NG: Staying Neutral While Dodging Blahs

This fall neutrals are the must have colors of the season. This color frenzy has been seen all across designer runway shows and has trickled down to our closets. In the past neutrals were mostly considered safe and boring, but with many celebs and designers diving in and reviving the neutral pallets these colors have now gained the “It factor” recognition. How do we wear these colors without falling into the blah section? Mix it up! Don’t be afraid to cross coordinate neutrals. Greens are perfectly paired with grays, camel colors give balance to rusty shades, and beige hues pop when worn against warm olive greens. These are just a few ways to wear some of the season’s most essential hues! With so many options, wearing neutrals have never been more exciting. Be brave, be daring, be neutral! Nikki Grant

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  1. Anonymous says:

    You should be in charge of wardrobe for Katie Horner so the weather reports would be less boring.

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