Maria: The Last Article I Post Before I Change My Identity

So I have here another observation regarding my sights on campus. You know, sometimes I witness things on Jayhawk Boulevard that make me wish I would have busted my butt in high school and gone elsewhere. Unfortunately, I must deal with the consequences of my pre-college apathy. Maybe I’ll even learn something along the way. Anyway, the Muslims. They’ve been setting up shop on campus for the past week, giving me the impression that it’s Peaceful Muslim Awareness Month – and I’ve already made clear how I feel about the hidden agenda of awareness months. Stands, tents, tables peppered the main stretch of sidewalk where beautiful, burka-clad women stood and smiled. Most striking, however, were the banners.Come know the real, peaceful Islam!” Upon reading the above contention, my intrigue set fire. My face scrunched up like I just caught a whiff of a shit-ridden diaper. (A rare odor to encounter on a university campus, so one can only imagine.) And I thought to myself. . . Though you may be peaceful, you still fail to vouch for the entirety of your religion. Or even the foundational principles on which your very faith rests. Oh! Oh! Oh! I even have evidence! Here it is, straight from the horse’s gaping, lying, biased, and hypersensitive mouth: You shall fight back against those who do not believe in God, nor in the Last Day, nor do they prohibit what God and His messenger have prohibited, nor do they abide by the religion of truth – among those who received the scripture – until they pay the due tax, willingly or unwillingly” (Qu’ran 9:29). In other words, give us the proper respect or we’ll come at you with the wrath of a sexually suppressed, crazy-eyed loon with a penchant for virgins. So really, how peaceful is a religion that lives and breathes through a doctrine that demands submission? Well if you follow the logic, it’s not. Call me Islamaphobic, but I don’t think it warrants respect. Terror? Of course. Respect? Never. Unfortunately, nothing makes a non-Islam asshole shrivel up in fear like witnessing someone openly criticize Islam. It’s like watching a grade school fistfight; the bully is a dick so you root for the underdog, but for fear of getting beat up you stand back and cheer ambiguously. Ultimately, the bully will probably beat the censure out of the underdog. Like the Danish cartoonist. (Google it.) Remember that? He was the one who depicted Muhammad. The very same guy whose head boasted a $1 million bounty because his cartoons were offensive. Above all, he incited a string of “peaceful” demonstrations across the world where Muslims insisted that the Danish government apologize for their suffering. The banners at these protests were in overwhelming contrast to the ones at KU, reading “Slay those who insult Islam”, “Butcher those who mock Islam”, and even “God bless Hitler”. The most ironic and validating of them all read, “Behead those who say Islam is a violent religion”. Oh, yeah. That’s reasonable. And if in the end, the Muslims are right about everything, the infidels will burn in hell anyway. Shouldn’t this be enough? Entertain this notion. In the meantime, the religion of Islam should never assume the peaceful position. Maria Juarez
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  1. Anonymous says:

    Steve Vockrodt
    This post is really disappointing.

  2. Anonymous says:

    the log
    I love it! It’s good to see more people stand up to this “peaceful religion”. Political Correctness is going to get us killed if more people don’t stand up and call a fact a fact. Wish more people had the balls to call muslims out on there bullshit, like the danish cartoonist.

  3. Anonymous says:

    yep, bigots are a dime a dozen in these parts, I expected something different.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Had you busted your “butt off” doing some actual research, you would’ve written a proper article.

  5. Anonymous says:

    John Altevogt
    Perhaps Mr Vockrodt and gsp should read Samuel Huntington’s book The Clash of Civilizations and the Remaking of World Order. It’s an academic book that empirically exposed “Islam’s bloody borders.”

  6. Anonymous says:

    Larry Luper
    There are many reasons you should have went to anothe college or university. And Islamic students are everywhere. Political correctness prevents Americans from measures to the extremists.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Dexter Morgan
    Pack a bag Maria, we’re moving to Barbados.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Ah, to be young and full of idealism to change the world. I miss those days.

  9. Anonymous says:

    They’re coming take us they are they are they’re coming take us they are . .

  10. Anonymous says:

    academic and empirical? I apologize!

  11. Anonymous says:

    it figures you’re a huntington fan, altevogt.

    he thought the end of the soviet union meant the end of conflict. that worked out.

    considering you think it’s still 1959, calling people stalinists, no wonder it appeals to you.

    like that part about japan and china getting together to “stand up” to the west?

    like that part about prohibiting immigration and assimilating the non-whites?

    the guy’s a simpleton who speaks in generalizations.

    it’s out of touch with reality. just like…a lot of people.

    read some kissinger if you want to read something coherent….but yeah, I know, he’s a jew, and jews are evil in the altevogian universe of smoke and fog

  12. Anonymous says:

    Can’t trust them moose limbs. Islam? I Slam a 747 into your Twin Towers. Don’t drink the Qu’lade.

