Tony: A Peek at the Soggy Plaza Art Fair

Because I’m all about culture I decided to spend a few minutes at this year’s Plaza Art Fair.

The event features what is probably Kansas City’s biggest collection of drunken middle-aged ladies this side of a Nordstrom’s sale. So, I’m inviting you d-bags to come along with me and take a quick look at the gathering as I saw it. Without listing any of the pointless stats about a lighter than usual crowd because of the rain or meaningless artist’s names. Sure, I know the first painting featured belongs to Mike Savage and Sav.Art but I’m guessing that the rest of the aspiring artists at the place aren’t as successful and the whole affair is mostly about people-watching and pretending not to notice the distinct scent of pot in the air.

Anyhoo, the smaller crowd and surprisingly cold weather made for a good time. Also, cheaper than usual Boulevard Wheat ($4) made hanging with so many lawyers and housewives that much more tolerable. Take a look . . .

This bad boy smelled of kerosene but attracted a consistent crowd for most of the night.

$12 in I decided to slow down and screw with the artist and make them think I was interested in making a purchase.

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5 Responses to Tony: A Peek at the Soggy Plaza Art Fair

  1. Anonymous says:

    Well played Culo. I love PAF weekend. It gives me the opportunity to do some real self loathing based on my skin color and fantasizing about leading a flash mob of urban teens in blackface through the Plaza and gettin’ some reparations. Kinda like the final battle scene in Machete.

    It’s also a reminder that shorts and loafers with no socks don’t look good on any man, particularly those with man-boobs. Made all the more worse if you’re sporting arm candy that’s half your age or overly cosmetically enhanced.

    Shorts with white KSwiss and mid calf socks is also hard to pull off unless your name is Borat.

    I also wonder how those supposedly happy couples feel browsing for that special piece of art and spotting their “lovers” with someone else?

    Does Mike Savage’s “inner artist” despair knowing that he is more widely held among metro area d-bags then Cerner Stock?

    Finally, the Community Faces section in the online Star has incredible D-BAG photos that are perfect for sighting in the AR-15 at 100 yards.

    I love this country but PAF weekend makes me understand why Al Queda, Hamas and Bill Ayers don’t.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I wonder sometimes how many of the artists made peanuts, to throw in front of their disappointed family.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Wow, go take some meds.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Tracy Thomas
    i went twice, friday and sunday. i bought art–a $400 wood sculpture–orig. $750 but i negotiated with artist who has works in major museums, a $550 pewter bowl, a small wooden box for $40, two mugs and 2 bud vases from bede clarke–chairman of mizzou’s ceramics dept, 2 hats (#865 and #866). and a small metal sculpture. i saw 40 friends, i spied dennis and stephene moore, (no doubt in “fear for their lives”–out in public like that), i dined under the stars, enjoyed live music.

    and was so grateful not to run into tony!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Tracy Thomas
    maybe read the manual for your camera…

    dont give up your day job. you DO have one??

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