Glazer: Life After Whitlock, KCC & the Future of Kansas City As We Know It

Jason sure gave us all cause to pause…

Its always sad when a local ICON like Kansas City Star sports columnist Jason Whitlock is done. At least done here. While the ghost of Jason will pop up now and again, my prediction is simple.

There is nowhere for him to go here.

Jason is not a TV guy. He’s done at the Star, done at WHB and done at 610 Sports for the most part. He may go on 610 as a guest now and again with the NFL.

My final prediction:

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26 Responses to Glazer: Life After Whitlock, KCC & the Future of Kansas City As We Know It

  1. Anonymous says:

    You forgot all those interesting KCC comment posters (myself excluded, naturally). I don’t know who’s lapping up JoJo’s stuff, but he apparently ain’t driving them away. lol

  2. Anonymous says:


    Be True to Your City

  3. Anonymous says:

    You left out BMac…who is probably #1 on this site.
    His weekend blogs are money.
    We live in interesting times for sure….
    The name of the blog game is “interactive”. Hearne has been on his game the last couple of weeks and I’m sure hits go up. Hall’s schtick is the best..Greg works his threads and makes for great discussions..still can’t believe The Star let him walk. Tony-just might be the most seasoned blogger around,he gets it…though I think he needs to develop an online personality here.
    Craig..your posts are blast..keep em coming.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Gotta long ways to go to catch up to Glazer:
    HC: As Tony will tell you, those site analytics are little more than guessing games. The Pitch knows how many unique visitors they get and only they know. I happen to know that averages 1 million unique visitors daily.

  5. Anonymous says:

    “That leaves the Fox online sports. And right now he

  6. Anonymous says:

    Mark x
    “The Star will have to answer to readers …”

    Oh really? All 4 of them … I doubt it …

  7. Anonymous says:

    It’s a fucking blog, Joe. Geesh.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Forget it Joe, its Chinatown.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Pretty self-inflated assessment there. The Whitlock and Fannin stories brought you some visibility? Great. So you do well as long as all you cover is the demise of the Star.

    What else does KC Confidential bring to Kansas City? You’ve got Tony’s ham-fisted dick-headed attempts at setting off a culture war, some sporadic arts commentary from former Star employees, and the rest is mostly kiss-and-tell, who-did-coke-with-whom insider baseball bullshit.

    Your traffic doesn’t hold a candle to the Pitch (or Star) and never will because the content here only appeals to people interested in or directly involved in the behind-the-scenes affairs of local media folks.

    On the positive, it’s an entertaining niche to fill and the conversation/banter on this site is amusing if you’re the kind of person who enjoys reading about “when KC really mattered” (i.e. when Craig and Hearne did blow in the clubs on Red Friday). But for anybody interested in actual reporting, features or events coverage, you guys offer relatively little.

    Who knows, maybe Hearne’s bold new design we’ve been hearing about for a year now will really blow the lid off of shit. But with a company like Lazarus group attached and the solipsistic, homoerotic, assaholic, misogynistic crew of you, Hearne and Tony attached to the project, KCCon is nothing but an aging troupe of goons dedicated primarily to proving how “relevant” they still are.
    HC: Hey Chip, what’s that on your shoulder, man?

  10. Anonymous says:

    Steve Vockrodt
    I’m not here to smooch Hearne’s posterior. I really don’t need to. But I do think this has blossomed into the best blog

  11. Anonymous says:

    dont forget me guys. this blog is a fun easy
    light distraction during the day. Theres nothing earth shaking…no breaking newsd…no
    big events…no excitement…just some guys hanginig on a keyb oard acting like they know
    what they are talking about.
    It’s nice…but 40 articles ab out jason whitlock hardly qualifies this as a can’t
    miss read for anyone.
    Theres some fun stuff to remember….a piece from
    hall about the good old days at arrowhead but if
    you want the tech upscale crowd you’ve got to stop doing stories about stan and the 90’s
    event with a football player…noone cares.
    Do some hard hitting stories ..some investigative news ….some updated news about
    something we havent heard about 1000 times before
    and then kcc gets some more readers/commentators.
    right now…i’mn bored with old tired worn out
    news thats not even interesting.
    go back to your roots hearne…get the juicy stuff people used to read…get the dirt….
    thats what people want….not someone remembering 40 years ago at some bar…
    good luck….still enjoy reading this site but
    its gone downhill……

  12. Anonymous says:

    Your comments about Whitlock’s salary amuse me and remind me that I should never take sites like these seriously. You have no clue – NONE – about the payscale at national websites such as Fox, EPSN, CBS, Yahoo, Fanhouse, etc. The fact that you and Hearne have suggested Whitlock was making $500 a week from Fox is hilarious. Seriously, there are people in the industry laughing at you for writing that crap. Who told you that shit? These sites pay very, very well. Why do you think people like Wright Thompson, Jason King, Jeff Passan, Liz Merrill, etc. all left The Star for websites? MONEY. And now you’re talking about one of the more well-known columnists in the country going to a major website in a full-time role as their lead writer – not a freakin blogger, like you suggested. Even if the $2.1 figure was inflated, I guarantee you, at the least, Whitlock will pull in $4-500,000 K per year. He was probably puling in $2-300,000 K from them the last three years on a part-time basis. That’s why he was able to quit his job. Again, it just amazes me how you guys throw stuff out there without having any knowledge of the situation. No wonder Hearne got axed from The Star. And shit, why is a comedy club owner suddenly a source of info on the journalism industry anyway?