    Big time problem. They don’t like our sex, drugs and rock and roll not to mention our continued empire building strategy. We have a problem with their cave dwelling, “alleged” human rights abuses and inability to come to grips with using toilet paper. That’s a chasm that has to get measured in light years. No diplomacy closes these wounds.

    Instead of having the 101st Airborne racking up frequent flyer miles all these years a couple dozen well placed nukes could have sealed the deal. Either that or we should have turned Charlie Manson loose over there

    What do you think the Chinese response would have been had they been similarly attacked? Methinks the response would have been far more brutal and medeival than anything we’ve even thought of.

    The Muslim religious hierarchy has pretty much thrown down the gauntlet on a worldwide basis. It’s us versus them.
    Believe or DIE!

    Muslims are procreating faster than any other creed on the planet. I don’t care if you’ve got doctorates from UC Berkley in Liberal Arts and Religious Studies for $200.00 Alex….that’s no coincidence. These pricks understand long term planning.
    It’s time to stop kissing ass and start kicking it. If it’s not meant to be I’m sure Allah will intervene on their behalf. When he does I’ll rethink my wager with Pascal.

  13. Anonymous says:

    And I thought the crap typed on this site by Jojo and Smartman were insipid. This post by Maria maybe the most ignorant and close-minded comments to be posted on this blog.

    Obviously Maria has a problem distinguishing religious EXTREMISTS from average people.

    “But there’s a quote from the Qu’ran that sounds violent! That must mean that EVERY Muslim is violent!”

    Well, what about this quote:
    ” If a man still prophesies, his parents, father and mother, shall say to him, “You shall not live, because you have spoken a lie in the name of the Lord.” When he prophesies, his parents, father and mother, shall thrust him through.”

    Oh wait – that’s a quote from the Christian BIBLE.

    I guess if you are a Christian, you must believe that if a child is suspected of being a false prophet, his parents should kill him, right? And that makes all Christians evil extremist who can’t be trusted, right?

    Seriously, does Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin have such a hold on people that they have completely lost the ability to use critical thinking?

    Stop being afraid of people because they are different, and grow up.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Here is to Charles fuckin Martel.

    When Jery Fallwell can proselytize from a pulpit in a Christian church in Riyad, then that mosque will be ok in New York.

    All that sand soaking up American blood in the Hindu Kush will be for naught if we continue to import tens of thousands of Muslims into America (Somalis count too Tony, see Detroit, hell of a 5th column going up there.) educated by radical American hating Imams, in Maddrassas seeking the total destruction of Occidental civilization.

    Its time to get past this multi-cultural-pollyanna-feel good horseshit and look the devil in the eye.

    These sumbiches wanna kill us.

    Our institutions and leaders are so politically correct at this point, that NPR fired Jaun Williams for stating, what every American on earth would feel when they saw Muslims, boarding a plane in Islamic der riguer. Fear.

    Jaun fuckin Williams! NPR!!!

    Thats end of days shit.

    Once more to Charles Martel killing 90,000 Moors at Tours. That was the last line of defence in 732AD.

    Tip you hat Mrs. Jaurez, you would be sporting a Burka if Charley lost that one.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Thanks Maria. All anyone with a bit of sense (and the ability to read) has to do is look around the world. Every war, every conflict in the world right now is between Islam and someone. Islam is the only religion actively trying to kill everything is its path.

    It has been that way since the Catholic Christians and the Protestant Christians stopped blowing themselves up in Northern Ireland.

    Bigots? CM70…if you slap me and I say “You slapped me!” that makes me a bigot? I say Muslims are killing people because THEY ARE!!! CM70, I invite you to go to Saudi Arabia, a very liberal Muslim country, and walk around without a head covering. You will have people constantly stopping you and admonishing you for your defiance. Yes, I was there and in Dubai. One of my associates was physically threatened.

    I don’t need another 737 or 757 (people need to get their numbers right) to fly into another building, or someone shooting people at a recruiting office, or someone shooting up the office of a military psychiatric ward to convince me.

    And if CAIR or any of their goons want to get in touch with me, I am easy to find. But they won’t because I am not an innocent woman or child or old man.

    Murderous cowards hiding behind a religion. They must kill because their god is too weak to do it himself.

  16. Anonymous says:

    If anyone needs a subtle reminder just google “beheadings” and watch a couple of the videos. Makes Abu Graib look like Romper Room.

