Hearne: Time to Snuff Liberty Memorial’s Fake Flame

I’ve said it before…

It’s time to do away with the phony-baloney fake flame atop

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11 Responses to Hearne: Time to Snuff Liberty Memorial’s Fake Flame

  1. Anonymous says:

    hearne…that flame represents the millions of
    people who fought for this nation. Whether its
    $50,000 or $100,000 that flame represents the
    greatest generation of men and women who fought
    a war to save this nation. Sure…blow out the
    flame..blow out their memory…the only real
    heros this nation has had in the last century.
    While at it…turn off the flame at kennedys
    grave….shut down the lights at the vietnam
    veterans memorial….heck take down the marine
    statue from the flag raising at iwo jima…noone
    pays attention to them anymore….the people who
    fought there are mostly gone…shut down the
    holocaust survivors museums…lets just do away
    with all the memorials to the greatest heros
    our nation has ever seen in its history.
    But lets build another memorial to a baseball
    players or the kaufmanns…or to lamar hunt…
    lets build a highway to nowhere and name it for
    a politician.
    Find a way with new technology to keep the
    flame lit…and never forget the truly great
    heros of our nation….now or ever.

    HC: Please, Jojo. The Liberty Memorial and the surrounding grounds are what represents the monument’s tribute to the fallen. The flame is inconsequential by comparison – a low tech add on. Try trying to catch a glimpse of it next time you’re driving by without committing a road killing.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I’m a young professional living in the Crossroads and I can see it from my home. But, according to Tony living in the Crossroads just makes me a d-bag so who cares.

  3. Anonymous says:

    My grandfather was with the Marines at Bellau Woods. He was gut shot there and also mustard gassed. My father was at Pearl Harbor with one week to go on Dec 7th 1941. Subsequently, he fought at Coral Sea, Midway, Salvo Islands and had a ship blown out from under him. He also had the frotn of his ship get shot off, the New Orleans. I was drafted in 1969 and got out in 1973.

    That Liberty Memorial is pretty cool. I have been there twice and IMO it is a beautiful monument to the guys we lost so long ago.

    With the greatest respect to JoJo, who so eloquently states his case, I think $100,000.00 is a lot of money. Some sort of compromise for at least the remainder of the recession might be in order.

    All ahead flank mutherfukers.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Here’s an idea. How about they buy one of those big fans at Wal-Mart, tie some orange, yellow and red streamers to it and let it rip! Who said you have to have smoke with your fire?

  5. Anonymous says:

    There’s revenue out there.

    Downtown becomes home of the tax breaks, 5/29/2005
    By Gregory S. Reeves, The Kansas City Star

    Tired of paying thousands of dollars in property taxes? Come on downtown, where the livin’ is nearly property-tax-free.

    Property taxes last year on a $250,000 home in Blue Springs or Lee’s Summit, for example, averaged a whopping $3,500 to $4,000. The taxes on a $250,000 tax-abated condominium in downtown Kansas City: a mere $31.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Hey! Is it OK if I go a bit off topic? I’m trying to read your site on my Mac but it doesn’t display properly, any suggestions? Thanks! Candice

  7. Anonymous says:

    Turd McDurgle
    I could have sworn that it was orange stage lighting gels and some 1,00,000 candle power flash lights…who knew?

  8. Anonymous says:

    at least give the owners (taxpayers) a complete breakdown on the actual costs to run it.

    great point on the light at the top is not really the memorial, the whole area is….. but with that said…the light is a memeory beacon…. plus isnt there an FFA law about lights up there?

    somewhat in jest…. maybe install a big disco ball, and shine a light on it… might actually be a good idea… a thousand points of light… keep on rocking in the free world.

  9. Anonymous says:

    The Truth
    Come on How can people forget what happened during the grand ol Mudfest 10? Dont you guys remember that 98.9 keeps that thing lit? They pay a check each year Come on quit bringing up false stories
    HC: Hey Truth, 98.9 was paying the bills a few years ago when the memorial said it couldn’t afford the $40,000 they thought it was costing them. False stories? Are you not following the daily news? They just announced they since learned the cost is $100,000 a year to light it and want to spend $22,000 to get it down to $60,000 or $70,000. Gotta keep up, my man!

  10. Anonymous says:

    I’m not an old geezer – I’m younger than you, Hearne, and I have a fantastic view of the Liberty Memorial and I look at the “flame” every night when I’m sitting by the pool with my dog. I’m looking at it (the memorial, not the flame – it’s still light outside) right now. Ironically, the other night I was looking at the flame and thinking how nice it looked. Hearne, I don’t tell you what you should and shouldn’t be able to see out in the hinterlands of JoCo – if that’s where you still live – so don’t tell me what I should or should not be able to look at right outside my living room and office windows!!!
    HC: Thanks, vwriter. Far be it from me to tell you or your dog what to like. But that’s not the issue. The issue is Liberty Memorial said it couldn’t afford the $40,000 a year they thought it cost to keep it lit and has its hand out to taxpayers to keep the WWI museum operation afloat. Now they’re saying, “Whoops, turns out it’s been costing us $100,000 to light it.” And they want to raise $22,000 so they can dial that number back to $60,000 or $70,000.
    How about this, you chip in $100 bucks and get your dog to cough up another $59,900 and we’ll call it even? I’ll even come down from my Prairie Village ivory tower and bring treats for the two of you and we can hang at your pool (your pool allows pooches, columnists?)

  11. Anonymous says:

    hearne…its not your money thats paying for
    the lights…so why bitch….you don’t think
    those parks in pv the size of a backyard arent
    a waste of money yet i hear nothing about that.
    How about those needed roundabouts?
    Mind your ownbusiness hearne…you have plenty
    of your own problems to be concerned with.

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