OTC: Will Whitlock Napalm His Future With The Explanation?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    ***** GH..you on fire man. Are you having a listening party?


    GH: Gotta work this afternoon during “da ‘Splanation.” I know this online writing gig appears to be a great way to get chicks and lots of fast cash but not all of us can by Tony B. But somehow I’ll find a way to listen in live or on tape.

  2. Anonymous says:

    If I had the $ I’d buy JW a radio station and take on KK. It would work, maybe even nationally.

  3. Anonymous says:

    MediaJunky sed:
    If I had the $ I

  4. Anonymous says:

    There are way more people in KC that don’t take the paper and don’t get their news from newspapers anymore. The bulk of remaining readership comes from older people who can’t break old habits. The Star will continue shrinking in readership until it ends up being yet another small local paper.

  5. Anonymous says:

    A fat white guy woulda never been hired. Drew Bledsoe is gay shoulda got ya fired. It takes more than money to be a real playah, his bona fides can’t be no mo grayah. Just another casualty in the media wars. Go back to yo mamma yo bitches and whores. You act all street like you’re locked and loaded. A long time ago your career exploaded. Gitcha job done with the schnoz Nick Wright. It’s yo last shot so make it tight. Then walk away cuz we got no pity. We won’t miss yo azz here in Kansas City.


    GH: smartman, next time you up and leave the OTC for three months send me a photo so I can post it with an “On Vacation” caption.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Cody Jarrett
    I’ll miss Whitlock. More than that I’ll miss The Star when it’s gone.

    The mystery to me is what will happen to “their new glass boat of a building” after they close shop. I can’t even figure out why they built it. The writing has been on the wall about the death of newspapers for a long time. They built a place to last 100 years with a huge printing press in the middle. They will need the press for maybe another 10 years (which breaks my heart), then what? Maybe a museum.
    HC: The Star’s glass house printing facility was conceived and planned long ago. The old press was shot and had been literally held together by Mr. Fix-its for years. If they had it to do over they’d have made a deal with someone else to build and pay for it and contracted for the newspaper to be printed there. The Star did get tax breaks from the city for building it downtown and has long recognized its mistake; it’s been publicly for sale for literally most of its life.

  7. Anonymous says:

    There are more things that I want to know than just your list Greg. I’m with you in that I could care less about the Wire, but I would like Whitlock to respond to the allegations made here and in other KC blogs about him.


    GH: Post your favorite Explanation questions here. I have a feeling Nick and JW are frequent OTC clones.

  8. Anonymous says:

    LOL smartman. Well done fine sir, well done.
    BTW, I thought you were going to give me the gift certificate you won from Greg a few months back

  9. Anonymous says:

    Radio is Whitlocks only road to travel on. If he burns his bridge with the Star, what other major paper will hire him? Does he think just because he’s pals with the PTI guys that the Washington Post will hire him? And for the same money he made at the Star?

    Whitlock is in trouble. He knows nothing about baseball, hockey, auto racing. He was in this town for 16-years and still knew nothing about the only other pro sports team in town.

    I could see him go back to Indy, where he could follow the Colts and Pacers. Maybe Atlanta or Charlotte. But he has few options now.

  10. Anonymous says:

    I remember when Jason promised to give all the dirt on his departure from 810 many years ago, and he didn

  11. Anonymous says:

    Recently met Kietzman in person. And while I always give everyone the benefit of the doubt–you’re right Greg. He’s a putz. Also, the longevity of Frank Boal and Karen Kornacki in KC sports media tells you just how bad this market has been over the years.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Johnny Utah
    I’d like to know how Whitlock thinks his fox sports columns are received. that website is way down the pecking order from SI.com and espn, but his columns are still quite good on there.

    JW still has a fresh voice on national items, but he has to get back to his bread and butter: following a football team day to day, pissing them off, and bringing inside info and opinions that no one else will.

    I have a feeling that won’t be in KC.


    GH: While I agree that FoxSports.com is not ESPN.com, a number of JW’s columns for FS get top billing when linked to on MSN.com’s cover page — which is a heavily trafficed webpage for all walks of life, not just sports addicts. His exposure on MSN is so large it is unlike anything audience he’s ever had access to. I just don’t think it pays much more than a nice car payment per month.

  13. Anonymous says:

    To further sober the Cromartie discussion, kids growing up without both parents make up 90% of high school dropouts in this country. Cost to society for every kid who doesn’t complete high school: $1.1 million dollars over their lifetime in lost taxes, public assistance, and law enforcement/prison costs.

  14. Anonymous says:

    I hope Jason Whitlocks lets it all out.

