OTC: Missouri At Nebraska One Final Time / And It’s For Everything!


“Missouri is going to go to Nebraska and Missouri is going to win. … People are treating Nebraska like it’s Nebraska in the mid-90s! It’s not! … Their most impressive games have been losses! What am I missing?”
Nick Wright, 610 AM
GH: The local flavor here in the Kansas City area is heavily slanted toward supporting Mizzou in this Big 12 North matchup of century-old rivals. Despite the fact Mizzou has won only once in Lincoln since 1978, people are seeing the trip to Lincoln as almost an asset rather than a liability. I think that’s a mistake. Read on.

“I was shocked to see Nebraska favored by as much as they were (against Missouri). I just don’t see it. The truth is, Nebraska’s been awful at home – and not just this season but for the past two years!”
Ed Cunningham, ABC color analyst who will be calling the game in Lincoln with Ron Franklin, 810 AM
GH: Losses the past two seasons at home to Iowa State (8 turnovers) and Texas (8 dropped passes and 5 fumbles) indicate that Nebraska plays a very sloppy brand of football at times in front of the famous Sea of Red. The uninspiring 17-3 win over South Dakota State earlier this year also lends credence to that thought. But I think Mizzou will need to play well (which they are very capable of doing) to win in Lincoln. Mizzou is not the only team that is improving as the season progresses.

“Nebraska is such a one-dimensional team. Martinez has been exposed as the fraud he is. There is no way (Nebraska’s) defense is gonna keep up! No way!”
Caller Lloyd, 610 AM
GH: Okay, so we have established that Nebraska isn’t the only school with a few idiot fans. Caller Lloyd sounds like he skipped a few classes while studying for his PHD in football.

“I think we’re going to watch Nebraska (against Missouri) and say, ‘Gee, that’s not a very good offense.’ They’re just not very good. I think Missouri’s gonna win it with defense.”
Kevin Kietzman, 810 AM
GH: Has Kietzman been calling into 610 under the moniker, “Caller Lloyd?” “K-State was in that (Nebraska) game until Taylor Martinez went 80 yards. I think Missouri is the best team and I’m picking Missouri by 10.”
Gabe DeArmond, 810 AM

“I agree with both (Steven St. John and Frank Boal) that Missouri is the better team and I pick them to win. We’re all picking the upset here when we do this for sure. I will be pulling for Missouri in this game and I can’t believe I’m saying that.”
Nate Bukaty, a KU alum, 810 AM
GH: Upset? The upset would be #14 Nebraska beating #6 and undefeated Mizzou. The Vegas point-spread favors Nebraska but an upset is determined by the two team’s ranking. That said, no one on either side is going to be screaming about an upset win no matter which team is the victor.  

“I think Missouri wins. I really like Missouri. You’re never a great defense if you give up (41) points to anybody.”
Jayice Pearson, after Nebraska gave up 41 points to OSU last week, 610 AM  

“It’s really a good matchup. The Nebraska defense against the rush has been porous. I think you can run the ball on them but they are very stingy in the air. I see Missouri winning this game.”
Gary Barnett, former Colorado head coach and current TV college analyst, 810 AM

“I think Missouri is the better total team.”
Dennis Dodd, CBSsportsline.com college writer, 810 AM

“You have the entire (Big 12) conference saying, ‘Please knock them off! Be the representative of the Big 12!”
Ed Cunningham, 810 AM
GH: An undefeated Mizzou team would look better for the Big 12 in the BCS than a one-loss Nebraska squad. But the conference’s newfound love for MU has everything to do with Nebraska heading to the Big 10 in 2011.

“I don’t want Nebraska anywhere near the Big 12 Championship game. I’m rooting for Missouri. I didn’t say they were going to win. I said I’m rooting for them.”
Todd Leabo, an Oklahoma alum, 810 AM

“I hate Nebraska people! You can take all those emails you send me all the time and shove them right up your you know what!”
Aaron Swarts, a KU alum, 810 AM
GH: Nebraska fans have been eviscerated the past month by Kevin Kietzman and a number of voices on 810 and in the local media. Listening to KK you would think a trip to Lincoln by opposing fans is akin to a weekend of waterboarding at Guantanamo Bay. I was in Lincoln for the Texas game and paid close attention to how Texas fans were treated. Big Red fans high fived the Longhorn fans as they passed on 9th Street – before and after the game. Yeah, there are some idiot Husker fans whose parents did a very poor job of raising them. But drinking KK’s Kool-Aid and believing Nebraska is some kind of hellhole for opposing fans is as wrong as believing any of the other tripe that Kietzman spews. Read on for Gary Barnett’s view of his trips to Lincoln as a player for Mizzou, coach at rival Colorado and TV broadcaster.

