OTC: Undefeated Chiefs Look Anything But

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25 Responses to OTC: Undefeated Chiefs Look Anything But

  1. Anonymous says:

    He went to federal prison and did his time…let it go.

    Chiefs are 2-0 AND THE SKY IS STILL FALLING!

    I think we stack up nicely against the 49ers, too. We’re basically the same team. Good running backs (not necessarily a good running game), bad QB play, questionable receivers, decent defense. Plus when NO beats them tomorrow night Singletary may just explode so they’ll be coachless as well! Wk 3 is a huge game for us. We need to win that to go in to the bye 3-0 so after we get shredded by Indy and Houston we’ll be 3-2 instead of 2-3 and looking up at the Chargers. fingers crossed.

  2. Anonymous says:

    A few yrs ago I was in Cleveland on business. I went to a local bar and was watching an Indians game. The score was 9-1 Cleveland in the 09th with 1 out and the folks at the bar were wondering how the Indians were going to lose the game. I am starting to feel that the local and national media are looking at the Chiefs the same way. We cannot control the national guys, but enough of the total negative bitching about the boys. Remember last yr? They blew large. They are better. Remember last yr when we were praying for a 5th win? We are better. Enjoy the ride and shut up!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Mark x
    …two words: Brodie Croyle …

    I was actually thinking as I was watching the game, “I hope Cleveland’s defense take Cassel out of the game.”

  4. Anonymous says:

    Jayhawk Fan
    GH: Remind me not to hire Haley as a motivational speaker for company morale.

    no problem…

    HEY GrumpyH!!!!

    just a reminder, per your request; )

  5. Anonymous says:

    If the NFL was the United Nations the Chiefs would be North Korea. The offense has gone from the TA0, three and out, to the new Chrnobyl system, a complete disaster.

    Only a matter of time before one of the comrades on offense defects from Secretary Kasl.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Two comments…first it’s nice to see tough hard nosed football instead of BS PR. Get off Haley’s style he’s a for real guy. Secondly…otherwise good comments Greg and maybe we can get through this week with only sex from Craig and no more of the stupid (made up)shit he comes up with re the Chiefs.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Do you all know what is an interesting story, but I do not see reported anywhere?

    look at these standing ….

    I always look at the overall baseball standings, because our Royals suck, and I find it VERY interesting about how the Boston Redsox will not make the playoffs even though they will finish the season with a better record than Texas (who will win thier weak ass division with a pretty bad record) and then Texas will probably get beat in the first round by New York or TB.

    This wont get press around here cuz the radio morons are hayseed dorks, who and local losers who can only repeat the same topic words over and over and over and they only allow callers to speak IF THE CALLER agrees with the host’s opinion. It is classic fkn hayseed KC BS.

    anyway….. This does not affect me, and facts be known,I laugh at Bawtun, they can suck me all day and before I fk them all night, but it does not seem fair to have 3 great teams in one division with the current setup allowing only 2 to make thew playoffs while the 3rd has a better reocord than the winner of another divion.. what a joke.

    If the Royals were in this position I bet the idiot radio dorks would be whining up a storm…

    anyway..I found it intersting.

    DONT MISS OUT… there are still several good beseball races “out there”…..

    Dont forget about de’beseball jus cuz you hayseeds live in a hayseed town and your hayseed team sucks hayseeds 😉

  8. Anonymous says:

    Mitch is a douche.

    And though you didn’t mention it, so it Keitzman.

  9. Anonymous says:

    It wouldn’t sound right to say, “…the ball’s nose hairs are tickling the edge of the 30 yd line…” That would be like saying, “…the bulbous head of the ball is tickling the rectal hairs of the 30 yd line…” and only Craig would get that one.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Glad 610 sports continues to feel the need to tell us how good they are.

    I listened to the end of the game on the radio and I don’t remember the exact quote, but Mitch said something like “Flowers was taking him to the grocery store on that play!” I remember thinking “what the hell is that supposed to mean?”

