Tony: The Chiefs Might Be For Real IF They Win This Week

The most fastidious approach to every imaginable scheme hatched in Kansas City is strident skepticism.

Why? Because Kansas City is such an obnoxiously polite place that we’ll gladly drown in blood and sewage rather than risk being rude. This tragic character flaw defines our current political predicament, financial situation and crime problems. Therefore, any cheering for the Chiefs over the near decade they’ve been out of the playoffs has been greeted by me with nothing but scorn.

But there’s a hint that things might be changing.

Again, I’m EXTREMELY skeptical, but I’ll entertain a thought that the team’s recent good fortune has been nothing less than a happy accident.

It all depends on the next game.

If the Chiefs can old on to their winning streak then they deserve to be taken (somewhat) seriously.

Thing is, time and after time there just seems to be something in the water that dictates Kansas City football teams can’t compete under pressure. For nearly two decades every playoff appearance has been nothing more than an implosion and a marked embarrassment. And, to me, every playoff appearance seemed to happen purely by accident.

Maybe this time is different but I doubt it.

Still, if the Chiefs earn a victory and remain undefeated I don’t mind entertaining the hype and I might even go out and buy a Chiefs hat so I’ll look even more like ReRun from What’s happening.

Sure there’s lots of hype surrounding the fact that the Chiefs are undefeated and off to their best start ever, but an important fact remains overlooked.

A Chiefs loss will leave the NFL without a 4-0 team for the first time since 1970.

And that signals an overall decrease in excellence across the League which would accurately explain the success of a Kansas City team that has become little more than one of many local symbols of mediocrity . . . Very much like the many empty museums and taxpayer funded arenas that make for great PR but don’t produce much in terms of real revenue.

Tony Botello

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14 Responses to Tony: The Chiefs Might Be For Real IF They Win This Week

  1. Anonymous says:

    mark x
    This week

  2. Anonymous says:

    Do you want on the bus or not?
    “overall decrease in excellence across the League”
    You ever hear of parity? See these guys all get paid on weekly basis….NFL is an incredible franchise.
    I like what the Chiefs are doing…lots of Speed…..cloning of NE/Parcells/Noll this just might work.
    Don’t forget this is a mad goofy football town for Gods sake we invented the AFL and Super Bowl.
    Tony I think you should host a Chiefs pep rally right in the heart of KCPL or Union Station!

  3. Anonymous says:

    mark x sed:
    This week

  4. Anonymous says:

    indy 36 kc 21
    they can’t stop indy in indy…and peyton is
    smarting from their losslast week.
    the chiefs are not in the top 5 teams in the
    league…..a winning season is probably what
    we get….
    but if the running games gets going (and indy
    ranks terriblein run defense) it could turn this
    game around.
    cassell needs the gameof his life…..

  5. Anonymous says:

    Now, fianlly, a real reason to pull for the Chiefs. The Botello Bandwagon is all gassed up and ready to go, if…, the Chiefs don’t ‘Fail’ in Indy.

    The whole city, now encumbered with added impetus from KC’s only real sports maven, waits breathlessly for the penultimate outcome (Please God, do it for Tony!), and the happy coda, Tony’s impramatur.

    Jeeze, could ya be any more of wet by every rain, blown by every wind bandwagon bum.

    This ain’t like unemployment benefits Tony, you don’t always get a check.

    Come on out of the closet Tony, you pull hard for the Raiders.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Tony, the Chiefs do not want you cheering for them.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Speaking of it the guy across the street, nice guy, and big Chiefs fan. Current girlfriend doesn’t like football. She comes out on the porch, lights up a smoke, he comes out saying . . “whats the matter”? She says, I don’t like football. Then he says. . . why not? She said . . . BECAUSE IT’S STOOPID!” LOL what movie this should be.

  8. Anonymous says:

    mark x
    @Duh …. ROFLMAO

  9. Anonymous says:

    I can’t believe I’m actually engaging here and I realize it’s pointless to point out a mistake made by Botello (and worse yet, it sort of demonstrates his point on a larger scale), but Tony, did you ever study math? I ask because you talk about the “near decade they’ve been out of the playoffs…” Actually, the Chiefs were last in the playoffs in 2007, which was, of course, for the 2006 season. In what universe does four years equal a “near decade”?

    Again, I realize this proves your larger point about the Chiefs general suckishness, and I can’t argue with the lack of results when they do make theplayoffs, but come on. You’re already thoroughly despised and mocked for your opinions, do you have to make it worse with a careless disregard for actual facts? You know, things that are demonstrably true or not true?

  10. Anonymous says:

    When up is down & more is less…

    The Titanic NFL has been sinking for years: more teams, more players, more games – less filling & no great taste too – they’ve become a big run-on sentence & like ESPN, unwatchable; hey but don’t that sweet smell of $ucce$$ satisfy tho it never completely sates its march perdition.

    Serling-esque, that signpost up ahead, your next (non)- stop the ‘Astronomical Celestial League’; not so much as John Gillespie Magee, Jr.’s ‘High Flight’ but moreso descent unto something out of this world.

    The NFL, century 21… and beyond.

    Now they want to add two more games and thereaft probably at least same # teams for extra playoff games. Someday – probably sooner than you think – all 32 teams will make post season, rendering the regular nothing more than exercise futility – dry run if you will – as the process devolves former to pre-season for all intents.

    We love football$, hotdog$, apple pie$ (and ye$) $hevrolet$… God ble$$ America.

    COLTS 59 chiefs 0

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