Tony: Bracing For The Wave Of Tea Party Stupidity

Less than two weeks and TV News will be slightly more bearable to watch.

For now, we’re mired in the current wave of election pandering, fear mongering and phony trends. Sadly, very few people realize that nearly identical politicos in this two party system are simply trading chairs because of macroeconomic trends that dictate the course of our lives far more than anyone wants to realize.

Nevertheless, it’s important to take pause and realize that things really aren’t changing despite the blathering of so many political talking heads.

Jacob Turk has made big news because he’s in “striking distance” of Former Kansas City Mayor and current Congressman Emanuel Cleaver. The distance is only around 9 points now with a margin of error of around 4. Sadly, this still has the perennial candidate losing by a not so close margin.

The Missouri Senate Race is notable in Kansas City because the local African-American community has entered the debate regarding earmarks and Robin Carnahan vs. Roy Blunt is already a forgone conclusion. The seat will stay Republican and will be counted among the Tea Party wave with little to no acknowledgment that Blunt is anything but a voice for change, is part of a political dynasty and some of the most ardent Tea Party enthusiasts actually see this guy as part of the problem. Still, winning is the most important thing in politics.

Finally and on the local front, the decision of two Kansas City, Missouri Council Ladies to forgo their reelection bids has left the door open for a few local Tea Party concerns. The only problem is that big money Democrats and their many assorted local clubs are in no danger of losing their stranglehold over local politics. The debating might be fun, but when it comes time to make real decisions . . . Only money plays.

So, house seats will change and there might be a bit of gloating but don’t expect this town to look any different after the election as Tea Party hype still doesn’t manage to create any new jobs or really impact the economy.

Tony Botello
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17 Responses to Tony: Bracing For The Wave Of Tea Party Stupidity

  1. Anonymous says:

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  2. Anonymous says:

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  3. Anonymous says:

    It took us 205 years to rack up a 8Tr. deficit. We have taken it to 13TR. in the last 36 months. Financial markets are getting blown the fuck up. POMO woo hoo….Robo Mortg/Mess…in the end this will be the story of the next decade–the icing on the cake of the Meltdown. BAC WFC JPM C…doesn’t look good for these guys and their “GREAT” franchises. TARP X 10
    Dollar Down We sell more shit to them Dollar Up they sell more shit to us. A race to the bottom.
    Happy Halloween!

  4. Anonymous says:

    The voice of change in the white house sure has amde a difference. Thanks for another worthless article.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Move to France you fat fuck.

    Why is it so difficult for left leaning pubes like yourself to understand the core principle of the Tea Party movement, which is to “live within your means”. That should be something that everyone can agree is a good thing.

    The overall lack of discipline in this country in personal and government fiscal, and social behavior is destroying us. It’s like Rome in 33AD.
    Instead of Nero playing the fiddle we’ve got Barack and Michelle blowing their own horn.

    For our first 200 years we kicked ass. For the past 34 we’ve been sucking ass.

    NOVEMBER is the new N WORD. It’s not about WHITE POWER it’s about RIGHT POWER. Even Spike Lee would agree you gotta do the RIGHT thing!

    Fuck Sarah Palin and Christine O’Donnell too. They’re nothing more than dingleberries clinging on to the movement. Idiots with tits. TITIOTS!

  6. Anonymous says:

    For a fat guy that grew up in Brookside, you sure act like an impoverished ghetto dweller. Catholic Schools- Check. Brookside- Check. Overweight- Check. Seems to me that you are ttoing the poor man’s horn. Something you know nothing about. Tony, come on man, you should know not to post a bunch of shit that you know little about. Your diatribes about “white folks scared to go out”, the tea party hysteria, and anti-white collar setiment is hilarious. Especially coming from a guy who lives in a white collar, middle-class, socially diverse area. Quit acting like you grew up in the ghetto. Bill Rost would roll in his grave if he knew how often you contradict your own personal life.

    Grow the fuck up. Show some titties, spank one out, and head to your little Brookside Coffee Shop at 63rd street. I’d say walk there but I’m not sure your the type.

  7. Anonymous says:

    If it get’s to bad, there are traditional occupations we can fall back on. Collecting scrap metal for resale, flinging plates and turning tables.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Markus Aurelius
    I think I speak for most life-long Missourians when I say that we are SICK of political dynasties. All of the Blunts and Carnahans need to go find real jobs in the real world and get off our ballots. None of us really want to vote for Roy or Robin so we’re left with this Hobson’s choice of Tweedle Dee or Tweedle Dum — both of which perpetuate a style and brand of politics that is offensive to most and contrary to the concept of civil service envisioned by our founding fathers. Neither Roy or Robin hold to any kind of particular principles apart from parroting their predominent party line. We might as well vote for Monkey A that will vote with the Dems in the Senate or Monkey B that will vote with the Reps. in the Senate. That’s about what we get.

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