    Somebody let me know when the Pope and Franklin Graham decide to fire up The Crusades again

    Thank Yahweh that Benjamin Netanyahu will tell our President to “go schtuph himself” before he’ll let the jihad get to Defcon 4.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Please!!!!! No more KU stuff!!
    HC: Dear JAM, Not on your life!

  18. Anonymous says:

    mark x
    smartman … a standing O, brother …

  19. Anonymous says:

    Uncle Dick
    @smartman, just a thought, you never see Japanese terrorists, do you?

  20. Anonymous says:

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  21. Anonymous says:

    A caveat here…

    Chauvanistic sentiments aside for the moment (Guilty as charged.) IMO, it would be folly to gloss over our own complicity, including the mistakes we have made with regard to Islam’s war on the world.

    There were NO WMDs, and American interests were better off with a murdering strong man like Sadaam in power, to negate the Iranian aggression. Hell, America wrote the book on that shit in South America for 50 years.

    If we could all climb aboard the De Lorean and go back to 1979, we would send the Russsians missles, not the Mujahideen.

    No one knew the difference between a Shia and a Sunni (When Mohammed died, their was the standard “succession” problem. Pathetic really.) when George and Dick, dunce fucks that they were, “Accomplished the Mission”.

    The Iranian-Iraqui war = around 2,000,000 casualties. The good old days. Sunni Shia conflict essentially.

    The founder of the Muslim Brotherhood Sayed Qtub (Who lived in America for a long time–in Colorado Springs!) was executed by Nassar.

    After the oil embargo in 1973, youda thought we might of studied up on this a little better and played the enemy of my enemy card with some expertise. Nope.

    (Oh, and worked on that pesky energy thing too. What electric car?)

    I got a lot of this from a really cool book called “The Looming Tower”. NOT BORING. Killer book.

    I just know what I read in the nespapers…,er, blogs, but Islamist culture is defined by an overwhelming identity that will not mainstream, in enough cases, as to make it safe here, and in some cases (See homegrown terrorists.) downright pernicious.

    But, American policy and the effects of those policies, have polarized Islam, made us needless enemies and endangered our future.

    I am ok with the conflict, but i think we should be honest about it. JMO.

  22. Anonymous says:

    I will start to believe that Islam is a peaceful religon when they stand up against and try to stop their own who use the name of Islam in violence. They should not be on campus, trying to show how peaceful their religon is. They need to be doing that to their fellow Muslim’s.

  23. Anonymous says:

    It is always something good and something bad about it.

  24. Anonymous says:

    @Uncle Dick. You unlocked the nuclear code. Our new military strategy needs to be More Truman and Less Human.

    I really doubt there would be any serious international outrage if we dropped some nukes in the Middle East. It would be like when the Skidmore Bully got whacked. Who me? I dunno what happened? We could send half the bill to Vladimir Putin and he’d gladly tack on a 20% tip on his Russian Express card and take the frequent flyer miles.

    For good measure we send Geraldo Rivera over to report post apocalypse and shed a few tears and talk about what evil bastards we are.

    The rules of engagement in Iraq and Afghanistan are insane; see pages 267 and 365 in Trickle Up Poverty by Michael Savage. We’re not fighting to win or even hoping for a stalemate. We’re fighting to lose.

    We’re sending our sons and daughers half-way around the world to die so some Viagra popping bureaucrats can be all badass PC at their Georgetown and Geneva cocktail parties.

    It may be the year 2525 during the Zagar and Evans reunion tour before the FINAL CALL TO JIHAD; it’s not a matter of IF but WHEN.

    These Muslim bastards are patient and focused like they’re on Ritalin and Qualudes.

    It will come down to US or THEM.

  25. Anonymous says:

    craig glazer
    Smartman, I agree with you, great job. I lean toward the liberal side of things, but not on this issue. Sometimes there just aren’t enough rocks(Forest Gump). As far as I am concerned they can all get the hell out of our nation, now.

    Maria great post, it got everyone going. Nice job.

  26. Anonymous says:

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  27. Anonymous says:

    Harold Smith

    Hearne, why do all the crazies read KCC? Is it because you’ll let them puke up any comment and not delete it?

    Maria – it’s not the religion, it’s about the people who use the religion to further their own power lust. Some in Christianity have been doing the same, for millennia. I am an atheist, but I don’t hate any religion. I do hate some of the things that have been done in the name of different religions and gods. The Koran is much like the Bible in that you can find writing in both of them to support almost any viewpoint.

