Hearne: Mother of Man Who Perished in Westport Calls for Accountability

Three weeks ago late Saturday night/early Sunday morning 24-year old Brian Euston was found unconscious in Westport…

He later died from injuries to his head. Kansas City police say a surveillance video of the scene where Euston was either injured or attacked is inconclusive. There were people around and whatever happened seemed to happen pretty fast. But was it an accident or an assault? The autopsy is back, but police have yet to release the results.

Westport property owners and merchants are unhappy with publicity and speculation that Euston may have been mugged. That’s bad for business and property values.

Euston’s friends and family are unhappy with both their tragic loss and the fact that to date no one has come forward from the crowd in the video with information as to what happened.

The investigation is ongoing…

Enter Euston’s mother Kathy Euston, who operates Euston’s hardware store in Prairie Village.

“As Brian

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23 Responses to Hearne: Mother of Man Who Perished in Westport Calls for Accountability

  1. Anonymous says:

    I said it before you did hearne..
    Glazer is using my posts to write his stories..
    I posted an immediate email that was sent to
    thousands of people long before you or glazer
    jumped on my story and said something was wrong.
    In fact hearne you reported many things incorrectly such as the location of the “murder”…
    question: sorry…but i don’t leave my friens
    drunk in a bar…by themselves …especially in
    an area know for problems and violence such as
    westport. what were his friends thinnking?
    Secondly…the parents….where have they been
    until now? If that was my son i’d be on every
    tv sttion…radio station…calling for witnesses
    to come forward.
    You and your p.o.s. pics. Every pic you’ve posted seems to make the guy look like a
    drunk. He’s either got a beer in his hand or
    appears to be drinking. Are there no other shots
    available to put up so as not to tarnish the
    victims image after the incident.
    Westport…get some private investigators on this. City…put your best people on this…
    bring me the video and I knwo people who can
    break this video down into half frames and we
    can identify the people who were there…get
    their photos on the street and get some answers
    to what went on…..
    This is a disgrace. Where the media o this
    story? Wheres the anger that this occurred.
    If westport isa bad place…if problems are
    continuous…then shut it down until the city and
    the owners can solve this problem.
    If it is black youth using this area to
    loiter….send in the police etc. to clean up the
    area now.
    We are all fighting terrorists. Not the arabs
    or the islamic extremeists…but our own people.
    We’ll lose 100 to murder in this city.
    Crime is rampant…people live with bars on their
    doors and windows…guns to protect themsleves…not from some middle east extremeists…but our own neighbors…….
    either westport solves this problem in conjunction with the city and the city resources..or shut it down!
    If they don’t do this the area will just die
    on its own.
    Who is in charge and why are we going thru this?.

  2. Anonymous says:

    jojo: Do you honestly believe you beat Craig’s brain and mouth to the punch, just because you blathered here before you found out what he was thinking? Think again!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Gosh I love it when the parents blames the police in situations like this. Truly amazing. I feel for them, I really do, but place blame somewhere else. Maybe there is no one to blame at all. People do fall and suffer major head injuries everyday. When drunk the injuries can be even worse.

  4. Anonymous says:

    The supposition that this young man “Fell and hit his head” outside of America’s Pub is patently preposterous imo.

    Glazer is spot on with his comments on a remedy.

    By teh way, the first time I recall this type of problem in the city, was during Mayor Cleaver’s administration. The Plaza was invaded with young black thugs who beat, intimidated and robbed folks for about one month. I was still young enough to go to the Plaza on weekends, and it was very dangerous. Very dangerous.

    Hizzonor, our Black Mayor acted decisevly and with predjudice. Cops were pulling the perps out of their cars and off of the streets after a couple of weeks.

    Hocus pocus, 12th and Locust baby.

    Craig is dead on the money, I saw it happen. These pukes have drugs, guns, booze and warrants, when they get stopped, they are incarcerated.

    Of course when the Black Mayor did it, no one could scream racism.

    Check out TKC’s blog today, he has videos posted of current Kansas City Mo. School District students, who will soon graduate, graduate into full time thugs with criminal intent.

    The city (According to Forbes anyway.)is MORE dangerous than DETROIT.


    It ain’t the Amish out there killing raping and stealing folks.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Styx Zidinia
    Hearne, thank you for your continuing coverge of this story and keeping it alive while other media outlets are attempting to sweep this under the rug!

  6. Anonymous says:

    hearne…i beat you on the story..
    now hire me to write for you…i’ll double the
    number of readers to 100 per day….
    stop using my blogs to write stories…
    i was on this before you even realized all the
    mistakes you made in reporting this “crime”
    HC: How about something in the low seven figure area?

  7. Anonymous says:

    Uncle Dick
    jojo also invented the internet, discovered global warming, knows where Hoffa is, found the Lindbergh baby, and is porkin’ Amelia Earhart.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Jackie Evancho
    I read books for a while but now I changed it to great blogs, your place is one of the examples why I began to pay attention to internet resources. Good luck!

  9. Anonymous says:

    Glad Hearne is covering it. Seems like all the other media in town is keeping quiet. My guess? The kid was beat up. The cops have NO CLUE did it and are hoping the perpetrators get lazy and start bragging about it and word gets out.

    If the video was clear who did it, why now arrest(s) yet? A medical examiner has to be able to tell if a kid just fell down vs. was beaten to death, right? I think five-0 is clueless and is hoping the attackers can’t keep quiet.

    Sad, I love Westport, used to work at a bar there and have partied down there for years. I was at Kelly’s earlier the night Euston was killed. It’s a disgrace with all the crime in that area nobody has a clue about what happened. There are cops and westport rent-a-cops all over down there. I bet a cop car drove by Kelly’s a dozen times in the 90 minutes I was there that night.

