OTC: KU Cornerback Calls Kansas “A Basketball School”

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45 Responses to OTC: KU Cornerback Calls Kansas “A Basketball School”

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    [head vibrates then explodes]

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    Where to begin I remember empty seats at other schools when there teams sucked. And the reason Gill got a gauranteed contract is because the cupboard is bare and Lew was leaving soon no matter what.

    Empty seats for a team this bad can not really suprise anyone no matter how dumb they are. I mean this team is historically bad.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Darrian Miller? Please. No one else wants the kid. Missouri never offered. Barely a sniff from Pinkel & Co. And Pinkel’s recruiting speaks for itself. Remember Greg, when that kid from Oak Park went to NU and Mizzou didn’t even offer him? You tagged as the biggest mistake Pinkel could’ve made and that the kid would be a stud at NU. And what happened? The kid faceplanted at NU and ended up transferring to a Div 2 school. As far as Miller goes, Iowa had him in for an official visit, then yanked their scholarship offer immediately. Darrian Miller is a problem. He’s been suspended once already at Blue Springs. Trust me on this one, KU getting Miller isn’t some sort of recruiting coup. It’s easy to recruit a kid when no one else wants him. Miller took the only option available to him. What’s even funnier is that he committed to KU earlier, the reopened his recruiting. Then when he got smacked in the face by the fact that no one else wanted him, he went back to KU with his tail between his legs. He’ll fit right in at KU.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Getting Miller isn’t so amazing considering he had no other real options. Mizzou wasn’t going to offer and Minnesota fired their coach. Pretty sure Iowa pulled their offer.


    GH: As a football talent, Miller is as good a running back as I’ve seen in the KC area since Sproles. He is not Sproles, but who is? Miller doesn’t lack talent. I have heard rumors of other off-field issues that may cloud Miller’s desirability but no one has been able to confirm or substantiate these claims. I think Kansas got one helluva good player here.

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    Markus Aurelius
    What Eric said.

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    It’s not some bad thing that KU is called a basketball school. For most of the last um…100 YEARS or so KU’s basketball program has been one of the Elite programs the sport…so of course they will always be called a basketball school. Florida won 2 straight national titles in basketball…and not once would anyone have ever called them a basketball school.

    But if KU fans didn’t give a damn about football…why is there so many of us pissed off beyond belief what Gill is doing to what wasn’t all that long ago an up and coming program. Greg you’ve posted blogs many times about the local hosts saying KU fans were so crazy for trying to force Gill out so soon.

    KU will NEVER be a football school for the reasons I stated above…but because the successes of the last few years and the adminstration finally taking football seriously they are a school with the majority of the fanbase frustrated as hell about whats happened to the program. There were many years where I wouldn’t have said that either…fans USED to not give a crap if we sucked. I don’t think that’s the case any longer…most got a taste of success in football and they want that back.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Hammy and Eric know what they’re talking about. You should listen to them.

    Sorry about your head, Gavin.

    I just don’t understand the contract Gill was given. Why? What was Perkins thinking? Just really, really dumb.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Somebody give Chris Harris a phd for honesty. He’s speaking the God’s honest TRUTH. That’s how life works. Your wife’s not gonna blow you if your junk is all smelly and caked with schmegma. Your restaurant isn’t going to be busy if you don’t have good food. Nobody’s gonna buy your cars if they are not stylish and reliable. Unfortunately the last couple of generations of kids haven’t been taught these basic facts.

    The one thing you GOTTA have to be in business is CUSTOMER’S. Doesn’t matter how good you think your product is if nobody wants to buy it.

    The KU football product stinks to high heaven right now. The fans aren’t buying it. Surprise, surprise, surprise Sargeant Carter.

  10. Anonymous says:

    You’re wrong on Miller. Bill Snyder passed and KSU is desperately in need of a replacement for Daniel Thomas. MU has even decided to forego signing a running back in this class, rather than offer Miller. Iowa PULLED it’s offer after Miller’s actions on his visit up there turned off the Iowa team. You were DEAD wrong on the kid from Oak Park. I warned you back then and I’m warning you now. Even all the recruiting sites have downgraded Miller after watching his film. He shows little burst and has bad hands. Here’s a hint for you….trust the knowledge of Gary Pinkel, Bill Snyder, and Kirk Ferentz on recruiting. They are better at it than you are.


