OTC: How Good Will KU, KSU & MU Be In B12 North?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Kyle Rohde
    Carson Coffman, Greg? You said Carson Palmer.

    I don’t disagree with KU going 2-2 in non-con and only maybe winning 4 games. However, the nice thing about their schedule is there are only two real, “no chance” games – GA Tech and Nebraska. Other than that, KU is playing against other teams in the big squishy middle area of college football.

    KSU, Colorado, Iowa State, Baylor, A&M, Oklahoma State, Southern Miss are all toss-up games, in my mind. And the MU rivalry makes that one a toss-up too.


    GH: Wishful thinking on my part. Thanks for the fix.

  2. Anonymous says:

    As a proud KU alum and fan, I have to admit that the only positive thing we have to go with this year is the schedule. Not a place you want to be. That said, there is one jersey I would buy – “Sands.” I hope he is as entertaining as his pops.


    GH: When I saw the youthful Deshaun Sands interviewed on Metro Sports, I couldn’t believe that much time has passed since Tony lit up MU for almost 400 yards in that season finale back in 1991. I just looked it up

  3. Anonymous says:

    mark x
    …how soon will be before the Mangino era will be referred to as ‘the good old days’?

  4. Anonymous says:

    watch out greg…i’ve heard that columbia and
    the teams up there were invested heavily emotionally in the
    big 10 bullshit…and now with losing their
    #1 running back…all the dui’s…and i’m sure
    there’s more crap coming down….this could be
    the nightmare season mu didnt want.
    Pinkel is off center right now…he’s screwed up
    mentally as is the rest of his staff. and for
    him to be off could affect the entire team.
    watch what they do early…last year gabbert
    was incredible the whole game…but its a complete new cast of players…new running back…new receivers….and this might just be
    that one game that us mu fans know is coming
    but putin the back of our mind.
    The betting lines havent moved…they were at
    11 points favoring mu…but as a long time mu
    fan i’ve seen shit like this come back to haunt
    us……….somethings not in gear in tiger
    land…i just hope mu wins the game outright.
    as far as ku…they talk good…and i hope they
    win 5 games.
    k state….hope they do well…
    nebraska….i hope they suck the big one this
    year because if you look at their schedule in the
    big 10 next year this will probably be their
    last winning season for decades to come!

  5. Anonymous says:

    KU game not even on the board? Nuff said–Hawks by 21
    Real question is will GA-Tech hang 60 on em next week?
    Don’t know about you..but I was totally jazzed watching NCAA last night. Utah game pretty decent action.


    GH: College football is simply the greatest sport on the planet. Not even the NCAA can screw it up.

  6. Anonymous says:

    paul coffman is now a fox analyst?
    This guy has the brains of a dog. Maybe I
    should have applied for that job.


    GH: jojo, your vocab would limit your work to HBO. Rex Ryan could be your sidekick.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I don’t know Greg, Nude Nordik Petite Female Wrestling on The Ocho is hard to beat.

    Turner Gill says the Jayhawks are gonna put up 30 points a game? Jack Harry predicts KU is gonna win 7 games. There’s your recurring theme of blatant bullshit again.

  8. Anonymous says:

    KU has a lot of talent in the program. A lot of guys that will be playing this year came from some of KU’s highest rated recruiting classes. We may be a little short on depth in the defensive front 7 and on the o-line (if we have more injury problems), but most other places, KU is fairly well stocked.

    Obviously there’s a lot of focus on the head coach, Gill, but what you fail to address is that KU probably has the best coaching staff in the North. What question marks KU had when they hired Gill virtually disappeared with the staff and pile of cash KU paid to hire them.

    Chuck Long, Carl Torbush, Darrell Wyatt, Reggie Mitchell, etc. Of course, if you took all the KU haters’ words for it, of course they must not be any good because they’re coaching KU Football.

    KU is going to be in a lot of games this year. 27-6 at home the past 5 years where we play 7 games this year. Games at So. Miss, ISU, Baylor, and neutral site with Mizzou. You’d have to go back to the early 2000s to find a year where KU lost 3 games at home, which is what the people are saying when they pick KU to win 4 games.


    GH: No doubt KU scored with Long and Torbush, but Gill is virtually untested as a head coach at this level. As far as KU’s staff being the best in the North, would any North school (beside CU) trade their staff for KU’s? I don’t think so. It all makes for some fun debates as we await the season. We’ll all be smarter in a couple of months.

  9. Anonymous says:

    jojo Says: “nebraska

  10. Anonymous says:

    Red Fan
    Damn Kietzman is a clown. I wonder if he’d be willing to put his money where his big fat mouth is on that Nebraska prediction? I highly doubt it and I would assume he’s hoping that’s the way things turn out.

    I could see Nebraska’s D falling off a bit but the offense picking up the slack too. They looked pretty damn good vs. what was supposed to be a good Arizona team in the Holiday Bowl. I see a record fairly close to last year, however, there were 2 games last season that should’ve been won (one of them they had no business losing).

    I could actually see KSU doing a little damage because they will probably be one of the only teams using a fullback the majority of the time. If they were to lose their workhorse Thomas, the season goes in the tank.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Greg, good possibility of 8-3 and maybe as bad as 7-4. I highly doubt they are below .500.


    GH: I could be dead wrong about Turner Gill. I know this, he has converted about two-million Nebraska fans into KU football fans.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Hey Jojo and Cliffy,

    Sherron called…he’s willing to come over and give the MU football team a lesson on how to expose one’s self on an elevator. Maybe that will relieve that temptation to assault the females while they’re catching some Z’s!
    Sherron may have his fair share of children but at least he woke the mama up before climbing aboard!
    Hey what’s the difference between a tampon and a Missouri running back???
    A: Tampons can’t run away when you notice them!

