McTavish: Lookalike Beatles Soundly Disappointing at Starlight

Before the start of
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  1. Anonymous says:

    Wow! You and Hearne filet it and Mark fellates it. What’s up with that?
    HC: It’s called group sex

  2. Anonymous says:

    Patrick Chambers
    Don’t hold back, Brian. If you didn’t think it was very good, just *say* so. 🙂

    After having seen a couple of McCartney solo performances on video recently (alas, I’m too poor to pay to see the real live guy), I can’t even imagine myself going to see some pale imitation of reality such as this. Alas, we are fated to have pseudoBeatles unto our dying days and beyond, much as Elvis impersonators will never die.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Mark V
    That’s an accurate review. There was emptiness about the experience- made the Beatles/Rain seem uninteresting, like cardboard cutouts with little interpretative flair nor abstraction that might have captured some portion of the magic– it was very different from “Love Janis” which deepened your appreciation for the artist.

  4. Anonymous says:

    with the tone of this review, it wouldn’t be hard to mistake you for one of the cranky old farts you describe…

    i’d recommend more fibeer.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I was there and trust me, McTavish was one of the Younger Old Farts in attendence. That fibeer sounds interesting though.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Four reviews for one show on one blog? That is just terrific editorial content!
    HC: If close your eyes really tight, you can see the four of us taking ceremonial bows in recognition of the fine distinction you have bestowed upon us. What else can we say? Thank-you. You like us; you really, really like us

  7. Anonymous says:

    you cheap ass…you got free seats. what did you
    expect…john and george to come back from the
    dead to play starlight theatre.
    Get real…your review is as bad as the show
    6 columns on a bad cover band? are you serious.
    You could have sent tony there and he could have
    said enough negative items to fill up my entire
    hard drive.
    covr bands suck. go buy the dvd. watch you tube…but if you think you’re getting the
    original talent you must have smoked some bad
    weed because noone can compare to the beatles.
    saw mccartney here in kc…saw stevie wonder…
    noone can cover them….impossible…
    save your writing for more interting topics like
    the jones pool or strip clubs…thats what gets
    the comments…not some $2 cover band for the
    greatest band ever.

  8. Anonymous says:

    whos the guy in the picture in the blue
    jersey?…looks like my
    grandpa right before he died….wow!
    HC: Close but no dead dude. It’s intrepid KC Confidential hit man Brian McTavish, pouring it on at Rain

  9. Anonymous says:

    Uncle Dick
    “noone can cover them..” Herman’s Hermits doesn’t have to cover anybody, as they had plenty of hits for their own show. Use that space bar, and maybe the shift key once in a while. Get Back, jo.

  10. Anonymous says:

    craig glazer
    Holly monkey puck…Brian you have some wonderful reviews and do one negitive and see all the attention! We are all caught in the middle on some music and groups never going away..truly the Beatles belong in the world forever, as does Elvis in his way…Sinatra, and a couple more,but we all get old, we all die and greatness fades…true story so sad.

  11. Anonymous says:

    mark x
    …have to agree with jojo … 6 POSTS ON A COVER BAND ? ? ! ! ? ?

    … geez, no wonder the rest of the country still see us as a Cowtown …
    HC: So that’s how we got the cattle country rep. Always wondered.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Another Geezer
    I hafta agree with Brian. I kept waiting for a spark of enthusiasm at the show and, when it didn’t ever happen, I was disappointed. As I left the show with two equally geriatric friends, I had to bite my tongue as they enthused about what we’d just seen. Knowing how cynical I usually seem, I didn’t want to ‘rain’ on their parade.

    I read somewhere that Rain is headed to NYC for a run on B’way – I predict a VERY short run.

  13. Anonymous says:

    not in the grave
    Hey Boys,,,OK,, I saw the show Wednesday night and enjoyed it for what it is/was. A grouping of songs for the Beatles. This show is like fake Gucci Bags you see on the street.. They have improved over time, but they are only a substitute that is acceptable since the real Gucci ones are out of reach.

    This show captivates someone like me, a casual fan. It is not meant for the pro like Brian McT who sees live music weekly from bands that are still ALIVE. Brian, Dont you remember Beatlemania that played in the 70’s/80’s or the short lived Broadway Show Lennon 5 years ago. THey were all just the same; a tribute and not meant for the people to believe the Fab 4 was still alive and kicking.

    Rain was a tribute, to the real guys, nothing else.

    And to the comments about the old dudes there… This was a band of the 60’s, 70’s 80’s. It’s that demo this appeals too. I’m sure an Elvis Tribute would draw the same crowd. Lastly, Starlight is an older crowd to begin with anyway. Hearnia… If u were looking to pick up on some young stuff, then you should be at Luna, not Starlight… (but at your age HC, maybe some Cougars at Sullivan’s are more your style) OUCH! !
    HC: Uh, thanks for the pointers, Mark. Btw, what was that “ouch” action, hurt yourself laffing at that joke? Actually, don’t recall the Beatles soldiering into the 1980s. They barely crested 1970.

  14. Anonymous says:

    There were/are a few fake bands like that over the years, like The Back Doors. They were good. But seriously, why would anybody waste their time and put themselves out for such trash. Hurts the eyes and ears. Wouldn’t have gone if I had free limo service and the whole nine yards. I think the people who went or are going to this joke of a show are afraid they’re gonna miss something. AND MOST OF THEM DID! The real Beatles heyday. Sorry moneybags, can’t buy it/you missed it. Prolly not your fault. You were into the Monkees back then. And no band ever told me not to smoke ANYTHING! Real concert goers and seasoned fans smelt this one out from that very first ridiculous commercial. What’s that guys name, Mark Edleman or such, you really took a stab in the dark with this run. What’s next, fake Beach Boys?

  15. Anonymous says:

    I went last night and I would agree that the volume was too low, the crowd was older than rock music itself, and the vocal performances lacked the passion of the originals. But what I saw were five accomplished musicians who put a lot of admirable effort into reproducing several great songs that were never intended to be played live. With one guitar synth and one keyboardist, they did an impressive job of playing the complex orchestrated arrangements of the Sgt. Pepper era music, so I think that calling it “sonic gimmicks” is dismissive and frankly, either lazy or willfully ignorant. I was very impressed with their arrangement on “Eleanor Rigby”, and even if his hand gestures weren’t to your liking, all of the vocals were quite good. I think Paul McCartney is one of the rare singers who can sing with delicate nuance, great pitch and still scream and growl with the best of them and their Paul wasn’t a screamer (at least not last night.) But he was still very good. I would imagine it’s hard for the guys in Rain to find the level of energy that matches their skill and dedication to their musical craft when they read commentary like I’ve read here – or look out at the less-than passionate crowd they’re playing to. I hope they have a good run in NYC.
    All the best to you and your readers, even though I disagree on a lot of points!

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