McTavish Weekend: Are You Ready to Oink?

You can ham it up or pig out this weekend. Wait a sec. Why not both?

Other than doing some sort of gratuitous mental or physical harm to yourself, there

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One Response to McTavish Weekend: Are You Ready to Oink?

  1. Anonymous says:

    So the Rehab Center is the beneficiary of the Beer and Bacon Fest? Is this some way of encouraging lifestyle behavior intended to make you have, I dunna…. A STROKE….so you’ll be in need of their services. Is this allowed under Obama-Care? What’s next the folks that make Valtrex gonna throw a HO-DOWN FOR HERPES? I’m sure Tony will cry foul and demand a CHORIZO-FEST since we all know that Mexican’s do puerco in a non bacony way.Damn rich white people get to have all the fun.

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