Hearne: Late Night Westport Death May Have Been Accident

It’s not easy piecing together what may have happened in an accident or crime after the fact…

Right now, police are hard at it attempting to unravel what went wrong where 24-year old Brian Euston is concerned late last Saturday night/early Sunday after a night of partying at Kelly’s in Westport. Euston was found unconscious outside on the ground suffering a severe head injury and later died.

Question is, how did it happen?

Three theories are under review, police say. Euston may have been beaten, hit by a car or merely slipped and fell.

Right now there are no front runners; no conclusive witness accounts and police await autopsy results.

But there are a couple theories floating around by Westport insiders.

“I think he just got bumped into and fell down and the sidewalk’s right there,” says Westporter Bill Nigro, who has reviewed the surveillance

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12 Responses to Hearne: Late Night Westport Death May Have Been Accident

  1. Anonymous says:

    hearne….maybe try one of those crime scene
    investigator courses that are on tv…
    you’d mkae one hell of a detective…
    since a journalist you are not!

  2. Anonymous says:

    “may have been an accident”….uh…
    may have been anything….thats the problem
    with you hearne…you know nothing about
    stick to hamburger coupons…old washed up
    90 years old singers at jardines….and
    bar openings…thats more your specialty in
    and you can accurately qoute me on this one.

  3. Anonymous says:

    John T.
    Are you really quoting your buddy with speculation on this man’s death? This is disturbing.

  4. Anonymous says:

    First of all SHUT UP JOJO your a player hater!!!! I read your blogs and would appreciate it if you would just shut the f*&K up!!!!!! You know not of what you spew~~!!!
    On to more important things. I hope the person or persons that saw what happened to Brian Euston come forward!!!!!! With todays technology, someone had to see something!!!! I send my prayers to his friends and family! JoJo honestly man……GET A LIFE!!!!! I hear Black Barbie is now single…..hint hint…..

  5. Anonymous says:

    the log
    What’s your problem JoJo? Hearne isn’t perfect but damn someone has to stand up to the paper of record.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Sorry, you are probably gay so ignore my last post with the exception of GET A LIFE!!!!! Other than sitting at the key board and spewing your hate…..what have you ever done?????? We all want to know who the REAL JOJO is????? Closet gay and mad at the world????? Lonely single guy who can’t even buy a date????? What’s the deal??? From all your posts….I would say you have a HUGE CRUSH on Hearne & Glazer!!!!!!! Am I making you blush??????

  7. Anonymous says:

    Thumbs up Candace.
    JoJo is a frigging troll.
    Emphasis on comments and feedback = Yes.
    Wide open format with no editing or restrictions = Not gonna work.
    Registration to post. If someone isn’t contributing positively. Ban em & IP address ban em. Don’t let trolls undermine all the potential. We want KCConfidential to succeed!

  8. Anonymous says:

    Rainbow Man
    The news embargo on this can be attributed to several things.

    1. The family is well known and connected to the KCMO political community and police. They are probably getting preferential treatment by the police… as far as talking to the press goes. That is okay with me. When you build a business and are involved in the community… you earn that respect.
    2. The Westport death of a Rockhurst graduated Brookside hardware heir is bigger news than the death of a Hickman Mills graduated person with a record. Sorry… it is a fact. The Star, in their uber liberal way, is trying not to cover this story any more than they would any other death on the street.

    Let’s face it… It is a big story. It is a very big story. The possible repercussions to Westport, the police, the family of the deceased, etc. are pretty large.

    We have had a race riot on the Plaza in the last year, and Forbes calls us the third most unsafe place to live in the U.S.

    This story is being handled like a fragile egg, and I am not sure I disagree.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Jayhawk Fan
    I have my issues with jojo, but he is correct here. Why post anything if there is nothing added?? What is the point of 5 different threads about this story….. when NONE of the threads say ANYTHING useful? and ALL of the comments are directed at jojo….. is this some kind of comedy act?

    You would think with all of the gadamned invasive fking cameras posted all over creation, that one of them MIGHT DO SOME GOOD!!!

    not that I have any hope that this comment will actually getting posted, 3/4 of my comments are not these days…. censoring comments defeats the whole purpose of comments…… “delaying comments due to moderation is LAME!!

    but on a KU hating blog … what should I expect? …but it is geting old….. and boring….. and lame.

  10. Anonymous says:

    rumor or truth?
    I think what we can agree on is that there is more going on in this story than the Police or Star are revealing, and more at play than Hearne and co. are aware of — yet.

    Hate to fuel this fire, but I’m also curious and impatient for the truth to come out. My source, connected to a resident at Truman hospital, says it was a random beating committed by two men who also documented doing it on video.

    Is this rumor incorrect? I desperately hope so. I live near this neighborhood, had friends out at Kelly’s that night, and I want the truth. Still, I understand the family’s desire for privacy and the police’s need to get the facts straight before they release anything, and I’m willing to be patient until that happens.

  11. Anonymous says:

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