    Woohoo let’s all sit back and watch the DUI’s pile up in Columbia as your season goes down the shitter! Tiger fans can climb in to bed and sleep through this season. Just lock that door and turn on your nightlight because a player from Mizzou might do the “digital penetration” dance all over you!

    Haha Missouri sucks. You guys blow it every chance you get:)

  13. Anonymous says:

    GH, KState fans turn on Snyder a 2nd time? When did they turn on him the first time? You need to scrape the purple splooge stains off your Husker red glasses. It comes off with a bit of purple koolaid.

    KState challenged for the North title last year. Is it so unreasonable for at least the same to occur this year?

    You say KState stinks but then claim they are a “good” opponent for Missouri to take on at Memorial in Columbia. You can’t have it both ways.

    College football is here!

    GH: Pt, I’m just glad you’re still alive after running in the noon heat all summer. I’ll give your brain a few weeks to adjust to this cooler weather before hitting you with anything cerebral. I do think KSU is going to be competitive with a healthy Daniel Thomas but the wins will be few and far between. No bowl again for CBS’ Cats.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Harry Balczak
    Hard Butter!

  15. Anonymous says:

    Joe in Cincy
    Love your columns and have for many years, Greg, but please check the criticism of HS kids like Arbansas–next year he’s fair game at the college level, but as a 17 year-old, commenting on his “poise” is a little negative.

    I’m sure the vast majority will disagree, but something to think about…

    Keep up the great work!

  16. Anonymous says:

    Jayhawk Fan
    No matter this… no matter that… no matter what, I really like the no name uniform my beloved KU is using this year.

    I miss the fat man. I miss the crazy “everyone go line up and act like you all are ready”… then STOP EVERYTHING…. QB backs away…. looks to the coach….. tick tock tick tock… Offensive co-ordinator scans the Defense…. and calls in the play, and it works perfect BUT THE FAT MAN IS GONE… so it is what it is … and wtf is a NDSU???… oh well….anyway..no matter what…

    I love seeing the Jayhawk on the back of the uniform instead of a name (no names = Papa Joe Paterno style)… they are not individuals, they are a team TEAM JAYHAWK!!!

    props to mu and ksu winning their games today, good job.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Jayhawk Fan
    dang : (
    I miss the “good ole days” when we had Coach Mangino.

    I never agreed with the popular consensus that he had to go. I hope he is somewhere tonight chuckling like only a ($ rich $ rich $ )fat man can….. maybe in a bath tub… hey that could be a song.

    Cheers Coach Mangino, where ever you are.

    I guess our Jayhawk football is gonna have a rough year. Keep your chin up Coach Gill, and just know a couple of those fkn boo birds got punched in the mouth tonight, fk those boo birds… dont squawk if your team sucks… but never boo your home team.

  18. Anonymous says:

    yaeh yaeh yaeh….I know and never leave at the beginning of the 4th when NE is winning 55-0.
    You want to play Top 20 Football and bring in the dough your gonna get booed. Football is not an on again off again proposition it is a way of life. I just hope this isn’t a signal of whats shakin in AD dept. LAME

  19. Anonymous says:

    bshloz…did the ku game keep you up last
    night…pposting at 5:29 am….it’ll be
    was listening to the ku game pulling for them
    to pull it out (yes… some mu fans do pull for
    ku when they’re not playing each other)…but
    it sounded on radio like the ku team was way
    out of sync…nothing working right…lots
    of confusion in play calling. Hopefully ku will
    pull an ‘MU” this weekend. Thats when you lose
    to a horrible team (NDSU) then kick a good team
    (ga. tech) ass. We can onlly hope…..
    And when you’re an mu fan all you have is “hope”
    bschloz….get some sleep!

  20. Anonymous says:

    HEY HAWKFAN….its a long season….know what
    its like to think your team should win and they
    MU was lucky against illinois satruday…
    they will have problems against osu/ne/
    kstate (with their running game…wow!)…
    oklahoma…..but they still get a bowl bid…
    so whats new?

  21. Anonymous says:

    Jayyhawk Fan
    Thanks jojo,
    mighty kind words from you.

    I always root (and never boo) my Jayhawks, but when they are not that good I do not talk like they are, and they are not that good this year. I did like the coach bringing in another QB late in the game just to see what…. and facts be known some should have been catches were dropped….. but we will see. I did not really have high hopes for KU football this year, but I still love to see them play… and it is still early to go on my annual bball rampage 🙂 … so I will just say good luck Big 12….

    I realy do like college football, for me latley it sure is a lot better than this professional debacle at Arrowhead… BUT I WILL SAY… we watched the first half before heading to Slash….and WOW!!!! FOR THE FIRST TIME IN 4 YEARS the action at was pretty amazing … it looked like real football.

    I have no hopes for that idiot noncoach, but if they would at least play real football ( defined as running to set up the pass… passing to set up the run…. playing smart defense…. calling smart, varied, confusing, UNpredictable plays )( as opposed to running every freeking down until it is 3rd and 25 and then pass …) it would be a little more exciting to see.

    anyone elee think grabbing QB Matt Leinart, for a bargain, might be a good idea?

  22. Anonymous says:

    jojo..haha Hearne’s server must be in California or something..anyway not to worked up about it, I was shootin dice at Ameristar with out-of-towners watching the scores come across…you have to admit that is not an ideal way to kick off the season. I guess because it was such a shocking defeat that I’m trying to look deeper than probably I should. Looks like it will be a dog fight MU/KSU/NE for North.

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