Tony: The Northland Is Not Kansas City

Right now, Kansas City proper is in the midst of a City Council redistricting drama that even has white people screaming about disenfranchisement.

For close political watchers it’s quite entertaining. Like it or not, in this current political epoch the person or group who most convincingly proves their status as a victim wins. Maybe that’s why so many Tea Party goons are so frustrated by The Black President that they make the silly connection to Hitler.

In any event, one of the the consistent themes has
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12 Responses to Tony: The Northland Is Not Kansas City

  1. Anonymous says:

    Stupid white people. Turn up that rap music and get your pants down around your knees crackers!!

    Jesus whitey!

    Fuck it! You can’t be helped. Just go on, go to work, raise the stupid family, take care of the dumbass kids who probably don’t even know what great amerikans Suge and Kanye are.

    Turn up that stupid Mozart guy. Why can’t you get your windows literally disintagrating with the HIP/HOP/HOLCAUST backbeat of death that really cool people like?

    Why do you have groceries in your trunk instead of a huge sub-woofer that screams “MY IQ IS 165!!!”

    Your kids are fucked! They don’t know how to shoot a gun sideways! Probably NEVER carjacked an old lady or beat someone sensless with thier friends for tennis shoes.

    What kind of culture is that?

    Parenting? What a joke. Just go smoke some crack, blame your problems on someone else and leave the kids home with granny.

    Speakin of granny, you stupid white people are fuckin off so many target rich environments. Old folks homes. Lotsa cah there, and those pukes hardly ever fight back!

    Big Love. Now there is a white people program that speaks to me. Baby mamas every where, and who knows who is fuckin who. But, why does the dude stay there at da crib and jack around with all those kids?

    Big Love.

    Another comment on Jason Whitlock.

  2. Anonymous says:

    TKC is correct, the Northland is bland and detached but the reasons it’s flourished are as follows. Schools and Public Safety. The Districts are excellent and drivebys. muggings and home invasions happen a lot less. That’s it.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Damn! Thats right, I forgot about HOME INVASIONS!

    We are at the point, where Americans play off money spent, vs. HOME INVASIONS!

    Ok honey, here is a pretty nice house, but our chances of a HOME INVASION by friends of Tony, well, I don’t know…., if the whole family skips lunch for 25 years, we can afford the North Land. I’m not THAT hungry, and Tony’s friends will probably steal our lunch money during a HOME INVASION anyway.

    Or, soemone in our family could make his/her bones shooting a cop and we could live close to Tony.

    But, I’m thinking….., no lunch.


    Totally forgot about that.



  4. Anonymous says:

    Media Junky, no diss, really, but the matter of fact commentary just kills me.


    Like, you know, a checkmark on a list.

    OK, lets see here, —–

    1) Good schools

    2) Close proximity to work


    Yeah, we’ll take it.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Sorry, still LMAO, no diss really, but the quote is fuckin awesome—

    “…muggings and home invasions (Here it is, I know, I’m sick but ..) happen a lot less.”

    “…happen a lot less.”

    Cause you know, its GONNA HAPPEN.

    WTF. Tony’s buds are gonna INVADE YOUR HOME!!!

    Sorry I am so twisted today, gotta go to work, but goddamn thats funny.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Ok gotta go, but really, those pesky HOME INVASIONS!


    As the snow flies….(Do it Elvis)

  7. Anonymous says:

    Collective Noses
    I think Chuck deserves his own column. He consistently brings the funny and has a more solid foundation in his arguments, even in satire, than the resident ‘I hate everybody and everything so I can draw page views’ who wrote this article.

  8. Anonymous says:

    The City of KC has not done shit for the Northland since it was annexed in the late 1940’s—except take our taxes!!

  9. Anonymous says:

    Los us wite wimens frum da noflan cums in2 da citee looki 4 jungel luv. 2 dem I deadikate dis:

    Don mattah if u poh, don matta if u rich long as u black cuz she”s a cole hallin bitch. She likesa black meet cuz she sez its bigga, got a tat on er azz sez fuck me niggah. Gots a goot job and lossa money, dam kredit scor ovah 720. She bi u nice close an u drive her lexus u can have a three way wif her cuz frum Texas. In da doggy style her azz shake like jello akchuley she look like Tony Botello. But like him she ain fraid to work it instead sittin hom and watch mamma jerk it. Did ain da hole song but I dun fo now lunchtime reengs time to eat some cow.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Hey Genious, it’s called the SUBURBS and every city has them. The more ghetto the city becomes, the further people move away from it. How about you folks worry about not ruining neighborhoods and schools and actually do something positive with your time instead of trying to figure out how to get stuff for free and doing drugs.

  11. Anonymous says:


    You really need to come better than that when criticism Kansas City’s rudest Hispanic.

    I live out North Tony and you forgot to mention all of the Asians.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Have lived all over KC and North is the best. Many reasons. But I worry because every now and then, like every other day, I see inner city scum infiltrating our landscape. They SO stand out.

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