  11. Anonymous says:

    Are you sure the Chiefs are 2-0? I wouldn’t know by all the damn negativity that I keep hearing. The Chiefs are 2-0, last year they were 4-12 and won only 6 games the previous 2 years. This is the NFL, and learning how to win is as much of the process as winning. We were losing these games last year REMEMBER. I’m all for criticism, but the sky is not falling like last year, and the persistent criticism of this team is getting old. They are 2-0, deal with it.

    BTW, it is long time for Don Criqui to hang up his mike. He kept misidentifying players so much, if you had a drinking contest for his screw ups, you would have been passed out by haltime.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Chiefs 2-0. Please forget all my previous posts. I’ve had sex with 100’s of women and untreated STD’s effect your brain. Ask Al Capone. A good friend of mine who I brought down…read my new book.
    Craig: Yes I’ve slept with hundreds of women – more than you – if that somehow hurts your ego, too bad. I take it you think I was a criminal. I don’t deny that but Capone was a little before my time.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Why aren’t we seeing Jackie Battle in any of these games. He would of been especially effective in the first game in the mud. Just wondering?

  14. Anonymous says:

    And the word from the other side of the state is how after the first game, the Rams were getting closer to the Superbowl and now after the second game, it’s the ..”same old Rams..” theory. Now, if you want to talk about a team theat REALLY sucks, come on over. You’re 2-0, ugly as it may be, you’re still 2-0. Just win, baby.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Uncle Dick
    Holtus saying Flowers took someone to the grocery store was a lead-in for a HyVee plug, but he got distracted when he saw the size of Phil Dawson’s head. Dude looks like he should be in a United Way commercial playing catch with Nick Lowery.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Brodie Croyle sucks. He was 0-9 as a starter. Its amazing that people have forgotten this.

  17. Anonymous says:

    This team is lucky. The weather hurt the Chargers. That’s why KC won that game. This team will need to score a TD on offence.

    This team reminds me of those 13-3 teams in the past. Once they went into the Playoffs they needed to beat a team because they were the better team not with smoke and mirrors.

    Right now it’s all smoke and mirrors.

  18. Anonymous says:

    @hayseed, we prefer the more insulting “cornpone” as opposed to hayseed.
    KC , STL, doesn’t matter. It will be another two decades, minimum, before either team is a Superbowl contender.
    Don’t waste your time, money or energy on these LOSERS. They are not the REAL DEAL. They’re Clark Hunt’s “toy” and he runs a different kind of sand box than Jerry Jones. That being said we’ll see if Jerry still has his “edge” if the Cowboys go 0-3. I’m concerned he’s turning into Al Davis.

  19. Anonymous says:

    newbaum turk
    This is the biggest 2-0 fraud in the NFL. Hell, they will probably be 3-0 after the San Fran game but they will still be a fraud and wind up winning seven games. Peyton Manning is going to cream his jeans watching Eric Berry on film preparing for week 5.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Smartman, you cornpone, you did not even comment on the concept of a team like the Texas Rangers making the playoffs with a worse record than the Boston Redsox.

    Boston will have a better record but will be 3rd in their division, and not even be a wild card…… but of course the comment was buried by the fkin penalty this site applies with its fking BS ” waiting for comment moderaration”.

  21. Anonymous says:

    3-0…enjoy it….why is it people in kansas
    city can’t have fun anymore. We’re undefeated
    and people act like we’ve lost every game.
    smile…its fun….even if they are playing
    below par…they’re winning…and thats better
    than losing.
    Cheer up kc…it bright…sunny…and yes
    you can be happy…why all the sad…dull
    coimments about our undefeated team…
    enjoy it while you can.

  22. Anonymous says:

    Someone please inform Babb that Jackson was inactive for the game because of injury. Doesn’t he cover the Chiefs for a living? Stupid tweet.

  23. Anonymous says:

    we are waiting for an offensive touchdown…….

    ..and for a QB who is not an happyfooted-overpaid-fkn-doucher from fkn bawstun. This “Patriots West” team is just not that good, we are lucky and have taken advantage of things,,,but that does not win playoff games against real teams, with supportful owners.

