Jennifer: Pop(sicle) Goes the Summer

Dwindling summer days have not dampened my love affair with Fresher Than Fresh Snow cones…

If anything, thoughts of colder days have made the all natural snow cones a personal priority.

Recently Lindsay Laricks gained national attention when she was featured in In Style magazine which published her recipe for Peach Prosecco ice pops.

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2 Responses to Jennifer: Pop(sicle) Goes the Summer

  1. Anonymous says:

    Tony 4 Mayor
    Only white people could mess up popsicles! How entitled you guys are! It makes me sick!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Sharmin Meadows
    I write about great food finds in KC and these popsicles have been on my list to try! Can’t wait to try them. By the way is there a way to contact somebody directly at KC confidential. I have a couple of questions but can’t find a contact link.

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