  10. Anonymous says:

    And why all the early talk that he might have been struck by a car when any video would depict this clearly wasn’t the case.
    Hey JoJo! Why don’t you start your own KC news website if you can deliver like you claim. Your posts here are getting real tedious. Bashing all the time is not a very good contribution.

    Umm… I guess this bash comment could apply to Tony too!

  11. Anonymous says:

    Jojo – I don’t know who the hell you are, but get a life. You spend a lot of time writing non-sensical crap.

    As for this story, is anyone really surprised that no one has come forward. I seem to remember a young man who was shot and killed in Westport about four or five years ago in a big crowd of people, I believe, by the Walgreen’s on Broadway at around 1 a.m or 2 a.m. and in all those years of the mother imploring someone to come forward, no one has. Very sad that people are so cowardly…

    But then there’s the case of Nelson Hopkins, the young man walking by Rockhurst, with his college application in his pocket, who was gunned down practically on the campus. Again, someone out there knows who did this, but has anyonce come forward to help out his family searching for an answer, any answer to account for his senseless murder…

    As for people trying to blame Westport, or bringing up the Plaza, I hate to tell you people, but crime, including murder, happen everywhere. I live in Midtown and as with where ever one happens to live, just be aware and be smart.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Sorry people..i give ideas on how to solve
    problems…and those answers are pretty simple.
    Until we start solving the root causes of the
    problems…and eliminating the causes we
    will continue to have these problems.
    and don’t thik a politician is gonna solve
    our problems…wevseen both side of the aisle
    screw us.
    Wait…hope…kick the can down the road…
    its all pretty simple but someday we will
    face the problem and it will have become too
    big to solve…
    I have given answers…but until we start
    attacking the causes…we’
    re screwed..
    have fun tuesday…it really doesnt matter.

  13. Anonymous says:

    How is showing a picture of the victim with an alcoholic beverage in his hand making him look bad? When did drinking become illegal or wrong? Didn’t Hearne say these photos were from his facebook page? These photos were made available to us by his friends and family and himself. Jojo just call the cops and let them know you have important friends with the ability to break down video footage. I’m sure they’ll be happy to hand it right over. It must be great being so important

  14. Anonymous says:

    I’ve never read more than 2 lines of a jojo post.

    I just accidently read 3 lines.

    Now I need to drink to forget…

  15. Anonymous says:

    Just Curious

    This would be a good opportunity to ask Chief Corwin on the record as to why he won’t allow his officers to work off duty for bars but will let them work for retail and restaurants. Perhaps two officers (not on the City’s payroll) posted outside could have prevented this tragedy.

  16. Anonymous says:

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    gives utilize a excellent site decent Gives many thanks for the working hard to help out me personally

  17. Anonymous says:

    Concerned Friend
    What does it take to demand those surveillance tapes be released to the public? Has the family been able to view the tapes? I too believe they could show – not what happened – but who was there and who could be brought in for questioning. Why aren’t the Bar Owners and those working that night brought in for questioning? Maybe they would recognize those seen in the tapes. This family has been through a tragedy and a crime yet they are doing it gracefully. I can’t believe they have to pound their chest for justice. We need to support this brave family as they open their hearts and cry for closure. I’ll picket in Westport every night at 2 am if that’s what it takes – but I won’t do it alone!!!!

  18. Anonymous says:

    Concerned Friend
    P.S Hearne,
    Show the memorial now. I was done there at lunch and it was exploding! Have you been down there lately????

  19. Anonymous says:

    mom of 3 sons
    A young man is dead and this has left a huge hole in his family and friends hearts! Thank you for bringing this out into the public. I am in total agreement with Kathy Euston…wake up Kansas City! I have raised 3 sons in a city where they once felt safe. That has been ripped out from under them and all of the rest of our community. We need to peace, we need dialogue, we need each other to come together and have the truth.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Carpet Cleaner
    Very helpful Post! I am so glad I found this. This is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks for Sharing. I’ll definately visit again!

  21. Anonymous says:

    He supposedly had defensive marks on his hands and arms. There should be outrage over this. The police are sitting on their hands. One of our greatest city attractions is once again becoming a hot spot of violence and/or delinquent activity. SOMEONE DIED THERE. The time is now to take our city back.

  22. Anonymous says:

    don’t read my posts? Lying dogs…more people
    comment about my posts than hearnes.
    Isnt it funny that many people like “concerned
    friend” are saying the same things i have
    sad since this incident occurred.
    but I’m wondering if they know more than they
    are letting out….but when the family starts
    complaining then something is wrong.
    this kid didn’t hit his head on the concrete
    and die….pretty hard to do…and to do it
    on the spot…many falls cause death but
    it occurs a period of time after the incident.
    As far as the photos hearne has shown…they
    are almost an embarssment to this victim.
    Alwasy drinking? Go down and shoot the photo
    of the memorial..do down and cover the vigil..
    go down and find some photos that don’t show this
    victim as some drunk young idiot. He’s human..
    he’s someones brother and son and friend…
    don’t disparage the victims legacy by only posting these party pics…
    and why do they need security and police
    in westport? clean the area up or shut it
    down. sorry business owners…you take the risk
    of running a biz in a high crime area…you
    take the rewards…now you got to take the
    If there is crime there…report it…fight
    it…take down the perps…but lets not continue
    to allow our communities to be taken voer
    by rapists/thugs/drugs/hoodlums.
    I know..how about you 2nd amendment conceal and
    carry dudes getting off your ass…go patrol that
    area from midnight to 3am….take matters into
    our own hands because obviously someone is
    not doing their job.

  23. Anonymous says:

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