about the Z factor of eye movement. Didn’t anyone tell your designer about ability to transfigure a site so its visually appealing and keeps the reader’s attention. How about length
    and width of copy. Obvously they never went to devry for their
    internet degree.
    Sloppy work. Totally worthless and from the look of readership numbers it is costing you page views.
    Good luck. Fire whoever designed this. But be careful. You have to be nice
    to 8 year olds.

  15. harley says:

    Change…hows that working
    Your old site was easy to read and was easy to follow. This new site is
    totally devoid of clear graphic quality.
    You probably tried to compete with other websites and found out your’s
    was more diverse and that your readers were more into the comments
    section than the writers comments.
    And you’ve really downgraded your writers. Who’s maria suarez (beside another one of glazer bedmates)? Or this other guy writing about sports.
    Hearne you had really creative writing with hall and now you’ve deluted
    it with know nothing people who you hang out in skanky bars with.
    Where’s Black Barbie. She needs a job now that you can’t handle black
    hookers/strippers in Missouri. Let her write a column. She has such
    great "insights" into life in the other world.
    Your once proud site has become a mishmash of garbage.

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