    GH: I guess we’ll have to wait and see how Miller does at the next level. I think he has great instincts, runs low to the ground and is always moving forward. He is a relentless kind of back that wears defenses down, despite his size. If K-State walked away from him, I’d be pretty darn surprised that it was because CBS doesn’t think he can play. Snyder wasn’t all that high on Sproles when he got him either.

    As for Michael Keenan, the running back from Oak Park in 2003, I was very high on him as a running back. Nebraska recruited him as a linebacker, which I wrote at the time was very odd since he rarely played defense at Oak Park. Yeah, he didn’t make it as a linebacker at NU but that didn’t surprise me in the least. If Miller proves to be a bust talent-wise at the D1 level, I will be very surprised. Unless Turner Gill moves him to safety…

  11. Anonymous says:

    What really pisses me off about this is that Gill keeps talking about his stupid junior high rules as a means of obtaining discipline. “No women after 10:00PM is about having the discipline to say goodnight and be at your own house, alone, by ten o’clock.” “No swearing because it takes discipline to avoid swearing in a world where practically everyone else does it.” “No cellphones because it takes away the distraction of phone calls when you should be focusing on the task at hand.”

    Yet these players don’t have the discipline to NOT say stupid ridiculous shit like this? Or to say about Baylor “they were a lot bigger than I thought they were gonna be.” Hey, Coach Gill, why don’t you teach them the discipline to not say every stupid, ridiculous comment that wanders into their heads? How about starting there instead of “no saying the word ‘bullshit’ on the practice field”?

    And while I’m ranting about your stupid rules, Coach, it doesn’t take discipline to not swear if swearing isn’t allowed in the first place. The discipline is in being allowed to swear but encouraged to avoid it. It doesn’t take discipline to not make a call if you’ve taken away my phone. The discipline is letting me keep my phone and me making the decision to turn it off so that I can get myself prepared for the game tomorrow. You aren’t teaching them discipline, you’re teaching them to just blindly follow someone and that’s not the same thing at all.


  12. Anonymous says:

    Dexter Morgan
    Is this news?

  13. Anonymous says:

    The Independent Rage
    “Basketball school” or not, another thing to be concerned about with Harris’ comments is his mentality that people heading for the exits is due to KU being a “basketball school” rather than it being in any way attributable to the absolutely rotten performance those fans are seeing on the field. Sounds to me like a mentality of trying to place blame somewhere other than where it really lies. That’s a loser’s mentality. And it doesn’t bode well for the rest of KU’s season. Not that I could give a rat’s behind, as an MU fan.

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    “GH: Yes, Mangino lost 7 Big 12 games last season. But none were as embarrassing as every B12 loss Kansas has suffered under Gill.”

    AMEN, Greg!

    Gill apologists don’t seem to understand this. All KU fans want is a competitive team. 2009 was very disappointing, but most of those games KU was winning or had a chance to win in the 4th quarter.

    Sitting in Memorial Stadium, watching an average Kansas State team score on 7 straight possessions, going up by 50+ points SUCKS.

    Gill DOES deserve 3 years, but that will change if KU loses their first 3 conference games by blowouts in 2011.

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    KU is having trouble selling BASKETBALL tickets this year. Guess those ticket-office types knew how to clear the market!

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    Eric sez- ‘Bill Snyder passed and KSU is desperately in need of a replacement for Daniel Thomas.’

    dp sez- KSU has 5* recruit and Tennessee transfer set to go at RB for the next three years if he stays all 3.

    Hey, the kid from KU is right. How many Kansas ‘fans’ said or thought, “Well, who cares, Late Night is tomorrow” during the KSU/KU game a few weeks ago? I had four text or email that during the game.

