Tony: Deconstructing The Unspoken Racial Element Of KCMO Sleeping Worker Story

This week a white dude took video of African-American City Hall Workers taking a nap on the job and there were political repercussions across this town.

Or at least there was a lot of local (self) righteous indignation.

Overall, the “Sleeping City Workers” is a pretty standard story. It’s more like a substitute for local news and akin to those “tales of campaign sign stealing” that always crop up around election time.

But, as usual, there’s more to this story that meets the eye. Let’s take a look:

First of all, let’s look at the story in context: In the midst of The Great Recession this story is about nothing more than frustration that the government is the only organization still hiring. Now, because government is the only entity that really follows anti-discrimination employment law — their workforce is more diverse. And, just like the stereotypical frustration with The Black President, this has caused a great deal of jealousy amid so many reactionary white folks down on their luck.

About the pious proclamations about sleepy City Hall workers...

This underestimates how many workers in every industry spend most of the day goofing off. From Internet and Facebook time draining productivity from middle-class workers to the good old fashion fake sick day or 3-hour lunch. Let’s be forthright, the so-called “American Work Ethic” is a myth and nothing more than a nice bit of propaganda intended to justify an overall sense of entitlement that exists in this culture.

Truth to power: Nobody works harder than the Chinese Toddlers that keep Wal-Mart fully stocked.

So, it’s not really upsetting to me that KCMO Construction Workers are well rested. What’s more annoying is that the racial dynamic of this pointless story remains unspoken.

Tony Botello

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7 Responses to Tony: Deconstructing The Unspoken Racial Element Of KCMO Sleeping Worker Story

  1. Anonymous says:

    Tony, your infected with that American narcissistic cultural myopia that has entangled us in still two more wars, and mistakenly leads us to believe that everyone thinks and wants the same things we do.

    You fuck off all the time, now and in the past, so therefore everyone fucks off.

    The construction workers I have worked with (ESPECIALLY, BY THE WAY, THE FUCKIN MEXICANS.) work thier ass off on construction sites with a break for lunch. They are there early (I am leaving in 15 minutes and will be working with a bunch of guys both today and tomorrow, glad to have the work, and we will hump all day in the sun, no fuckin body is sleepin on the fuckin job!), and will leave about 4:30.

    ANYBODY on any of these jobs I have been associated with for over 30 years, goes to his fuckin truck and sleeps—-HE IS FUCIN DONE!

    Thats why guys like that, guys that have no peer pressure, no American work ethic( which, by the way Forrest, is alive and well), gravitate towards Govt jobs where you won’t be fired because of regulations having to do with your “Protected Class” you whine about so much.

    Why don’t you douse them ‘taters’ in some mustard Slingblade, and then melt some Govt cheese across the top, me and a bunch of white guys, along with your hard working Mexican brethren are gonna go hump our asses today and keep whats left of the middle class on its feet.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Problem is if a private sector company allows workers to goff off they may go broke unless the government chooses to bail them out i.e. they count on their voting block. The government on the other hand we have seen what happens if they face layoffs, Washington takes care of their own.

    Like Dick Morris said elephants don’t believe in Elepephant hunting so they can’t allow them to loose their jobs.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Even in This GR 150 mil. are still working in America. Unfortunately the public sector is where all the growth is.
    We all know “Its The Concrete guys fault!!!” zzzzzzzzzzzzz
    New bumper sticker for November “IF YOU’RE IN YOU’RE OUT”…

  4. Anonymous says:


  5. Anonymous says:

    I own jojo
    Tony the point you did not touch on is this…our tax dollars pay their wages! I screw off, and if I get caught I loose me job. Big government does it and no big deal……………

  6. Anonymous says:

    Should’ve done something on the “KCC Sleeping Readers” story after that garbage.

    I know you were looking for some sort of racial side to this story – too bad you didn’t find it. I guess we should give you credit for going ahead and writing it anyway.

  7. Anonymous says:

    This post makes one long for the old days when an editor or someone with half a brain would prevent drivel like this from being printed.

    Dumbest…post….ever. And that is saying something from this moron.

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