McTavish: Avett Brothers Should Get Focused

The more I mull the Avett Brothers
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2 Responses to McTavish: Avett Brothers Should Get Focused

  1. Anonymous says:

    Sorry I missed that show…thanks for the review.
    I started listening to them about a year ago. Never been to a concert at The Crossroads..are you allowed in if your over 50?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Are you allowed in if you’re over 50? You’re really asking this of a venue that hosted George Thorogood this year?

    I agree with you Avett review. Nice work. I was definitely underwhelmed for a $30 show. They sounded best when the cello/drummer left the stage and they only had three up there.

    Plus – they’re a little “soft” – for lack of a better term. I prefer my country music be focused on drinking, lost love and dying rather than falling in love and getting married.

    For that very reason, The Drive By Truckers were better Sunday night.

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