New Jack City: Study Exposes Why & How We Go to Movies

Online testing exchange OTX reports that for one in five moviegoers, the decision to see a film in a theater occurs in advance of its release.

For most, OTX says, the actual decision occurs at one of two points in time:

Either on the day the movie is released or the day that they are going to the theater.

Regardless of age, gender or ethnicity, about seven in ten moviegoers make their decision on one of those two days, OTX says.

With one exception!

Teens seem to have a greater gap between these points of decision making, OTX’s study shows.

They’re somewhat less likely to decide when the movie opens and somewhat more likely to decide on the day they go to the movie theatre.

There’s more…

Only eight percent of moviegoers say they decide to see a specific movie when they step up to the box office.

Yet avid moviegoers—defined as those who see 24-plus movies annually—are twice as likely to do this. Suggesting that for this group, there’s always a film playing they’re willing to see.

Jack Poessiger
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  1. Anonymous says:

    When I first see a commercial or trailer for a movie that’s when I decide to see it. Trouble is I often forget about it until the movie is gone from theatres.

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