McTavish: ‘Doonesbury’ Creator Targets War at Plaza Library

The daily newspaper comic strip
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9 Responses to McTavish: ‘Doonesbury’ Creator Targets War at Plaza Library

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    Gary has always been the anti-Rockwell. One of a long line of wanks including but not limited to Al Franken, Michael Moore and Keith Olberman.

    He is certainly talented and he married well but in my opinion he has always been myopic in Doonesbury.

    Funny that most people never REALLY “got” what the strip was/is about. Like Fleetwood Mac’s Rumors album

    Did you notice the essence of “weed” on any of the audience?

    Nothing wreaks of Americana these days and the end of American exceptionalism like 50 year olds burning one in the Lexus on the way to a Trudeau symposium listening to Brewer and Shipley on the way for old times sake.

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