Hearne: No News is No News on Baffling Late Night Westport Death

The unfortunate death of 24-year old Brian Euston in Westport last weekend continues to baffle…

The latest: Kansas City Police spokesman Rich Lockhart says police still await autopsy results but don’t expect to get them today. And there’s no evidence – after reviewing video – to support that Euston was either hit by a car or involved in some kind of fight or beating.


The only entity of note pushing the Euston was beaten theory was the Kansas City Star, police say.

Citing no mention of a beating whatsoever in its online account of Euston’s death, the headline read:

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23 Responses to Hearne: No News is No News on Baffling Late Night Westport Death

  1. Anonymous says:

    no bueno..

    with adderall, booze, caffeine being THE party-elixir for people my age; always possibility of heart attack.

    regardless, really sad to see this.

  2. Anonymous says:

    “A spokesman for the police yesterday mistakenly told KCC that Euston was found between Kelly

  3. Anonymous says:

    great…now nigro and glazer are into crime
    investigations….great….now you hearne
    are spearheading the reporting of this
    hearne…theres an opening at town topic for
    a fry cook…please apply there….

  4. Anonymous says:

    another great story….we have no news to
    report about brian.
    Followup….no new news…
    additional followup: no new news…so hearne
    will make something up….
    additional followup to additional followup:
    Hearne questions glazer…black barby…
    the bud lite beer truck driver….the homeless
    guy in westport…the pizza server at kellys…
    the night clean up crew at buzzard beach in
    the story…..wow…hearne you’ve got some
    great sources..
    read my other comments about this disgusting
    use of a families tragedy to millions (lol)
    of kcc readers…..

  5. Anonymous says:

    jojo, I wasn’t trying to be a smartass or offend anyone, I just assumed, maybe incorrectly, that Glazer and Nigro would speak to each other about this event.

    The reason I mentioned it, was the wrong information, such as it is so far, or was, was out there for 1 or 2 days.

  6. Anonymous says:

    jojo needs a job

  7. Anonymous says:

    jojo, you are a troublemaker

  8. Anonymous says:

    jojo has a great job…actualy i have a
    great company….and i’m nota troublemaker…
    but hearne is wrong in this instance to
    try to use a young mans death for his own
    personal vendeatta…
    it will all blow over…but hearne is capable
    of better than this.
    thi site can be a fun interesting and
    informative site….but hearne just keeps dragging out his hatred of the star and its
    clouded his ability to write some really
    good stuff.
    I like this site but hearne can and evnetually
    will do better…..

  9. Anonymous says:

    jojo needs an education

  10. Anonymous says:

    Since we’re being precise…”Partying”suggests activity beyond legal drinking. Is there evidence that he was under the influence of other, perhaps illegal substances?

  11. Anonymous says:

    the log
    What’s not to hate about the Star? I love reading the newspaper but this is a liberal rag. He may not have the facts but more than the star put out. Plus I don’t trust the Star to tell the truth. I grew up in Liberty where you never heard anything bad that happened especially at William Jewell.

  12. Anonymous says:

    jojo go home- Paul McCartney

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