OTC: Mizzou’s Fifth Down Nighmare Revisited

While broadcasters had caught up, the scoreboard, too, still read second down, and (CU

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  1. Anonymous says:

    GH: Contrast Colorado

  2. Anonymous says:

    The Independent Rage
    As an MU grad who was at the fifth down game, even I have now officially heard enough about that game this week. 1990 might as well be 1950. We’re talking ancient history. And I just don’t see the game as having much historical significance to anyone except Colorado, since it helped them on to a national championship.

    You say that MU “spiraled into a 15-year malaise” after the fifth down game? Uh, MU had been thoroughly stinking up the joint for six years prior! This game did not start some “spiraling” process — they had already long been at the bottom.

    Further, what if MU had won the fifth down game? Maybe they get to 5 or 6 wins that season and a minor bowl. Does anyone in their right mind really think that Bob Stull would have turned the ol’ program around if he had just been able to get to a minor bowl in 1990? Please. I watched Bob Stull teams for four long years as an undergraduate. MU was not going anywhere under Bob Stull. The fifth down game is fun to talk about, but it was not an event that doomed MU football for the 15 years that followed. Nope, you can chalk that up to bad coaching and bad recruiting. No more, no less.


    GH: Momentum is a funny thing. A Mizzou win over the Buffs that day would have given them back-to-back wins over ranked teams. Pinkel looked a lot like Stull in his first few years.

  3. Anonymous says:

    The reasons Barnett cited for rooting for Colorado aren’t completely enumerated here, Greg. He also pointed out that some of the players he recuited at CU are playing in this game, so maybe it’s not all about the “bad taste in his mouth” after some unsuccessful interviews.


    GH: He cited one player remained that he recruited. I’ll stick with that he’s pissed over not getting the MU job after two or three attempts.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Ptolemy’s right about the way CU fans are comporting themselves differently (read, better) than NU Fans, but it’s also worth noting that Nebraska was the one that actually precipitated the conference realignment/shakedown. Yeah, we could blame Mizzou for being the ones to blab all about how much they wanted into the Big Ten, but it was Nebraska that actually pierced the veil that had kept all the Big 8 schools together and forced some longtime partners into scrambling to find their footing.

    Colorado can’t really be blamed for grabbing the life perserver they were thrown because Nebraska had already defected and it sure looked as if UT and OU would be leaving soon enough.


    GH: Is CU so insignificant in the conference that everyone forgets they chose to leave for the Pac 10 first?

  5. Anonymous says:

    Harold Smith
    Nightmare? Really?

    The headline writer must lead a wonderful and sheltered life.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I thought the same as Rage on the “spiraled into a 15-year malaise” comment. Mizzou had sucked for quite awhile prior to the 5th down game.

    But, Rage. I disagree on your assessment of Stull as a coach. He was a smart guy with a kick-ass staff but had no admin support. Our facilities were horrible and the curators thought MU was Harvard or something with their admission standards. Read this: http://www.tigerboard.com/boards/missouri-tigers.php?message=7944421

    It provides a pretty good illustration of what Stull was up against.

    I was at the game, too. We got screwed but I don’t feel any deep rage because, as Rage points out, the win really wouldn’t have made much difference in the overall scheme of things.

    Gary Barnett can kiss my ass.

  7. Anonymous says:

    My bad, Greg. You’re right. In my, obviously flawed, memory it was NU that left first. Still, I don’t think anyone believes that CU precipitated anything. If CU had left and nothing else had happened, I think the league would have found a replacement and moved on. Nebraska was still, to my thinking, the one that really kicked off the mad scramble and furious grab for a soft spot to land. Obviously, the league stayed more or less intact but I think that Nebraska’s departure left the Big XII as a really unstable and completely wobbly conference and that it will implode within the next 5-10 years.

    Still, I was totally incorrect about CU leaving after NU.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Red Fan
    Gavin, don’t be pissed that the administration at Nebraska was doing their job and looking out for the best interest of their University. While the admins of other schools either had their collectives heads up their asses or were waxing poetically about how they’d make a good fit for other conferences (ahem, Missouri), leaders at Nebraska were doing something about it. Maybe you should be pissed at the administration of your alma mater????

  9. Anonymous says:

    Red Fan, I can be pissed at whoever I want. Do I actually BLAME Nebraska for leaving? No. They made the decision that was right for them (or at least I assume they did), but I can be pissed at them for jettisoning a relationship that extends over 100 years without giving it a second thought if I want and you lecturing me doesn’t change that a bit.

    But your post really does sort of demonstrate the arrogance that Ptolemy was talking about. Why not just go about your business instead of lecturing me about my MY school fucked up and yours did the right thing. You don’t need my approval and whether I’m pissed at Nebraska doesn’t change a thing in your life, so why do you care? But instead of leaving me with my anger and surprise at how easily your school can dump all over a bunch of other schools with whom your school has had a century-liong relationship, you have to prance in here and tell me that I’m wrong for my opinions. Not that my facts are wrong, but that my opinions are incorrect.

