OTC: Has Matt Cassel Already Lost This City?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Croyle looked pretty good this preseason before he got hurt and also looked good in game one last year against the Ravens. He has the physical tools but NONE of the mental tools. If we could just give Croyle Matt Cassell’s brain, we’d be great

  2. Anonymous says:

    craig glazer
    I was a big Matt fan when we signed him two years ago. He looked great in New England. Not just because that team was better, he was better.

    As I said in my story last week, Matt is not happy. Big money came, that may be an issue, maybe not happy at home, a strong problem if there, doesn’t like KC, seems that way. Wish he never came here, maybe. All of the above, likely.

    He looks like a man who wants out. Ala Grbac. So without a QB, in this league, you stink and likely we will stink. Too bad, teams are built around the quarter back and defense, we have neither. We stink.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Cassel sucks. Croyle can’t stay healthy. Not a good sign.

  4. Anonymous says:

    The city is stupid if they are about ready to turn on Cassel. Way too soon to tell… Everybody loves to pile on when the team is down and it’s trendy to say how much the team sucks.

    Trent Green, year 1 QB rating- 71.1.

    Matt Cassel, year 1 QB rating- 69.9.

    Green turned out fine. Cassel won’t have Roaf, Shields or TG, but the cupboard isn’t bare. Can’t make a judgment yet.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I think it was said last year, but it

  6. Anonymous says:

    DP, Green was not fine. In fact I always thought he was overrated here. He was a systems QB. Everyone else around him made Green better. Good QB

  7. Anonymous says:

    Susan Dunlap
    I agree with Glazer, at first I was excited about Matt, he has been poor so far, no sign of improvement, none. Hope we are wrong for the teams sake. Right now it looks hopeless.

  8. Anonymous says:

    CASSELL will be fine. But until they decide
    on one running back (not two) and get the
    guy some guys to catch the ball its impossible
    to be good.
    Its like owning a comedy club and having
    high school kids be the headliners.
    he has no surrounding cast and it is a game
    of many peope as a team.
    It’s not baseball or other sports…if his
    line doesnt protect him…he’s bad.
    If his receivers don’t catch catchable balls
    he’s bad. If his defense can’t keep the team
    from scoring 30 points a game and he has to
    always play catch up he can’t win games.
    If the special teams have him starting on his
    own 10 every set chances are he will fail.
    theres so many variables that a team needs
    to have go right to put together winns….
    casseell hasn’t got the parts he needs to
    perform his skills…until he does he will
    be in trouble.
    Its like one man trying to run a huge company
    like federal express or sprint by himself. He
    can’t do it without help from other people and
    up to now the chiefs havent give him the other
    people so he can perfrom to his best…..

  9. Anonymous says:

    Jack Harry:
    > “Brodie Croyle looked a heck of a lot better than
    > Matt Cassel. While it isn

  10. Anonymous says:

    I think the big thing with Cassel is that he makes a few HORRIBLE passes each game. Not the 20-yard passes over the middle that sail a little and get picked off…I’m talking about the ones where every single person in the bar turns to the person next to him/her and says, “What the hell was that?” He has a very high number of passes that miss by yards, not inches.

  11. Anonymous says:

    geeeezzz, why is this still being discussed?

    It seems so clear to me. This team is fkd. It was obvious fkd as of game 4…. LAST YEAR. This team has no leadership, no coach, and then hiring that “has been” whats-his-name- from Notre Damned will be another disaster…. THE SOONER WE RUN THIS NONCOACH OUT OF TOWN….. THEN…. AND ONLY THEN can we start talking about any good coming from the Chiefs.

    Why am I the only one can see this?

    btw- I kind of hate to say this type of stuff, but look into the eyes of haleygirl. The guy is on dope, why cant anyone else see this? His glassy eyes, weird speech, he is all wrong.

    sorry, but until they dump haley…. and pioli too.. this team is screwed.

    I was doubting from the first time I heard their “ACCOUNTABILITY” BS, whenever douchers start off talking like that (which they did) you know there will be trouble. Why? because they NEVER apply accountability to themselves. If they did, they would fire themselves… This team is rotten from the inside out.