    Some people need an enemy to hate; I guess it fills some psychological need. You start with an assertion, ISLAM IS BAD, and only see and read those things that support that view. This rhetoric sounds like that we directed at the Japanese during WWII or the Germans in WWI.

    Speaking of children – Maria, after WWII the smell of baby’s diaper would waft thorough many a college campus. The GI bill, one of those huge big-government giveaways, meant millions of vets were able to get an education. Many of these vets were married with children. The prosperity of the US in the latter half of the last century can be attributed in some measure to the education and training the GI Bill funded.

    Chuck – Juan Williams was fired because the powers that be at NPR hated that he was on FOX at all. Period. (They said that he had on a number of occasions violated their standards. If so, I think it was the clause that said NPR employees should not be seen in close proximity to idiots.)

    smartypants – you’re just a messed-up mother, like that goofball Micheal Savage you like so much. Did your momma have any sane children?

  28. Anonymous says:

    BREAKING!! Brits uncover dry run terror plot!!

    @Harold. I proudly walk that line in between genius and insanity, (and have the diagnosis from my shrink to prove it).

    So much as I like what Michael Savage says in his new book I’m also a big fan of Christopher Hitchens book, God Is Not Great, How Religion Poisons Everything. Get back to me after you’ve read both.

    So with all due respect it is the RELIGION because the RELIGION is the PEOPLE. The most powerful Islamic leaders in the world are calling for JIHAD. When the PEACEFUL Muslims start denouncing and killing those bastards I’ll turn on my deaf ear.

    Can’t find anything of substance when I google “acts of terrorism associated with Opus Dei. Nothing much either when it comes to recent stonings, beheadings, genital mutilation or rooftop body drops authorized by any Christian organization other than the Mafia which has some spiritual roots in the Roman Catholic Faith.

    Don’t fuck with me Harold ’cause like Max Cady in Cape Fear I can outwork you, I can out-think you and I can out philosophize you. Capiche?

    @Craig Glazer. Do me a favor and bang Eliza Shlesinger with your eyes for me when she’s at Stanfords in December.

  29. Anonymous says:

    craig glazer
    Smartman, I’ve heard she is hot, so I’ll try and go one better…do it with more than my eyes. Who knows. Hey if you want to go see her I’ve got four free Floor seats for you, just emailme or leave word here with your name and which night. Or call the club 913 400 7500 say Smartman and we will put them on will call that way…ok?

  30. Anonymous says:

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  31. Anonymous says:

    Craig, very generous offer. I get a HUGE BONER just watching her Comedy Cental gig. I don’t even need to touch myself!

    She’s replaced Uma Thurman as my #1 celebrity shag. SHE IS NUCLEAR HOT, seems pretty damn intelligent and funny too. That combimation is like kryptonite to me.

    Her face reminds me a lot of Tea Leoni and she has a body that just BEGS to be abused.

    Check out her doggie style bit on youtube. She’s naughty in all the right ways. Imagine a cross between Holly Starr and Jenna Jameson.

    I’d have to get wheeled in Hannibal Lecter style. I’d be like that Sigfried and Roy tiger if I got within 30 feet of her.

  32. Anonymous says:

    Smartman–I read “God is not Great”- Hitchens is the best.

    He is dying of cancer and writing some really great stuff in Vanity Fair as he withers.

    Gonna miss that guy.

  33. Anonymous says:

    Christopher Hitchens is my absolute role model and hero. Just hearing his name throws me into a tizzy of feverish admiration. Ah!

  34. Anonymous says:

    I like the advertisement with the hotties in Burkas right below.

    Fuck, what a world.

  35. Anonymous says:

    OK, I clicked on it, and this is fuckin killin me, I got the giggles so bad, there are pictures of girls (?) in Burkas, all you can see, I swear to god, is their eyes.


  36. Anonymous says:

    Funny stuff, anyway-way to kick things off Maria.

  37. extremus says:

    "Don’t fuck with me Harold ’cause like Max Cady in Cape Fear I can outwork you, I can out-think you and I can out philosophize you. Capiche?"

    Only someone with nothing to say says it so long and so loud. You watch too many movies and indulge in too many self-induced wet dreams.

  38. Ms Riedel-de Haen says:

    It’s the religion, stupid
    Of course it’s the religion. Extremists, suicide bombers, they are all convinced that they are following god’s commands. They also believe that god will reward them for this.

    It is the religion, and no, not all muslims are extremists. But it is the existence of the "moderates" that enables extremism to flourish.

    It is the religion, Islam, Christianity, Judaism, and all the rest. Religion serves no purpose, faith is superfluous, belief in deities is dangerous.

    FUCK. GOD.

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