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    Red Fan
    It’s pretty obvious Turner Gill needs to adjust his approach. These are college kids and expecting them to behave like TG does is bizarre. Osborne, who most would probably call Gill’s mentor, was well known for being a very straight laced guy. He didn’t like the salty language as well….I’ve heard of first hand accounts to back this up, but it’s very well known that Charlie McBride used to take the defense aside prior to games and turn the locker room into an Andrew Dice Clay concert where swearing was encouraged and expected and a certain team captain would eat a light bulb to fire up the crew. Gill has to give these guys some leeway. I think he expects them to be men but treats them like they are children. Players aren’t stupid and they start to catch on to that fact. The question is…is this treatment why KU is getting rolled and blown out – the dreaded quit, or does KU probably just suck that bad? And what the hell are KU’s top notch coordinators doing as all this is going down? Certainly there’s some culpability there.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Brock Landers
    This is the rest of the quote from the KU player…

    Link from KUSports.com (Lawrence Journal World)

    Harris not surprised by empty seats

    Continuation of the quote…We definitely know we need a win if we

  20. Anonymous says:

    Eric Says:
    October 28th, 2010 at 9:42 am

    Darrian Miller? Please. No one else wants the kid. Missouri never offered. Barely a sniff from Pinkel & Co. And Pinkel

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    Steve Vockrodt
    If one of Bill Self’s teams went down by 35 points against Colorado with 10 minutes to go in the second half, the fans would be heading for the exits of Allen Fieldhouse in haste.

    It doesn’t matter that it’s a basketball school, football school, cross country school, 4×400-meter relay school (like Baylor), if you lay eggs like those rotten smelly ones that KU football leaves on the field, no one is going to stick around.

  22. Anonymous says:

    Steve Vockrodt
    As an afterthought after I hit the submit button, does anyone remember that game KU basketball played in Allen Fieldhouse against top-ranked Arizona in 2003 or 2004 or so? KU was playing great in the first half but then just got absolutely throttled in the second half? There were KU fans heading for the exits in the dying minutes of that game once it was painfully obvious KU was going to lose after they had the Wildcats on the ropes in the first half.

    Many of those fans were booing as they headed for Burrito King, too.

  23. Anonymous says:

    This just proves that ku fans are the worst fans in sports. Even their own athletes and (ex) coaches admit it. Imagine what would happen if they had a bad year or two in basketball…..

  24. Anonymous says:

    I told you guys this. KU is a basketball school and we saw how much credence the b ig 12 and
    every school in the nation gives to basketball…
    We all know where the money is…where the
    cash is…and why is football so hot…because
    thats where the money is.
    Instead of focusing on bball other schools were
    smart and gave it second class status.
    Its passe…its boring…and there’s almost no
    real interest until the tournament sstarts and
    thts for the 10 or 12 teams who have a chance
    at winning the whole thing.
    (pretty good pun there for an amatuer writer)
    They are sissies…overweight…out of shape
    I went to a ku party and didnt see on person
    there who could work out. Whats with that
    So argue among yourselves while mu football
    rallies for big wins..hopefullly going
    undeafeated in the reg. season after hopefully
    beating nu this weekend…
    enjopy it ku….your best days are way way
    behiind you~!

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  26. Anonymous says:


  27. Anonymous says:

    It was because of MU fans like JoJo that the BCS bowls took KU over MU in 2007. The truth is that MU fans have a bad national reputation.

    Re pulling scholarships: I don’t know about Miller, but I do know that it’s fairly common for football staffs to pull offers when they realize the player is not really interested. It’s an attempt to save face.

  28. Anonymous says:

    Brock Landers

    So you are saying schools like Mizzou have purposely not pursued being their best in basketball so they can put all their attention and efforts into football? I say that is a little rich and totally incorrect.

    If Mizzou was so perceptive and knew the conference landscape was changing so much that they wanted to beef up their football program than why are they below .500 to pathetic KU in Big 12 play? I mean KU apparently gives football second class status and MU is still below .500 against them? Why did MU try and build a shiny new state of the art basketball arena in the past 5 years if they were content to go second class status?