    Get ready for the coming blackouts, not that I give sht about watching this shty team.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Wow! Glad I’m an out-state Chiefs fan than a city one. What do they put in the water there to make everybody so sour?

    I agree with those who believe Cassel wasn’t worth $60 mil — and who but a slap-dab idiot would have given it to him? That’s too much of a commitment for a guy who was going to return to a back-up role in New England, where a good system and strong teammates put him in a position to succeed. That he didn’t fail hardly made him a build-a-franchise around QB, which is what the Chiefs paid for.

    That noted, Cassel will only be as good as the unit around him — which right now isn’t much, except for a pair of quality running backs. Green had not only Holmes, but Tony G and a strong O-line. Cassel has neither of those, and one can speculate that a “system” QB like Green could also not have thrived. Hey, there’s nothing wrong with being a “system” QB — what the hell do you think Lenny Dawson* was? — as long as you have the pieces to make that system work. The Chiefs don’t, Cassel won’t overcome it, and the $60m. QB get the blame. Same ol’ story.

    Possibly, though, Cassel will be just good enough to do no harm. It will be up to the running game to take enough heat off to allow him to perform acceptably, which may springboard him to the next level in the future. There are just too many variables on this Chiefs’ team to get an accurate read on Cassel’s potential.

    Oh, and there’s also no telling whether Croyle would be any good since he’s never been healthy long enough to find out, with only one half-season of steady playing time. At least Cassel started 15 of 16 games last year. No QB is worth a damn if he can’t get on the field.

    * – Not implying here that Cassel is anywhere nearly as capable as Dawson in his prime, although Lenny had some hard growing pains early in his career with the hapless Steelers. By the same token, I’m waiting for a compelling argument that Dawson could have won much with the current edition of the Chiefs; Cassel isn’t throwing to Otis Taylor.

  13. Anonymous says:

    This week I sold my Matt Cassel jersey on Ebay and bought an Eric Berry one.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Other than fighting professionally there is no more physically, emotionally or mentally challenging job than being an NFL quarterback. You gotta have the vision of an eagle,the balls of Sasquatch, speed, big arm and a brain that can process like a Cray supercomputer while some crazy SOB like Ray Lewis is chasing you. You also have to have some natural leadership qualities. At best there are only a dozen people at any one time that can EXCEL at it. Matt Cassel is not one of those people.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Gregory W, Lea
    Cassel will always be a caretaker QB..he was a caretaker in New England and will be one here..He was just holding down the fort until Tom Brady returned and they packed him off..there was a reason he rode the pine at USC; the other guys were better..the talent level here was low and while it has improved slightly, they have miles to go before being an elite team..Will Cassel be the man to take them to the Promised Land? I doubt it..since the Chiefs have a history of drafting good family men only as QBs, don’t hold your breath waiting for the savior to appear in next year’s draft…it will be a difficult year once again and we will measure their improvement in feet not miles..

  16. Anonymous says:

    @smartman: Well noted. Granted, Cassel has his limitations and whatever progress he may be making is not easily discernable — if there is, indeed, progress to discern — but what are the alternatives? JaMarcus Russell is available, along with a dozen other have-nots, never-wasses and never-will-bes (Jeff Garcia’s up in Omaha in the UFL; need his number?). The biggest off-season QB name moved was McMann; would it have made sense to try to rebuild around a 33-year-old QB not named Manning? For better or worse, it’s Cassel in 2010.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Or maybe ol’ Whitlock is sly as a fox, and he brought Jeff George into “The Explanation” for a reason. “Retired” for nine years, George should be healty, rested and ready to go to lead the Chiefs out of their morass.

  18. Anonymous says:

    The leadership question is the biggie.

    Look at Jamaal Charles’ answer.

    When Staubach came in the came the Cowboys expected something good to happen. When Montana was down with a minute to play his teammates were ready to follow him to hell and back.

    Cassel didn’t need to be a leader in Boston. But the Chiefs need a leader now. I don’t think Haley has the QB he wants; another sign of lack of leadership, not only on the field but on the sidelines. I realize it was a different era but Hank Stram coached Dawson within Lenny’s abilities and designed a system that maximized ’em.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Orphan of the Road
    This situation reminds me so much of Andy Reid and quarterbacks. He payed a lot for Doug Pederson, Farve backup and Reid’s student. Big Bust and McNab in the wings.