“Nebraska’s fan base is awesome. That’s a very respectable place to play. You feel the respect for the game. You feel the respect for college football. You admire the passion that the fans have. It’s one of those places that you always grow up as a kid hearing about. It’s not like playing at some other places. It’s not like playing at Oklahoma. It’s not like playing at Texas Tech. It’s sort of a really fun place to play.”
Gary Barnett, former Colorado head coach and current TV college analyst, 810 AM

I might be nutty, but I think the fans are terrific up there (at Nebraska). … They back their team and, why, when the opponent does a good job, they give them credit. … If you beat them, well, you know what, you’ve really done something. I just liked Nebraska in the conference. I think Nebraska adds a lot of prestige and class.”
John Kadlec, MU radio analyst, St. Louis Post-Dispatch

“(Corby) Jones, like many, remembers the unique Nebraska fan gesture of lining the sidelines to cheer the opposing team after the game. Some over the years have considered that either sarcastic or a backhanded compliment, especially after Nebraska may have battered the opposition. But Jones said he always believed it to be a sincere sign of respect, at its best if an opponent challenged Nebraska but couldn’t quite win.”
Vahe Gregorian, writer, St. Louis Post-Dispatch
GH: I will be eager to hear from Mizzou fans who make the trek up north to Lincoln for the final time and their experiences with Husker Nation this weekend. While I have little doubt that Nebraska and its fans will continue to be berated and demonized by local talking heads, I will go on record again stating that the loss of the Nebraska fan base to this conference is a blow from which it will be difficult to recover. Without Nebraska, the Big 12 just becomes far too lopsided toward the wealthy southern schools.

“We think that line (Nebraska favored by 7) is appropriate, actually. We ran it 50,000 times (on the Predictalator) and Nebraska won by an average score of 30-23, 64.2% of the time. … Missouri has a lot of talent on defense but I don’t think they quite have the speed on defense that Texas did and I think that’s going to be a problem trying to defend Taylor Martinez.”
Paul Bessire, of www.predictionmachine.com, discussing the game with Soren Petro on 810 AM
GH: I think these are the two best teams in the Big 12. It is a shame they can’t wait and settle this in Dallas in December. Taylor Martinez is as raw a talent as I can remember ever watching play at Nebraska. He has horrible mechanics, even when making a simple handoff. But he is the single most explosive player I have ever seen wear NU red. If he takes care of the ball and finds some space to roam, Nebraska wins. If Blaine Gabbert gets as much time to throw as he did against Oklahoma, Mizzou wins. If both happen, we go to overtime tied at 59-59. 

“There’s a lot of concerns after you come off a win like (the Oklahoma win) – an emotional win.”
Gary Pinkel, 610 AM

“I like the fact that Missouri has another big game following the Oklahoma game and going right back at it against Nebraska.”
Steven St. John, 810 AM
GH: I think the schedule hurts Mizzou’s chances. It will take an unprecedented effort by MU’s players and staff to forget the Oklahoma game and immerse themselves in Nebraska. History tells us this is a very difficult chore for even experienced teams. For a team like Mizzou that has never won a Big 12 title, it may be too much to ask. “People are just waiting for the other shoe to drop on the Tigers. What if this is the year there isn’t another shoe?” Nick Wright, 610 AM GH: We find out Saturday if Missouri goes shoeless or shod through this final season of the original Big 12. It should be damn entertaining.

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38 Responses to OTC: Missouri At Nebraska One Final Time / And It’s For Everything!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Nick Wright is getting harder and harder to listen to. How can such a mediocre talent be so impressed with himself?

  2. Anonymous says:

    War Drive
    It’s not like Nick Wright is the only sports radio personality in KC who loves himself too much.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Mike DeArmond
    I’ve never been to Nebraska as a fan, so I don’t know what the treatment of visiting fans is. I suspect its on a par with most other schools. The reason I think a lot of media people rip on the Nebraska fans is because of the e-mail and Internet posts on stories or broadcasts that A LOT of Nebraska fans leave. These folks take it as a personal affront when you write something about the coming opponent. They take the stance that if you’re not kissing up the Huskers, then you must be an alcoholic meth head. Or a homer for the other team. If these are the “classy” Nebraska fans, then I’d hate to run into one of the unclassy Nebraska fans. Husker Nation, in my opinion, gets what it dishes out.
    And it doesn’t help that a lot of the Nebraska media – NOT ALL – often functions as an apologist for all thinks Husker. IE. It was unfair to for the Big 12 to suspend Eric Martin when they didn’t suspend every other player who ever went helmet to helmet. Come on, Greg. You get this. I know you do.


