Hearne on the Street: Lawrence’s Annual Zombie Walk Brings Out Boo-Birds

From First Friday to Worst Thursday…

The Jayhawks may be down for the count – the football team in tatters and K-State favored to take it all in Big 12 men’s basketball. But none of that mattered to participant’s in last nights annual Zombie Walk in Lawrence.

Not to be confused with our unscheduled zombie walks in and around the Power & Light District.

The four-year old Zombie Walk, a fundraiser for the humane society, drew around 400 undead-appearing locals. About the same number that might be expected to show up for some of the Jayhawk’s late season, cold weather football fiascos if things don’t improve.

As for the town’s non-zombie speaking population’s take on the event, check out some of the comments left after the Lawrence Journal World’s account of the wack walk:

“Thought that was usual thing downtown after 2 am? With all the student drunks that act like mindless zombies,” cracked one.

“Maybe this is footage from Missouri? :-),” theorized another.

“They are all jayhawk zombies; for sure,” declared a third. “U can tell by the way they walk; sort of limping along………..”

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    mark x
    …I’m confused … the photo is unrelated to the post

  2. Anonymous says:

    Jesus Jones
    The KC Zombie Walk is tomorrow at 3 at the Plaza.


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    Lakeshia Goetting
    This is a contribution excenelte friend does not know when it helped me to

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