Craig: Matt ‘The Surgeon’ Cassel Has Chiefs Super Bowl Bound


Maybe after that last winning drive for the Chiefs we should consider changing Chiefs quarterback Matt Cassel’s name from THE FRANCHISE, to THE SURGEON.

He sliced and diced the Bills defense on that final, winning, beautiful drive to the red zone that set up the winning field goal. The Franchise – I mean, Surgeon – was calm, cool, collected – nearly elite.

Right? Sure he was.

OK, so DBowe kinda dropped a touchdown pass. He also caught one! Cassel had another plus 100 quarterback rating day with one touchdown and no INT’s. Great right? All Pro Jammal Charles had over 200 yards running and catching the ball.


Jones had a nice day as well. The defense stood up and no problem, easy win! Again.

 So the Chiefs are 4-0 at Arrowhead -perfect. What more can a fan ask for? Oh yeah, the candidate for Coach of the Year, Todd Haley, is still a winner. The Chiefs are 5-2 and only one game back from the best record in the NFL.

Smoking hot!

Lets see, next week at Oakland – hmmm – that might be trouble. In fact, if the Chiefs don’t win that game, well to be honest it might come down to the last home game with the Raiders for who wins the West.

Me, I’m not worried.


Folks, its time to start thinking, dare I say, Super Bowl!

Dallas is not a far drive away.

Get your tickets early and beat the rush. We got the FRANCHISE on our side! Or is it THE SURGEON?

Yes, sir!

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2 Responses to Craig: Matt ‘The Surgeon’ Cassel Has Chiefs Super Bowl Bound

  1. Kerouac says:

    That does look like ca$$el…
    eyes closed, muffled, head bowed position subservience…great coaching job.

    Speaking cry uncle, actually the ‘Gun That Won The West’ was the Winchester 1873 Repeating Rifle… even adjusted inflation not to be confused for a $63 mill musket – ‘musketeer’ the designation one so armed.

    To borrow from Bill Cosby, as another field General – Custer – was to discover to his great dismay, while he and his teammates ‘had naught’, "all the Indians in the world rode down on them" ‘did have’ (chiefs and Indians being antithetical).

    Defined via its "not accurate, long reloading time & tendency for fouling", kc’s version fell out the NFL’s top 10 rankings & back toward middle the pack after that arteest’s latest performance, yester.

    Brees, Manning, Roethlisberger, Brady names the latest Superbowl winning QBs… be looking grim, chiefs fandumb.

  2. bschloz says:

    AFL Win
    Chiefs taking care of business.
    Ok so all Clark would pay for was a Tanker Fly Over! It is a recession you know.
    This ain’t no ballet them guys were hitting for real out there. Who wants to play Buffalo?
    Now we go get a couple of more AFL wins in Oakland and Denver…feels like the 60’s. As far as Cassel..thats simple (Flip it to JC) 5-2 BABY!

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