OTC: Jets & Rex Ryan Are Great *&%$*# TV!

HBO chose to travel to upstate New York this summer to cover the New York Jets for their annual NFL training camp reality show, Hard Knocks. After viewing the first installment Wednesday night, I might have to move Hard Knocks to numero uno on my DVR

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Yeah your first thought is…”I wish we would have hired this guy instead of Haley.”
    But a lot of guys can talk the talk. The Jets have also added a ton of players in free agency. Maybe the best thing about the Jets isn’t Rex Ryan, maybe it’s Woody Johnson.
    Still, if they flounder the collapse will be monumental.

  2. Anonymous says:

    That line about Revis had me rolling. He was in the crowd for a UFC event in Miami a few months ago and waved his middle finger proudly to the Dolphin fans in attendance who were booing him. Gotta love it

  3. Anonymous says:

    Ryan’s schtick will last about as long as a chili dog in his digestive system. Cameras love that stuff but if they don’t win, it’ll have a shelf life of a Charlie Weiss no candy bar pledge.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Anybody that ever played for Rex Ryan would jump off a bridge for the guy. His “Schtick” is appreciated by those guys. The Jets might be the best team in the NFL when all is said and done.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Ryan is a funny guy, but he’s kind of a cocky prick. They made a nice playoff run last year, but it took wins against the Bengals and Colts backups just to get in the playoffs. They have a great D, but their O is one dimensional b/c their QB tossed 20 picks last year.

    Tired of everyone on ESPN kissing the Jets’ ass all summer. We’ll see how they play now that they aren’t sneaking up on anybody…

  6. Anonymous says:

    newbaum turk
    Did you hear that tool Kietzman talking about Rex Ryan? He was calling Ryan’s language disgusting, revolting, and other things. The guy is sometimes so pollyana-ish it is ridiculous.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Keitzman got a hummer on a city street. He has no creditibility.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Nothing wrong with receiving a hummer on any street

  9. Anonymous says:

    Great show. Ryan is funny buy I also enjoyed general manager Mike Tannenbaum. I thought we got some interesting insight into real emotions and his own personal doubt about how he was dealing with the Revis situation. Sometimes we forget these guys are a lot like us.
    Also Greg–what did you think of Joe Willie’s appearance. He’s one of my all-time favorites but I’m not sure the players–Mark Sanchez–completey appreciated his advice on how to take a snap. Speaking of Sanchez–will we get to see Meadow Soprano at camp?


    GH: Joe Willie’s appearance on HK made me very aware of my advancing age. He looked so old and fragile — and who is dressing the guy now, Rupaul? He was one of my heroes in high school — and my dad absolutely loved him. It may be difficult for Sanchez and younger athletes and fans to understand the immense impact Namath had on the growth of the NFL. If you want to point to the one man who vaulted pro football from popular to insane, the former Jets’ QB gets my vote. I still remember thinking before SB3 that it was too bad the game was going to be a Colts blowout win. No one thought the Jets had even a remote chance to win. I saw Namath player here in KC in a preseason game as a backup QB for the LA Rams. I came to the game just to see him and those hunched shoulders in the flesh.

  10. Anonymous says:

    The Independent Rage
    Sounds like Ryan is one of those rare larger-than-life characters (you meet maybe a few during your life) that the world could use more of. Just not too many.

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