    Maybe MU’s basketball program went second class status in basketball, because the results were second class status? I doubt that was the master plan or by design. We both know you are spinning.

  29. Anonymous says:

    Brian Moore
    I’m not sure K-State is “desperate” to replace Daniel Thomas with Bryce Brown and DeMarcus Robinson waiting behind him.

    Word is KU was Miller’s only option, though.

  30. Anonymous says:

    @Brock, you are trying to use logic and reason with jojo? God Bless You My Son! Your patience is a virtue. His ignorance is bliss.

  31. Anonymous says:

    (Laughing at Brock and Bobus)

    Arguing with jojo has no future. It’s like the dumbass Nebraska fans who call KK to complain about him being so mean. Hilarious.

  32. Anonymous says:

    These KU players should be thanking their lucky stars they’re playing Division I football at this point. Maybe if they stopped concentrating on what the fans are doing, and paid attention to who should be on the field and the where the play clock is, they would score a few more points.

    Seriously, they’re getting their ass handed to them on a weekly basis and they want fans to sit through the whole thing?

    I’m a KU fan – and I find these players statements embarassing. Instead of concentrating on who has girls in their dorm at 10:01p, Gill should have rules against saying stupid things in the media.

    Win a few games and the fans will stick around. Hell – stay competitive in a few games and a few more may stay until the 4th quarter.

    Full disclosure – I haven’t been to a game this year. But, if I had, I most certainly would have left early.

  33. Anonymous says:

    I go to every KU game and if it’s not fun to watch, I am out in the parking lot with a coldie. Why the fuck would anyone stick around? And it’s not just at KU, it’s everywhere. I’ve been to Columbia many times and I’ve seen the crowd bolt at halftime. As a side note, I will never go back to Columbia after the fans behavior in 2006. Wow! Anyway, yes it’s embarrassing to get your ass handed to you like it’s been. It’s even worse that GH has filled 98% of his OTC’s in the past year with negative KU info. Didn’t a Missouri Football Player rape a fellow student earlier this year?

  34. Anonymous says:

    Fred Flintstone

  35. Anonymous says:

    Wow, some of you guys are morons. You think it’s something only Kansas fans do when your team is the worst team in Division 1? I’d like to see Missouri get 48k people to show up to watch a team that just to lost to Baylor and KSU by a combined 100 points.

  36. Anonymous says:

    Hey ku fans…were you asleep during the
    did you notice that in all the furor over the
    leagues in the ncaa…no gave a crp about
    basektball. Noone cared what the bball teams
    did. Noone talked about he cash generated by the
    bball teams..noone really even mentioned them…
    noone mentioned ku or mu or kstate or texas
    or pac10 or big 12 baball because noone cared
    about bball.
    At these schools…and in terms of prestige
    and cash..nothing compare to football…the
    the grease that primes the wehll…bball is
    a secondary sport and maybe people wake up and
    care in march…but nothing in college sports
    rakes in the money or prestige of fooball.
    BBall is just a secondary sport..like field hockey or womens bowling.
    So thats why we are excited that our team is
    ranked in the top 6 teams in america in the
    one and only major sport…football.
    oKAY …youll win some games…paly in a
    few championships…win one eveyr 30 years…
    okay thats big…but when the chips were on the
    table noone cared about ku or mu basketball or
    self or anderson ….its all about money and
    bball is a far distant second in importance.
    So go tell old man fambrough that we’re coming
    to burn down lawrence again (be sure to turn up
    the old goats hearing aid)…tell him we’re coming to kidnap his “bench” and take it back
    to colubmia. Be wary…the tigers are loose this
    year and hungry to eat up the worst football team
    in ku and probably big 12/8 history.
    Bring back the fat man…at least he could coach
    a team and win 2 or 3 games….
    Fambrough…you old filthy goat…we’re coming to
    burn down your city again….its the raiders
    coming to pillage your gay friendly city…
    get ready to get a serious ass kicking old man
    fambrough….this is war!

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