    GH: Mike,
    The Martin suspension is justified. I also was unhappy with how the hit was celebrated on the sideline. The Nebraska media I have heard arguing about the fact that Martin has been singled out are questioning the Big 12 honchos and how they might not be all that interested in NU winning the B12 in their final dance. I don

  4. Anonymous says:

    Mike DeArmond
    Sorry. All things Husker

  5. Anonymous says:

    “I will go on record again stating that the loss of the Nebraska fan base to this conference is a blow from which it will be difficult to recover. Without Nebraska, the Big 12 just becomes far too lopsided toward the wealthy southern schools.” PFFFFFFFT. Spoken like a true husker. You cocksuckers haven’t peed a drop since Tom Osborne left, and yet you still have that air that you actually have. You’ve lent nothing…NOTHING to this conference as far as prestige goes since…2002? Hell I don’t know. What I do know is that NU running to the Big 10 because they can’t beat Texas in football. Plain and simple. All that talk of more money and academic prestige is a bunch of BULLSHIT. Ask yourself one question…If NU was winning Big 12 Conference Championships in football, would they be going to the Big 10? NOOOOOOOOOO! They wouldn’t. IF you can’t beat em, leave em, right NU fan? Good riddance to all of you miserable red & white striped overall wearing inbred fucksticks. Head off to the Big 10, where winning a conference title will be much easier.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I was going to post something, but I’ll just go with what Eric said.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Greg, thanks for defining what upset means. I never realized you were the arbiter of that.

  8. Anonymous says:

    GH: Without Nebraska, the Big 12 just becomes far too lopsided toward the wealthy southern schools.

    Huh? What was Nebraska’s record against the South that made them the standard bearer for football quality for the North? 9-18 since 2002. Hell, KState was 10-16 over that period and thery aren’t calling themselves some kind of power-leveller.

  9. Anonymous says:

    It’s funny to hear all the vitriol about Nebraska leaving…from MIZZOU FANS. When the Kietzman-induced hysteria was going around, these were the same fans who matter-of-factly explained that they were a better fit for the Big 10, especially academically.


    And if Nebraska hasn’t “peed a drop” since ’02, since when has Mizzou even owned a functional bladder? No conference title (or significant bowl games) in football since the ’60s? No Final Four…ever?

    (Speaking of bathroom functions: blame Lew Perkins all you want for the Orange Bowl; deep down you all know that you were relegated to the Cotton Bowl because you completely shit the bed against Oklahoma.)

  10. Anonymous says:

    mark x
    Ditto, Eric…

    “… If NU was winning Big 12 Conference Championships in football, would they be going to the Big 10? NOOOOOOOOOO …”


  11. Anonymous says:

    I don’t know if that was the real Mike DeArmond who posted above (although I assume it is), but I was fascinated by his statement that he’s never visited Nebraska as a fan, the obvious implication that he was there as a journalist. It may be true that you’ve never visited a stadium as a fan of a team, but it’s damn certain that you’ve WRITTEN about a team as a fan. Mike Dermond is as big a Mizzou fanboy as Max Falkenstein is for KU.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Mike DeArmond says: “I

  13. Anonymous says:

    Mizzou fans aren’t the one parading around saying that the conference will be lost without them either. Greg Hall, and Husker fans of his ilk are the ones doing that. That was my point. What really is the Big 12 losing with them leaving? A football program that’s only a shell of what it once was. Basketball? That’s not even worth bringing up. The Big 12 got better the day NU decided to leave.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Red Fan
    I really love how Nebraska can’t win this game because they struggled against SDSU and lost to UT. I’ll give you UT, they just own Nebraska psychologically, but SDSU doesn’t mean jack. What about MU’s miserable performance against San Diego State? Long lost memory now. Nebraska will do enough to win this game.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Well put Eric…lol…I like it!

