Hearne: 48 Hours and KC Confidential Goes Away

You know, it’s been real… Since February 25th 2009 this angst ridden blog has done its darnedest – and at times, its dirtiest – to provide the kind of news, opinion and entertainment that somehow mattered. Naturally, we – I – got ripped pretty good by the good folks who populate that caustic, bitter jungle known as the comments section. No mas. As of Monday.

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20 Responses to Hearne: 48 Hours and KC Confidential Goes Away

  1. Anonymous says:

    How are the comments any more bitter or caustic than the posts themselves? (I’m looking at you, Tony)

  2. Anonymous says:

    How are the comments any more bitter or caustic than the posts themselves? (I’m looking at you, Tony)

  3. Anonymous says:

    Tracy Thomas
    hello? Your post cut off mid sentence.
    Maybe you went to get the pumpkin beer??

  4. Anonymous says:

    Is this when you unleash your website based format, designed to go head to head with KansasCity.com? I hate to see the end of such a classy coffee table blog as this one! Now just another among the crowd, no doubt.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Good luck Hearne looking forward to the next chapter.
    Who will own publishing rights to jojo’s body of work?

  6. Anonymous says:

    rumor or truth?
    JoJo will probably off himself if this blog goes away, just like radioman would if Tony quit… they would have nothing left to live for

  7. Anonymous says:

    Break a leg guys. As that ol’ show biz saying goes. Much success to you.

  8. Anonymous says:

    You won’t be missed.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Where will you guys showcase your irrelevance now?

  10. Anonymous says:

    Are Your Hands Giving Away Your Age? | All About Beauty
    […] Hearne: 48 Hours and KC Confidential Goes Away | KC Confidential.com […]

  11. Anonymous says:

    Take 6 – Get Away Jordan Live (ca. 1989) | Gospel Musi
    […] Hearne: 48 Hours and KC Confidential Goes Away | KC Confidential.com […]

  12. Anonymous says:

    once you starting moderating/delaying comments to the point of nonexistance this place became a boring waste of time anyway and I stopped posting, it was pointless….. not to mention your goofy ANTI-KU stance, what a joke e.g. in a week when the MU crowd stampeded, your headline says KU stampeded to the exits?? what is that? Chinese type of joke journalism?

    Good call to shut it down, cya, or not.

  13. Anonymous says:


  14. bschloz says:

    Site looks great. Nice work.
    Feedback…I hope current posts move to the top.
    I also would like option to view comments first to last or last to first
    And would like threads that can comment within comments if that makes any sense.

  15. Robertoe says:

    You trickster!
    You guys aren’t going away. You are evolving! Sweet! Its a touch bland but I know you’ll tweak it. And a simple registration process. Thats long overdue.
    Now you need a system to ban those who are trolling or are undermining the site. I’d suggest a page where participants vote to ban through some process so it isnt dictatorial. If you need any help coding out special features, let me know!

  16. TigerVIP says:

    Love the new look. A couple of things. Login page should be up front and center. Secondly, we need a mobile version or app to make it easier to navigate, comment and enjoy via our smart phones.

    And finally, you need a "Joyce Smith" style business section. I know you can do it better than her with all of your connections. Do work son!!!

  17. DONStJO says:

    How is this better???

  18. rjb702 says:

    Doesn’t look gone
    I am confused though, it looks as though 1/2 the article is missing!

  19. extremus says:

    …that your new rag is not Google reader friendly or usable. Please fix or you will certainly be hurting for page views.

  20. rdhoss says:

    Where’s the RSS Feed? Without the feed, I’ll never come to the site. I don’t care about the format of the site, or what it looks like. I only come to read the content when I see a feed that interests me. I just happened to notice no new feeds so I came to the site to find out why.

    Even those losers at KCStar give me a feed.

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