OTC: Jags/Chiefs, Sooners/Tigers, KSU/Baylor — Let’s Get It On!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Never? Not even a little oops poop? Guess you’ve never hit the noon buffet at Isle of Capri.

    I heard rain in Columbia…shocker huh?

  2. Anonymous says:

    KK was discussing on his show about Nebraska fans need help because they are so addicted to their team. I kinda think KK and Fescoe need help, because both of them are obsessed with bad mouthing Nebraska. Guess their teams suck to much to talk about, so they have to diss on Nebraska. Good luck in the Texas League next year KU and KState Fans.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Markus Aurelius
    So 980AM finally decides to carry a Mizzou game rather than pushing it up the dial to 1660AM Home of KC’s best classical music??

    GH – you forgot to mention that 810AM will be airing the audio of College GameDay tomorrow morning starting at either 8am or 9am. Will be nice for those that need to get yard work done in the AM.


    GH: Markus, Good point. I will be one of those listening to 810’s coverage of GameDay while getting the yard in shape before the serious footbal begins in the afternoon.

  4. Anonymous says:

    KK has been ranting all week on the NU fans cause it riles them up and generates calls to his show. That’s what he does. Everyone knows he’s doing it just to piss off the moron NU fans, and they are falling for it. It’s quite hilarious. If was MU that was leaving, he’d be doing the same thing to them.


    GH: KK hates that coverage of his show in the OHW like he hates BBQ, the Cookie Diet and dem Racin’ Boys.

  5. Anonymous says:

    -Hoodie commercial for FedEx is awesome

    -K-State won’t win this weekend or win the North, but I’m still rooting for OU Saturday

    -Before we all break our arms beating Denario Alexander off, the guy has 1 TD catch in his career. He is currently listed as a third-string WR on the Rams, behind such studs as Brandon Gibson and Danny Amendola. Hey, I hope the guy has a great career, but let’s not act like the Chiefs whiffed on the next Jerry Rice.

    -I have friends that try to tell me crap like what KK said about Erin Andrews. Whatever you are waking up next to better be pretty hot to say anything bad about EA…..

  6. Anonymous says:

    KK ripping on Erin Andrews is hilarious. Have you seen that catcher’s mitt he’s married to? Brutal.

  7. Anonymous says:

    The Independent Rage
    Think of the mistaken “Turner Gill” pictures we’d get if Fescoe worked at the KC Star. Photos of Darby O’Gill, Gil Meche and Gil Gerard come to mind. At least the Star got the race right.

    I’m with you on Nebraska bouncing back at OSU. But I’m with DeArmond on MU-OU. Until I see MU beat a Bob Stoops or Mack Brown team, I’m not going to predict it to happen (which I think is the same sentiment I expressed in a comment earlier in the week).

  8. Anonymous says:

    I picked up Danario. But, that means he won’t score another TD. I was pissed the Chiefs didn’t give him a shot.

    KK is a huge dork but he’s a master at pissing people off and it’s pretty funny to see how many Nebraskans are taking his bait. I think most fanbases have learned to just laugh at him.

    The Quad looks great on ESPN today. Too bad its going to be raining in the morning.

    I’m still trying to figure out how a coach’s pregame “voice inflections and body language” are indicators of a game’s outcome. Guess I’m not a smart man.

  9. Anonymous says:

    After the ass whooping Oregon put on UCLA last night OU is gonna have to deliver a serious beatdown to stay #1 in the BCS. If they lose tomorrow it’s hasta la vista for their season. OU has a HUGE + in the experience and coaching columns. If this game gets out of control early it could get KU-KSU ugly. Jesse Jackson used to say, “ifyou can can conceive it and you can believe it you can achieve it”. I don’t think the Tigers have got the first two parts of that equation under control.

    KK’s wife is the only woman I’ve ever seen whose looks would improve if you took a dump on her face. The fellatio must be pretty darn good.

    I was never a big Erin Andrews fan. I’d rather hang out, drink beer, eat pizza and then shag Suzie Kolber. Erin’s problem is that she’s hit the top of the payscale. She’s never gonna get a seat in the studio, or get asked to host Good Morning America. She’s no MONEY HONEY. Life’s coming at her quick. Time to realize you’re not gonna go from applying lug nut glue to driving the car. Style is for now SUBSTANCE is FOREVER.

    Played Wright Out with 5 friends yesterday. We each put in $100.00, tuned into Nick THE SHITUATION Wright and the last man listening took the dough. Game lasted about 9 minutes. Try it sometime. See how long you can last.

    Bob Fescoe is an idiot. Even if you gotta guess, the odds are the dudes gonna be black. Before long the NFL is gonna change to the NLF, Negro Leagues Football. Where’s all the equal opportunity employment voices on Sunday afternoon?

    Unless there is a Kevin Kietzman working in senior management at Berkshire Hathaway I’m pretty damn sure that Warren Buffet could care less if a Kevin Kietzman actually exists. KK is more self absorbed than a shared EXTRA LARGE TAMPON at the Delta-Delta-Delta (triple nipple) sorority house at the end of the month.

  10. Anonymous says:

    “His (Snyder’s) current 5-1 record is full of vegans.”

    GH, GH, GH….when Missouri plays nobody in the noncon, we just don’t know how good they are. When Nebraska does it, we wonder how good they can be. When KState did it, they’re schedule is full of vegans.


  11. Anonymous says:

    “I had no idea who Alex Magee was!”

    – neither did pioli; 3rd mistake hoodie’s gaffer made, right aft the mirage mistaken for building block, ty ‘inaction’ jackson.

    Both pale however [a tough trick] next to numero uno: the $63 million man. matt ca$$el. Journeyman. A quarterback barely in the league.

    Fortunately, Weis is here.

    ‘Gentlemen we can rebuild him. We have the egos. We have the capability to build the NFL’s first remote controlled qb – matt ca$$el will be that robot; better than he was before. More accurate, a stronger arm, faster reads… well, he is a prototype.


  12. Anonymous says:

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  13. Anonymous says:

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  14. Anonymous says:

    Harry Balczak
    Keep documenting the Kietzman douchebaggery, it is a great public service documenting the garbage he spews over the airwaves

  15. Anonymous says:

    Holy Geez! Tigers win, Iowa State spanks Texas, we have a Steers and Queers World Series.

    What’s next, Nick Wright gonna send Karen Kornacki pictures of his penis? BIG NOSE=BIG HOSE.

    Time to get out the Iron Maiden Number of the Beast CD.


    Or perhaps it’s a sinister plot by the Cornhuskers to knock of MU next week and get to #1 in the BCS poll.

  16. Anonymous says:

    The question being, will bz actually carry the mu-nebraska game, or shovel pass it off to kxtr, whose signal has yet to get back to the line of scrimmage?

  17. Anonymous says:

    Just like the rest of the media here in KC Greg you are now just another cheerleader for MU. Now that MU has beaten OU I guess we’ll get to see all the more cheerleading from the (not so) impartial KC media.

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