    The biggest question or topic I’d LOVE to hear Whitlock and Nick Wright discuss is KCsports radio.

    When Jason came to town, we all were limited to Don Fortune and Duke Fry and the huge Entercom-run 980. Fortune was getting old and his radio show became an absolute bore. Fortune became cranky and annoying and his show evolved into him giving ill-researched, un-interesting takes and spending segments to tell us that Tippins pie is mmm-mmm good or that the Marina Grog and Galley is the #1 place to eat (KK’s been saying the exact same thing lately….interesting.)

    Whitlock, almost single-handedly, changed how the local media cover sports teams. Listening to the bland Fortune, then reading Whitlock, was a night and day difference. And the sparring between Jason and Fortune was fun.

    Chad Boeger started up a small station on 1510 with the help of Jerry Green. Mostly due to Fortune’s lameness and lack of interest, 1510 sounded cool and fresh. KK came on board, as did Petro and St. John.


    810 has, in some ways, evolved into the big bully that used to be 980. They’ve become the powerful mainstream sports-talk station that was 980. They’re an ESPN network now, having access to the national sports giants’ broadcasts and reporters.

    The local sports coverage on 810 is phenomenal. But for the most part, hosts on 810 are so damned serious and analytical and un-funny. 610 Sports radio hosts like Whitlock, Grunhard, Maas, DA, Chris & Cowboy, Nick Wright and Marty Wall all had/have a little humor and tongue-in-cheek quality to them, and would go on non-sports tangents that were many times entertaining and comica. Hell, I thought KY’s Max, Tanna & Moffett were more entertaining and funny on a daily basis than all our local sports talk hosts. Yet all those hosts eventually failed (Nick Wright isn’t done yet).


  15. Anonymous says:

    “Kietzman is such a putz.”

    A statement that is both obvious, yet worthy of repeating. Often. Please.

  16. Anonymous says:

    damn rain/tornado ruined my golf game

    I’m 8 minutes into this debacle and I’m already bored with his garbage. What a drama queen Whitlock is.

    Don’t let the door hit you on the way out, numbnutz

  17. Anonymous says:

    holy shit did they just pull him off the air??? This is priceless shit. 610 is worried about slander I think.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Yeah, I was worried about Arbor Day, as all the rest of you.

    Wonder what Jason said.

    Bridge, meet fire.

    Poor ol’ Jason was making a fair-to-middlin’ case for his journalistic integrity until… well, until the dead air and Arbor Day PSA. Now we’re in a long spot-stop. Wonder if he’ll be back.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Read that part of the trade deal with the Jets is that they advanced him $500,000. I hate to think what the monthly support payments total. What you figure half his take home pay goes to child support?

  20. Anonymous says:

    Before the thunderstorm static made it impossible to continue torturing myself, I caught a half-hour of the disaster known as “The Explanation,” — but then, as Carlin said, “I’m a big fan of entropy.” An “Exclamation” is was; I’m not certain of its truth, although I suspect Whitlock believed so.

    This was Nick Wright’s big moment, a chance to have an impact on a small but vocal audience, and my impression was that of an adenoidal KK at his toadying best (the guest was in total control, at least during the segment I heard).

    One exchange in particular — and, again, I only heard one segment — told me how far Wright has to go. He was trying to broach into Whitlock’s deal with Fox, and before even asking the question about the reported $2+million over 3 years, he waved it off (I haven’t checked the transcript, but it came around 4:20-:30). Hey, I wanted to know if Whitlock could parlay an exceptionally-long “vacation” (I’m surprised he didn’t call it a “sabbatical”), holdout and loss of a $125k job — down from two years earlier — into six figures. Who in the sports blogosphere is pulling down that kind of jack? There may be someone, but I doubt its Big Sexy. Sack up, Nick, and asked the dadgum question; if Whitlock gets huffy and walks out, at least it would be entertaining instead of the snoozer it was.

    Whitlock sounded tired by that point, although didn’t lack bombast. It was quaint how he tried to save the good ol’ Star by becoming a radio and ESPN celeb, but the honchos were apparently uninterested — although it was never The Star which put a halt to so many of Whitlock’s side activities. His point was legitimate, as far as it went, in that Whitlock’s fame would reflect onto The Star (whether that’s a positive thing of not, others can decide), but the tone of altruism was at both arrogant and disingenuous. Whitlock wanted to be a star, not for The Star, but for Whitlock. I see nothing wrong with that, but don’t play me for a chump.

    Which is why I’m glad I didn’t and won’t listen start to finish — and wouldn’t had I not been in the car. There’s only so much narcissism a man can endure.

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