Hovick: Comets, Brigade, Motley Crue, American Royal All Indebted to Rich Noll

A moment of silence, please…

Kansas City Missouri Assistant City Manager Rich Noll, only 51 years of age, passed away Sunday from a massive brain aneurysm.

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4 Responses to Hovick: Comets, Brigade, Motley Crue, American Royal All Indebted to Rich Noll

  1. Anonymous says:

    Thanks dude, Ric you rocked.

    I did not know about this rock and roll muthefkr, BUT I WAS AT THAT MC SHOW IN 2004, I I say THANK YOU….. I WONDER IF MC appreciates it?

    RIP Rich…..

    I have a question, how does one avoid an brain aneurysm? I have been hearing about these a lot, are they on the increase?

    How does one avoid this.

  2. Anonymous says:

    In my case, I think it helps having a very small brain

  3. Anonymous says:

    H fan
    You are a lot smarter than most people, you need to do some good with that noggin….. but… it is a good question about avoiding this, I wonder how?

    hearne, maybe you need to get a health person to post various health ideas/tips/etc here.

    you could also use an investment person to post…. round it all out. Why miss any opportunity?

  4. Anonymous says:

    Matt Mauer
    Rich was a giant that made City government work and respond to real people. He was well-known, well-liked and widely respected. He and Patty went to Russia to adopt their three kids. He would announce the swim meets for the neighborhood swim team, and was the kind of parent that is excited about and for their kids and treasured not only the kids but their differences. I would see him at his kids’ basketball practices and games, swim meet or at City functions. Rich helped guide City Department managers through the maze with an eye on good government. He never displayed the sort of haughtiness or that many of us have come to expect from City management. He was a great guy and the City is much poorer for his loss. I got to see Rich at work and off and both liked and respected him. My thoughts and prayers go out to Patty and the kids at this time and to anyone who relies on the City of Kansas City to get things done. He will be very hard for the City to replace. He can’t be replaced at home. His passing creates a hole in City government that will remain for years. The loss of his example of integrity will be especially missed in City government.

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