    Except we don’t have a McNab. Perhaps it is easier to fit a qb into a system and we haven’t had the right one at draft (probable, no?)

    This will separate the fans from those who just want to be at The Event. After opening night, don’t see many of them on the horizon.

    Are the Eagles maybe frauds this year? If not the offense is just waiting for the right spark plug.

    Where have you gone Pete Bethard?

  20. Anonymous says:

    if matt casel had the new england offensive
    line….peterson from minnesota as his running
    back….terrel owens (in his prime), larry
    fitzgerald, and antonio gates as his receivers
    he would be all pro.
    the chiefs have no good receivers…i can’t even
    name the tight end….jamal charles has to
    beg to play after a great last season….this
    team is a bunch of nobodies…
    put the starters on this team on another team
    and they are second or third string….
    sound familiar…can we say royals?

  21. Anonymous says:

    John says- ‘DP, Green was not fine. In fact I always thought he was overrated here. He was a systems QB. Everyone else around him made Green better. Good QB

  22. Anonymous says:

    Left out a name there….Kennison was the 1,000 yard WR when he played with Green after getting by cut by half the NFL.

  23. Anonymous says:

    MoCrash: If it were me calling the shots I’d find a do no harm quarterback, think Trent Dilfer and the 2000 Ravens, build a WICKED defense, think Ray Lewis and the 2000 Ravens, and milk that until I could draft or trade for a real deal QB. That takes a lot of scouting and patience. Great college QB’s don’t make great NFL QB’s. You gotta look down the line for that hidden gem. I don’t think that Pioli, Haley or Weiss have that kind of skill or prescience.

  24. Anonymous says:

    I didn’t watch the game. Apparently the Chiefs played their first team offense into the 3rd quarter. Did the Eagles reciprocate with their best D?

    We all know Philadelphia won the game against the taxi squad.

    But against whom did KC’s offense supposedly excel?

  25. Anonymous says:

    Uncle Dick
    Showered in spandex? The Chiefs must have signed a lineman from Afghanistan.

  26. Anonymous says:

    Everyone needs to calm down. The situation will take care of itself. The Chiefs were a dilapidated team with little talent when CP and Herm were here. This is not going to get fixed right away. As for Cassel, I am not going to write him off until I see more in the Regular Season. Last season, he was throwing passes to fricking Lance Long. He had Bowe out for 4 games, and no Tight End. Everyone needs to let the season begin, and see where this plays out. I am not going to buy the media spin, since they are generally so wrong on so many issues.

  27. Anonymous says:

    John Clayton has Cassell rated as the 22 QB in the league.

  28. Anonymous says:

    1. Leinart is available (reportedly)
    2. 810 blows whoever they have a contract with – Chiefs, Cookie Diets, BBQ grill guys, etc.
    3. Keitzman sucks
    4. Cassel is not the right guy
    5. Keitzman sucks

  29. Anonymous says:

    Keyser Soze
    Getting a franchise QB requires fortuitous timing of having a shitty team with a franchise type QB available such as Peyton Manning at Indy or outright luck like getting Tom Brady with a 6th round pick when everyone passed on him at least 5 times. Tough to find a great one in a trade or free agent situation because any QB worth a damn would be locked up by his team – Drew Brees the exception but SD had Rivers ready to go.

    Unfortunately, the Chiefs will have hope that Weis and the staff can bring out the best in Cassel because there are no potential great QB’s available. I think they would be happy to make him into a Trent Green “system” QB – he really has no outstanding qualities. Kind of like the anti-Elway, who had everything – cannon arm, crazy athleticism, intelligence, steel balls and a winner, best damn player I ever saw.

  30. Anonymous says:

    If Fescoe is prowling around the lockerroom, I’d shower in spandex too.

  31. Anonymous says:

    Dexter Morgan
    Great insight from Fescoe. Jesus. “Utilize his tools?” What a hack.

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