Tony: Moving Beyond Blogging @ KCC

 This afternoon was a fun time at Hearne’s house with all of the staffers learning how to use the system and hearing some of the logic behind the brainchild of The Lazarus Group content management system. I like how new technology is driving the KCC redesign even if most everyone there (like me) was really more concerned with the pizza and the beer.


In the end, it’ll be up to you jerks to decide whether or not this thing is successful. Personally, I think all independent publishing ventures are exciting inasmuch as I enjoy farting into the cyber world with various changes in tonality and pitch. Very wise computer programmers once noted: "Garbage in, garbage out" and what I like about KCC is that the content has always taken precedence. MAJOR CHANGE: Comments now require an initial registration and a login but I guess this part of KC cyber space wants to emphasize quality over quantity and a very smart dude at the meeting said, "So what in an anonymous douchebag doesn’t leave a comment." It’s an interesting theory.




Like I said, this whole Internet thing is nothing but a Grand Experiment started by Al Gore and now going into the Tea Party era where we’ll all be using nothing but gold bought by way of Glenn Beck as currency. Regarding my part in this: Don’t expect any more fact checking on my acerbic anti-white humor because my writing has always been about giving you devils the what for. Accordingly, I captured a bit of our renegade spirit here at KCC while Laz offered our resident Latina Vixen Maria a bit of instruction.


To be forthright, I’m psyched but maybe that’s just because I get my own category where I can regularly insult pissant readers at length. I’m looking forward to it.




Tony Botello

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8 Responses to Tony: Moving Beyond Blogging @ KCC

  1. kcobserver says:

    New Format, same third-rate author.

  2. mark x says:

    … something looks different … but I just can’t put my finger on it …

    kcobserver… why do you read 3rd rate material?

  3. mark x says:

    comment SUCKS!
    Okay, Tony, first complaint … comments format sucks ..

    …I hate sites that have the newest post on top … it’s like trying to read right to left … I have to start at the bottom of the page and read UP to get the flow of the conversation …..can you change this BACK to former format? ? ?

    you need to fix it this , pronto

  4. bschloz says:

    Comment #
    Also would be helpful to see when a new comment has been added on front page. Or some type of counter like was on last blog.

  5. JimmyD says:

    Maria. KCC needs many changes

  6. Gavin says:

    Mark X is Right
    Comments need to be oldest first. Are you guys trying to rip off the Star? Their comments default is to read the newest first, which makes no sense. At least they offer the option of switching it so I can read the oldest comments first.

  7. Gavin says:

    But Then Again
    After posting, I see that the oldest comment is on top. Lesson? I’m a moron and should pay more attention. Carry on.

  8. says:

    Some suggestions
    You guys need to increase the padding on your images on the main page so the copy doesn’t looked so cramped against them. Also this newest comment first thing is horrible. There is a reason most people don’t do it. Bad user experience. I like the new design overall though.

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