Hearne: Lezak’s Fall Forecast for Chiefs

Clear skies ahead for this year’s Kansas City Chiefs, Channel 41’s Gary Lezak says…

For starters, “We won’t have another game like that,” Lezak says of Monday night’s one-inch drench fest. “I’ll tell you that.”

Now Lezak’s pigskin forecast for the Chiefs: “10 and 6 and a playoff berth,” he says. “And Monday’s game is not a game to judge Matt Cassel on. The coach told him not to make a mistake, so he overthrew the ball rather than risk getting intercepted. The Chiefs just didn’t want to risk anything.

“Anyway, the Chiefs won. The Chiefs were 6 and 35 in the last 41 games going into Monday night’s game. Now they’re 7 and 35 – that’s how bad it’s been.”

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One Response to Hearne: Lezak’s Fall Forecast for Chiefs

  1. Anonymous says:

    Whats strange is Cassel looked horrible in the 1st quarter when it wasn’t raining and I doubt was told “don’t blow the game”. I am willing to wait and see how he does, but the first half wasn’t a very good showing.

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