    Thisis the reputation I have heard about Husker Nation….They are as kind and gracious as any fanbase int he contry but when they lose…watch out! When they lose they become the biggest douchers ever. Who can blame them, they just spent their lifesavings on season tickets and expect something in return.
    And Greg, a far as caller Lloyd saying TMart was exposed as a fraud. What is wrong with that statement? Did Texas not put a clown suit on him? Don’t give me OSU either because their defense is horrible!

  16. Anonymous says:

    The Independent Rage
    One good thing about Nebraska leaving the Big 12: A muting (notice I did not say a complete ending, unfortunately) of these boring, endless debates about whether the Nebraska fan base is (1) awful, (2) a mix of good and bad fans not unlike most any other team (BINGO!) or (3) the greatest fan base in the history of the civilized world. Huge-ass yawn.

    I’m also sick of hearing about the damn point spread. I’ve got no problem with it. It’s a reflection of (sorry to use another 1,2,3) (1) Vegas sizing up NU as being about MU’s equal on paper or perhaps a little better, (2) NU playing at home (I don’t think the charge of NU not playing as well at home resonates nationwide nearly as loud as it does locally) and (3) the Nebraska name being much more of a national name with the betters than the Missouri name. I’m also countering Soren Petro’s absurd extrapolation earlier today of a few MU knuckleheads’ opinions to an entire MU fan base thinking NU isn’t very good. Well, I’m an MU fan, big boy, and I say NU IS very good and MU will have to play its best game tomorrow to beat them. To MU: Again, just win, baby!

  17. Anonymous says:

    I’m with Cliffy and mark x. Nice job Eric.

    No idea what’s gonna happen tomorrow. Hopefully both teams play with the appropriately sized cowchips on their shoulders.

    Will it be a Carpe Deim or a Crappy Deim game?

    Hearts with Mizzou but my money is with Nebraska. Thank God I’ve got multiple personality disorder to reconcile that. That also helps when reading jojo’s screeds.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Uncle Dick
    Michigan/Minnesota has the Little Brown Jug, Indiana/Purdue has The Old Oaken Bucket, so Iowa and Nebraska can play for The Old Corn Hole, with the loser having to claim Council Bluffs for a year.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Hey doucher, checked San Diego State’s record lately? They are 5-2. Their only two losses are to BYU (on a controversial call) and to MU on that miracle finish. SDSU is a very respectable team and I dare say considerably better than that shitbag Washington team that NU played.

  20. Anonymous says:

    “Michigan/Minnesota has the Little Brown Jug, Indiana/Purdue has The Old Oaken Bucket, so Iowa and Nebraska can play for The Old Corn Hole, with the loser having to claim Council Bluffs for a year.” — Uncle Dick


  21. Anonymous says:

    Fair point. My Mizzou friends never suggested that the conference would collapse if they left. They did suggest that they were better than the Big 12 and most of its member schools. I don’t fault them for thinking that, because it comes from the same sense of pride everyone should have for his/her alma mater.

    Had Mizzou been the ones making the move to the Big 10, I think there would have been enough chest-puffing among the Governor Nixons and DeArmonds of the world that Mizzou would have been on the receiving end of a rant similar to yours.

  22. Anonymous says:

    Probably so. But you can damn sure bet that Brady Deaton wouldn’t have blamed Nebraska for Missouri leaving like that dicksmack president at NU did. The whole way NU handled that situation was distasteful.

  23. Anonymous says:

    Don’t fuck with Eric. Eric will cut a bitch. Nice work, Eric. Keep your pimpin’ hand strong.

  24. Anonymous says:

    So now Greg defines an upset? I’m going to go out on a limb and suggest that most football fans are referring to the point spreads when talking upsets, rather than the rankings.

    The rankings? Do you really believe that? Where do you come up with this stuff?

  25. Anonymous says:

    I’ll 4th or 5th Eric’s comments about Nebraska fans. This program hasn’t done squat since November 23, 2001. That was when Colorado and Chris Brown pounded the Huskers into submission, effectively ending their era of dominance. Today, they are a shell of their former dominate teams under Osborne. Their fans can quote all of the stats they want, but the Nebs have NOT won a Big XII Championship in the 2000’s. Facts are a stubborn thing.

    Greg, don’t worry, the Big XII will survive without Nebraska. That dominant football and don’t forget Doc Sadler’s powerful hoops team. OK, that was sarcastic. I do like Missouri in a close game 38-35, I do think they will cover the point spread.

