Back Talk: Let There be Blog, KC Star Strippers, Time Travel at KU, HC goes PI & Buzzards at Kelly’s

"Maybe we should all just sit at home and blog and blog and blog and blog and blog about how very stupid and lame everyone else is."   *** Bert Lahr. On Tony’s caustic sendup to last weekend’s Kansas City Marathon.

"The only dating the KU football team is going to be doing is carbon dating. They set the football program back so far Steven Hawking is citing the loss as proof that time travel is possible."   *** smartman. On the KU football team’s lopsided loss to K-State and its dismal season-to-date record.


"Hearne….maybe try one of those crime scene investigator courses that are on tv…you’d mkae one hell of a detective…since a journalist you are not!"   *** jojoOn the reporting that 24-year old Brian Euston’s death in Westport could be the result of an accident rather than a "beating" as implied by an eroneous Kansas City Star headline.


“I was thinking about another name. I had Casey (because of Kansas City) and I was thinking Star because of the paper. But I thought that sounds like a real stripper’s name.”   *** A 1977 Kansas City Times interview by former Star publisher Art Brisbane with Alice Cooper dancer Debora Gene Hallak on her selecting the stage name Casey Cole.

"Yeah, I definitely remember this — less about the girl I interviewed and more about the bizarre scene with Alice Cooper. Skinny, unhealthy looking guy who, I remember, sang ‘I’m 18’ but looked 60."   *** Art Brisbane circa his 2010 flashback.

"KCC sent you to Houston. Drats, a round-trip ticket."   *** Orphan of the Road. On Kelly Urich’s beaming from the Chiefs road game in Houston.


"Print rumors in a headline, then not back it up with facts in the article, and the response is, ‘Oop’s, we bad, we’ll fix it.’ How many people saw the headline, scanned the article, then went around recounting the story of someone beaten to death in Westport. Was there a correction printed anywhere but in this blog?"   *** extremus. From a comment left on Kansas City Star reader rep Derek Donovan"s blog, dissing the newspaper for reporting in its online story headline that Euston was beaten.

"The "beating" only showed up in the online headline, which I simply fixed. The Star’s policy is to remove or fix errors online, but not to run a separate correction about them. I agree with this policy, as I find notes saying, "This story used to contain an error" completely pointless and retrograde."   *** Star reader rep Derek Donovan. Responding to extremus’ criticism reciting KCC’s report that the KCPD called the newspaper’s headline bogus.


"For one tenth of what we have wrapped up in Iraq and Afghanistan we could have invaded Mexico, put the HAMMER down MA-CHE-TAY style and solved our drug, illegal immigration and oil problems."   *** smartman. On a New Jack City report that Mexico has placed restrictions on U.S. currency.


"Um…Hm. Well, first of all, it’s good to see that KC Confidential can make a story that is definitely NOT about the Kansas City Star still be about the Kansas City Star. I was worried you’d never find a way to make this another chance to trash your former employers. So, you know, good job."   *** Gavin. On decorated former Star editor Jim Fitzpatrick’s story about the pending execution of convicted killer Roderick Nunley.


"A pissing contest over who can give away the most food, this is the advertising revolution of social media, get real."   *** kansas karl. On Winstead’s selling more discount burger deal’s than Blanc Burger on the two eatery’s initial Groupon offerings.


"Guess Westport needs you and Nigro to come back and FIX THINGS. I like things the way they are."    *** KellysGuy. On Craig Glazer’s contention that Westport has gone to heck in a hand basket since Stanford’s left in 2004.


"Kellys? Who cares? Might help if they had a good looking manager or someone up front who was kinda cool, instead of all those old buzzards who work there behind the smelly bar. Christ, its an old folks home now. Come out south and see the young pretty people, like me!"   *** Maureen. On the downward spiral of Kelly’s and Westport.

"There IS something more stupid than shouting “Chiefs” at the end of the national anthem at Arrowhead. It’s when the same dipshits do it at the K or at an area college game (and I’ve heard it plenty)."   *** Cliffy. On Maria Juarez’ report on KU students continuing to drop the F Bomb during home football game kickoffs.


"If men on a football field are asked to wear pink to support breast cancer awareness, WNBA players should wear black and blue to support testicular cancer."   *** Dexter Morgan on Shauna’s column about NFL players wearing pink to promote breast cancer awareness.

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