  13. Anonymous says:

    Well those are some interesting thoughts Craig. JoJo you continue to want credit for being a regular reader/writer, yet on one hand you praise the blog for being fun and interesting, then in the next sentence you say it is old and outdated? Seems this mostly refers to Glazer for his stories on his past,which you feel are old somehow. I find them of interest cause he is middle aged and I can relate to his experiences, as can most of the readers. I think Hearne is on top of what is going on out there on a daily bases.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Rob Lane
    Hey comin in town for my SME reunion Saturday. I attended the Red Fridays when they mattered and Glazer was able to drive them up to more then 10,000 fans in Westport. I doubt he or Hearne were gettin high. Craig was on stage for hours with Carl,Lamar and the team plus many local and national celebs. Maybe after, hah. Don’t know. Miss those days guys.

    Look forward to being back in KC, Glazer is right, when you move away one misses the warmth of home where everyone knows your name.

  15. Anonymous says:

    I agree our city has a bright future. Things are a bit down now, but we will bounce back. Then maybe some of these comments won’t be so cruel. Nah, they will continue. Hearne I can’t wait for new format, but sir I enjoy this blog. read it every day.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Susan Dunlap
    Craig, you are wrong, I have heard from many people in the city that Whitlock is being paid millions on Fox. He is already wealthy/rich. So he will stay in Kansas City. Lots of jealous people out there.
    HC: Hey Susan, just so you’ll know. Unless you were watching the cable feed after the show, you undoubtedly missed this. Since it was Nick Wright, not Jason, who had STATED that he understood Whitlock was making $2.1 million over three years and elicited no response, Lief Lisec posed the question to Whitlock on TimeWarner. Did he have such a $2.1 million deal. And JASON answered no, that the figure was exaggerated. How’s that?

  17. Anonymous says:

    glazer you just trying to piss me off? Never mentioned our beautiful, new, Downtown? You and Hearne have something against our Downtown? Why?
    It’s a big part of the positive things this city has to look forward too.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Steve Kramer
    Craig glad you think one day our sports teams will be much better.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Is anyone going to run down Fannin’s assault charge from TX 15 years ago? Anyone going to check with CaddyShack employees and finish Whitlock’s story? Fannin took a swing at Lawton that night and had to be dragged out.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Just because he said he wasn’t making $2.1 mil doesn’t mean he’s making $500 per column, either. He said that number was inflated – but he didn’t say by how much. My guess is that the number was only slightly exaggerated. There’s also the chance that, inbetween the Nick Wright interview and the Lisec interview, Whitlock could have realized his boss at FoxSports may not be cool with him divulging his salary. Either way, do you think really think a guy would quit a six-figure job if he didn’t have another lucrative offer waiting on the side? C’mon, man. Use your head. Didn’t you guys also report that Jason was was only making $120,000 at The Star? Jesus, you’re not even close. Do you ever call anyone to ask about how much these jobs pay? Or do you just make this shit up? I get aggravated reading your stuff because you do a lot of good things on this blog and it has a lot of potential. I admit, I check it everyday. Still, you’ll never have any credibility with people in the know until you do a better job of reporting. Some of it on this issue (i.e. the Fannin stuff) has been strong and you should be commended for it. But the, ahem, “factual” stuff you’ve written about Whitlock is inaccurate and irresponsible. And reeks of jealousy.

  21. Anonymous says:

    Rick M
    Wish you could find some KU student willing to blog once a week or so on what’s going on in Lawrence (non-sports related), which I consider part of the KC area even if most townies don’t. The place has been culturally ‘relevant’ for decades and there’s almost always something blog-worthy going on there.

    HC: Good call, Rick. Had someone for an instant. Of course, there’s me. Got bagged on a bunch for too much LA news. but….

  22. Anonymous says:

    craig glazer
    Folks about the salaries, Hearne and Greg worked at and for the Star as did Brian McTavish all on this blog. Trust me they have a very good idea of who gets paid what at the Star…by the way no writer ever got 200,000 a year there now or ever, including Whitlock. Thats a fact. Unless people like Art Brisbane, lied to Hearne. I doubt that. Art was the Publisher/Editor of the old regime.

    As for the payment to bigtime blog writers. I don’t know for sure, you are right. Howver it makes little sense that these would be big salaries given the blog makes most almost all of its income on advertistements. I don’t see that kind of money being spent daily on these blogs to have writers at 500,000 a year. Maybe I am wrong.Someone from yahoo correct me? Please.

    Having worked in film/tv for decades and comedy, I know those payments and for what and why, so more than you guys for the most part I have a pretty good understanding of ‘how it works.’ If you can prove something do so.

  23. Anonymous says:

    Relevant….like an tire is relevant to the price of tea in China….while I read this blog on occasion, and find it somewhat amusing at times, its actual relevance to 98% of the metro area is zero…as are most of the inflated egos who blog here. The commenters don’t claim to be relevant…and that’s okay. But let’s take the overinflated egos down a notch or 200, shall we, boys?

  24. Anonymous says:

    “I guarantee you, at the least, Whitlock will pull in $4-500,000 K per year” ROFLMFAOFLMAOFLMAOMGOMG
    1.Peoples making .5mil do not need “explanations”
    2.Peoples making .5mil do not wear Ball St. Jerseys
    3.Peoples making .5mil do not give a fuck about who’s fucking who.
    I’m sure blogging for AOL sports is the shit..AMEX card..Crazy Super Bowl parties and Lear Jets with Lew Perkins.
    Get In The Funnel.

  25. Anonymous says:

    Rainbow Man
    JoJo– I think KC Con is improving… But I do agree that a little investigative reporting may be a nice ingredient. KC Con should be the “In the know” space with cutting edge readers comments. One thing I do like is the “stacked” format. You have to start at the top and scroll down. You can’t miss an article. They may need to partition it eventually, but the last thing I want is a front page with 300 things to click…

  26. Anonymous says:

    “As for me, well, I just keep staying relevant.”

    Man, that is embarrassing.

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