    What bullshit. For one night only: EMAW.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Gulliver Foyle, Jr.
    Through our shared occupation, I knew one of the officials who couldn’t count, but I was never able to bring it up when we were together.
    I do believe those who knew him better than I said he was mortified by the mistake, and would never escape the memory.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Red ass,

    Show me where an MU administrator “waxed poetic” about being a good fit for other conferences. You can aim the comment at our dipshit governor if you want to, but the administrators said nothing (not that I think we have any Einsteins there).

    My dislike of Nubbers has nothing to do with conference realignment. It goes waaaaayyyyyy back. Good luck in the Big 10. My prediction: buyers remorse in the near future.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Flipped over from 610 to 810 at a commercial and caught KK in the middle of a KSU-gets-no-respect-We-put-on-our-overalls-one-leg-at-a-time-like-Nebraska-does-Wildcat-weenies-are-as-big-as-Cornhusker-weenies rant.

    Is KK in 5th grade?

    I flipped back to Nick Wright, which may not last long.

    Might be a good afternoon to break out my cd’s.

  13. Anonymous says:

    shit…we forgot that game already..how about
    kicked footballs in the end zone…missed
    penalties right in front of refs….time running
    off the clock against notre dame….
    crackers…convicts on four wheelers….white
    administrators wives screwing with suspended
    coaches giving a recruits father a bottle of
    jack and the recruit from detroit choosing
    MU over michigan….$50,000 in cash in a brown
    paper bag….
    making prank phone calls to recruits to get them
    to change their schools…
    texting fake messages to coaches that gets them
    in trouble.
    calling coaches wives and telling them their
    husbands sleeping with hot golden girl….
    hey…the only thing a mu fan needs to make it
    through the year is alot of anti depressants…
    patience and the ability to laugh off shit like
    5 downs and other mind blowing events that
    fuck up our brains.
    Go MU….it may not always be a smooth ride
    but noone can say its boring!

  14. Anonymous says:

    rumor was that barnett loved the girls on
    campus…missouri didnt need any more
    problems after all that went on there.
    One MU coach got caught screwing the president
    of Stephens College at Pillsbury dorm…his
    wife found out and literally cut his balls off.
    It ruined his stay at mu…so the curators and
    the department wanted someone who could keep
    his pants on.
    Greatest story was a black recruiter for MU…
    goes to detroit…tries to recruit this young
    guard to come to mu….mu already has padded the
    dad’s pockets…but the recruiter ends up
    banging the recruits momma…from then on
    it was an easy early signing for mu…and the
    guy went on to a great career at mizzou.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Red Fan
    Sorry Gavin and Cliffy….continue on with your bashing our decision to “weave us poor babies out in da cold”…pathetic, sac up already.

    Fact is, if the shoe was on the other foot and Misery was leaving the conference, you’d say the same damn thing to me in response if I questioned Misery’s intentions. And, my bad, it was your dumbass governor but obviously no one else in the administration was doing anything while all this was going on.

    Go EMAW all you want for a night you stroke.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Red Fan, why do you care what I think? Why do you keep coming here and posting and trying to justify your school’s actions to a crowd that is simply not going to agree with you? I just don’t get it. Can’t you go to some NU-loving/blow job-exchanging site where everyone already agrees with you? I just don’t understand why you give a crap about my opinion.

    And before you say “I don’t!” you sure are spending a lot of time over here dropping my name, trying to convince me.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Glad my wife took a couple of days off. Can we please get back to some REAL sports. KSU and NU. Maybe 30,000 people in the WHOLE WORLD, like 1/1000th of 1% give a shit and even then it means NOTHING. If you’re getting all sappy and melancholy about this, GET A LIFE!

    5th down game? Holy Shit! Let’s just talk about WW1 for a couple of days and how our victory put us on a geopolitical axis that would make the whole world hate us.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Not a NU fan but I don’t think MU should be mad that NU is leaving. MU wanted to leave too. They were the school that was close to leaving. That was a strong rumor for almost 15 years. But, out of nowhere the Big 10 chose NU.

    It was like a reality dating show where the whole show they tease that one girl will get the rose and that she is the front runner to win. Then out of nowhere the girl that got no airtime got the rose.

    NU won the game, MU didn’t.

    And as I said in another post to steal from an old show. NU is moving to their deluxe Apt in the sky. While K-State, MU, KU and ISU are stuck in Queens living next to Archie and Edith.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Ahh there’s the rub Gavin, we got your spot. The green eyes of jealousy shine again.

  20. Anonymous says:

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    […] OTC: Mizzou's Fifth Down Nighmare Revisited | KC Confidential.com “I said, 'We can't do that, Coach, it will be fourth down when we spike the ball,' ” Leeuwenburg recalled saying before McCartney replied, “You're the player and you play. This interview with Kietzman might have been the best Armstrong segment I have heard from the usually placid broadcaster. Armstrong's story was riveting stuff and Todd Leabo's hustle to find a clip of Armstrong's call of the Fifth Down game on You Tube put a cherry atop this excellent piece . […]

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