Jack Goes Confidential: Robert Duvall Elevates ‘GET LOW’

GET LOW is a performance driven ‘high’ during this late summer at the movies.

It’s setting is the backwoods of Tennessee during the depression where the locals are terrified of an old recluse named Felix Bush, played to perfection by Robert Duvall.

People say he’s done all sorts of unspeakable things. That he’s killed in cold blood.

He supposedly wields strange powers and if you buy into the rumors, is in the league with the devil himself.

So when one day Duvall shows up in town with a shotgun at hand and carrying a wad of cash, localites were really bent out of shape.

Yet all Duvall had in mind was planning

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2 Responses to Jack Goes Confidential: Robert Duvall Elevates ‘GET LOW’

  1. Anonymous says:

    We saw it last night and thought it was great. But you’re right the ending left you kind’a wishing for me.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Correction. I meant to say wishing for more.

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