Starbeams: Paying in Pesos, XXL Seat Belts, Mario Cart Day & W at Ground Zero

Kansas City is owed more than $1.2 million by property owners for the city mowing over 3,700 of their private properties to comply with standards for weeds and grass. The companies say the $1.2 million is shocking, since they were hoping to pay the clipping in pesos.


Seatbelt use in Kansas has risen above 80 percent for the first time ever thanks to new seat-belt laws. And manufacturer’s PR campaigns that for the new XXL seatbelts.


Kids are back in school this week, which is traditionally the time of year when parents can play Mario Cart all day uninterrupted.


I say we should let them build a mosque at Ground Zero but only if they include a giant George W. Bush statue inside it.

Kelly Urich
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One Response to Starbeams: Paying in Pesos, XXL Seat Belts, Mario Cart Day & W at Ground Zero

  1. Anonymous says:

    Who really cares about the masque? Weeds? Or even kids going back to school. Not much is owned by this county or made by this county any more. Clinton started it and Obama will probaly end it. Everyone, inculding the media touted Ross Perot as being crazy! REALLY???? Everything he said has come to pass. Need we forget his famous quote “That large sucking sound you will hear is all the jobs that will be lost here in the United States never to return” when NAFTA was passes…..Where are all the jobs???? If China “the sleeping dragon” called us on on the money we owe them…….Then what????? We spread ourselves too thin….chairty starts at home! Haiti…..sorry, but what about Katrina??????
    All the do gooders need to look in their own backyard before they go overseas!!!!!!!

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