    If these homos really held everyone accountable they would fire themeselves and haley and hire jimmy johnson.

    The fkn money paid for this pussy-wimpy-happy footed QB is a joke, what a bunch of idiots, but then again….. that IS THE PLAN…. piss off the fans, lose their support, complain about it…. lose money…. complain some more…. then move team…

    Didnt anyone one else ever see the movie “Major League” where the whore (hunt jr) inherits the team and then sets about destroying it, so she can move it? ….. it is not hard to see the similarieteesiesieses

    prop to mu, again, for another close WIN… and a win is a win.

  24. Anonymous says:

    @hayseed. What’s to comment on? You hit the nail on the head. I agree it’s BS.

    All “playoff” systems are imperfect, in my opinion, with the possible exception of NCAA hoops Final Four.

    Life ain’t fair for us common folks why should we try to make it fair for a bunch of overpaid guys batting .222 knockin’ down $50K per plate appearance?

    The Red Sox knew what they had to do to to get in the playoffs. I don’t think anyone is betting on Texas to make it to the ALCS.
    We could debate for years on how to make sure the best teams always get a chance to compete for championships but as soon as we figure it out somebody’ll loophole the whole damn thing.

    There’s a reason they put the world Miracle before “on Ice”. Shit happens, a broken clock is right twice a day and the Chiefs are 2-0. It’s never about where you are it’s about where you’re going. Once a piece of fruit is ripe, it starts to spoil. That doesn’t seem fair either.

  25. Anonymous says:

    Chiefs look as good as any other 2-0 team in the standings…which is as saying the end justifies the means – which it of course does not, mistake by the lake and fortuitous downpour being moreso hypothesis than proof.

    On the field, they couldn’t beat the ’66 Falcons or the Dolphins, ’67 Saints or ’68 Bengals – all of them expansion teams. Those teams weren’t “as big, strong & fast as today’s teams of players?” Neither were the GB Packers compared opposition those first 2 Superbowls ’67 /’68, yet they won both games, theory of relativity a proven fact.

    Such is the state a modern day watered down NFL that as soon as it can figure out a way they’ll enlist all 32 league teams into the post season so more fan$ can embrace the modern premi$e.

    Despite some folks claim parity is dead, though the NFL dream of 32 8-8 teams will likely never come, current morass far closer than when great teams ruled the NFL…this is not good football regardless which team one roots for – just good bu$ine$$ in lieu of the game’s ascent, one I’ve seen aberrate since the end 1960s.

    Today offers some of the worst football & teams I’ve ever seen- most all of them. To each their own, I do not enjoy watching mediocrity, watch the game moreso out of habit now than affinity.

    Much less argument can be attributed fortunate bounce or luck when one is clearly superior to the other. As such, prefer the Lions (1950’s & Rome versions) moreso modern Saints/yesteryear Christians: to some a matter good vs evil, for others great vs mediocre, GB vs & too > NE, SF, PITT, DALL et al. Unmatched football greatness as well longevity, the GB Packers.

    The ’60s Packers average margin of victory their five titles last game of each year – that’s the TITLE GAME each – 20 points per; GB won 5 titles in 7 years & 3 in a row. An modern day ‘dynasty’ (misnomer) NE Patriots won 3 titles 4 years – by but 9 points total – 3 points per game, each.

    So while aberrations happen (SF, DALL, OAK, WASH & TB examples) – generally – yesteryear produced more great teams & fewer also rans, the latter a staple modern day plethora unworthy teams, i.e., beneficiaries a bloated post season lineup.

    17.3 points was the average differential between the winner/loser first four Superbowls, ’67-’70. 40 years later, last four (including #44 earlier 2010) difference just 8.5… veritable parity.

    Today’s rules, 8.5 is nigh on but a differential of one score, 40+ years ago average margin 17 a 3 score difference. A final score being arbiter, that either team (which one matters not really) can win (via parity / due to an overly leveled playing field) may excite some, but it defeats any consensus the clearly ‘better team’ won.

    A progress to (continuing) decline, my opine…

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