  26. Anonymous says:

    that one guy
    Will be heading to the game tomorrow dressed out in MU gear. I will let you know how the treatment is.

  27. Anonymous says:

    I have been wavering on the big game all week. I’m gonna lean on NE. If your counting on “The NE plays shitty at home thingy” good luck with that. Trying to figure out 20 year old kids week to to week is impossible. Martinez looks to be the wild card very very good NCAA guy.
    I took my kids to Lincoln during the Callahan years and saw them lose to OK.
    Very cool experience GREAT FANS and vibe-they live for this shit.

  28. Anonymous says:

    Red Fan
    Hey Eric,
    MU Meth head, why don’t you do a comparison on every focking team in DI, I’m sure you’ll find a way to assure us that every opponent MU has played is awesome.

  29. Anonymous says:

    As the longest and probably oldest and
    most involved MU fan on these blogs/site
    I will give you all my final opinion.
    1. Have been to nebraska. they are great fans
    and even when we beat them in lincoln they were
    gracious fans. Now with the internet
    everyone says shit about others they would not
    say to their face. Nebraska is a great fan
    base..they travel with their team like no other
    team in america…and because there are no other
    attractions left to see in nebraska and because
    its a hick state therees nothing else to do
    except talk and talk about NU football.
    But they are great people…I know many in
    lincoln and omaha and many fans here in kc.
    that being said who gives a fuck what a shcools
    fans are like (except the whine and cheese
    crowd in lawrence)….every school has bad
    fans so lets stop arguing over uselss shit.
    2. THE GAME: Nebraska coach pellini should
    resign if he loses this game. Seriously.
    The table is set for him to bring husker
    football back. Lose this game and you walk
    away from the big 12/8 as a loser. If NU
    loses the losee would rank as bad as the
    iowa state game lat year.
    MU and their entire history points out theimmednse odds against them winning against
    2 really good teams in 2 consecutive weeks.
    Its a pattern I’ve seen for 30 years.
    So based on that I would
    say that NU wins this game
    My heart says MU bucks the trend. Beating ou
    was huge…but its just one game and to be
    considered great you must win big games.
    but MU is not a great team YET. In 30 years
    they have not been able to win back to back big
    games…check the record…so based on that
    its an uphill batt.e
    If the mu line protects blaine…and he gets
    the offense mvoing this game is winnable.
    NU lacks a passing game but that is made
    up by martinez rushing. Cut off martinez
    and his scrambles….put one linebacker on him
    100%…and you can hurt him. (see texas game).
    Now finally…for mu to win they need some luck.
    Like nu dropping passes…missed defenseive
    assignments…and nu freaking out when they get
    down in the game.
    As the vmost authoritative and most well known
    anmd qouted guy here on KCC i see an mu win
    if they get lucky and nu chokes. Othewise Neb.
    should win this home game.
    My heart says MU….my brain and wallet say
    But I’ m going with my heart…MU….because
    every dog has it’s day or week or moth….
    we could be looking at one of the most incredible stories in college football in the
    last 20 years right here..no lie!
    If i happens great…if not…we’ll stil
    be a 1 loss team…which for a year that was
    not to be great will be huge.
    History is about to be made…sit back…
    come see me at the willies saturday…and
    lets see if the words of Journey are right…
    Oh …and if mu wins wouldnt a huge chiefs
    win just be a mother fucking great weekend….
    take care…god bless.

  30. Anonymous says:

    OTC: Missouri At Nebraska One Final Time / And It's For
    […] original post here:

  31. Anonymous says:

    Huskers 38 – fizzou (aka misery) 24

  32. Anonymous says:

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  34. Anonymous says:

    Where are we supposed to go for our daily OTC after Monday? Yours was the only one I read.

  35. Stevo says:

    Uhhhh….what the hell happened to OTC? This had to be a Missouri-inspired idea. This new format is about as successful as Mizzou’s run defense! Heluuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  36. Stevo says:

    New comments at the top? And i have to write my freaking name in each time? I think this new format can definitively be called a failure. Speaking of failure, how about them Tigers?

  37. John says:

    OTC: Missouri At Nebraska One Final Time / And It’
    "Missouri is such a one-dimensional team. Gabbert has been exposed as the fraud he is. There is no way (Missouri) defense is gonna keep up! No way!

  38. kcredsox says:

    Format Sucks
    This format makes Greg’s column almost unreadable. Hopefully they improve or I won’t be reading much of anything on KC Confidential anymore.

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