Glazer: Zack’s Gone, Royals Suck, End of Story

Zack Greinke telegraphed the Royals his answer in his last start last week…

Going into the fourth inning, the Royals pitching ace trailed the lowly Seattle Mariners 2-1. You could see it in Zack’s eyes, disgust. He was thinking, “Dammit, these guys never score any runs for me. I give up – screw it!”

What followed was not pretty.

He gave up three more runs, left the game with little chance to win and added another loss to his record with a game ERA of 7.7l.
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24 Responses to Glazer: Zack’s Gone, Royals Suck, End of Story

  1. Anonymous says:

    Harry Balczak
    Good for Zack in putting pressure on David Glass and Dayton Moore. At least it looks like they are getting rid of the old bums. Now if they would just dump Bloomquist, Yuni and Kendall, those guys are useless.

  2. Anonymous says:

    If Greinke is laying down, as this post infers, he only tarnishes his own reputation.

    I don’t subscribe to that theory. Steve Carlton won the 1972 NL Cy Young Award with a 97-loss Phillies team — he had 27 of its 59 wins. He lost 20 the next year with a 91-loss team. Carlton won three more CYAs with the same franchise and entered the Hall. The tides in baseball can shift suddenly, and often inexplicably.

    There’s no telling what’s going to happen with Greinke, especially since there was no free agency in the early ’70s. But he’s under contract for two more years, and that’s a long time in today’s MLB marketplace. It’s both too early for him to give up on the Royals and for the Royals to give up on him — unless, of course, offered considerable reward.

    Greinke certainly isn’t looking good this season, and he may now be becoming a poster boy for all the Royals’ fans grievances against the franchise — just as he was nearly the lone bright spot in an otherwise (typically) dismal 2009 season.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Rainbow Man
    If I hear again how cool our stadium is I am going to vomit. I love the K, but let’s be honest here. We have a mediocre stadium on the KC/Raytown border.
    Royals… See Exhibit A- The Chiefs.
    You can just feel what the Chiefs are doing. They are telling everyone and their mother to go to hell if they impede winning. They brought in coaches that have experience winning in the NFL. They said “Bye Winless Pretty Boy Tony G.” They told Waters to man up. They fired losers. They fired LJ. Bowe will probably need a career season to avoid getting fired. I love it. They are going to win a lot of games. We are never going to doubt that they are trying like hell to win.
    The Chiefs stadium renovation is going to go over a hell of a lot better than the Royals because they will be in the playoff discussion.
    In two years, Haley and Pioli will be freaking heroes in this town.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Baseball as a business, in KC has a product that no one would buy, if it were on the shelf.

    Its not poisenous, it won’t kill you, but if its a frozen pizza, it tastes bad, if it is a tv, it is a 20″ Phillips 1985 32″ tube, if it is …well u get it.

    Most professional football team, baseball team owners—in general, most, have huge egos, short man syndrome, balding pates, erectile dysfunction, SOMETHING for goddsakes thta makes them want to win—so they can be whole.

    David Glass Ass from Wallmart—born and bred chops made in a company that values a Ben Franklin spend thrift paradigm—which is ok, fine, leaves Kansas Citians, identifying with a loser, that makes money. Mr. Glassass makes money, so wow, my dick is hard, yeah, hey David fax me a copy of a P&L, so I can cumm.

    I guess there must be some fuckwad from Goldman Sachs (Cocksuckers who stole billions from every day hard working Americans—how much is YOUR house worth LLoyd Blankfien fuckhead POS?) Morgan Stanley, and a litany of other shit fuck Boiler Room scum bags born into an easy life who think David, pussy, (Did I say pussy?) Glass who takes 20 Million a year out of the Royals, while deflecting the resposibility to a bad baseball salary cap situation.

    Fuck You Glass–you knew goddamn good and fucking well who the fuck CURT FLOOD was when you showed up. You bet, baseball is broke and broke bad. As much as I am a UNION guy from hell- GOD BLESS EUGENE V DEBS and BIG BILL HAYWOOD, everyone knows the baseball union has fucked us as hard as YOU Mr Glass, you, Mr Glasssass should be porked in the assss mr glasssss for pretending all these years to try and field a competative team. Wall Street Lying Fuck.

    You are a rich pussy.

    Pecuniarily insouciant by way of birth and blood, as opposed to sweat and effort, you will continue to suck 20 Mill a year (Which, you fucking pussy, you could at least spend on booze, whores, coke and a fucking Yacht, at least a fucking Yacht for goddsakes we could see you on it with Tiger’s ex ho’s or fucking SOMETHING BESIDES PUTTING ALL YOUR GODDDAMN MONEY IN THE BANK!!! Your gonna die soon you fuckin puke!! Grow a fuckin sack and LETS PLAY BALL!!!

  5. Anonymous says:

    One more time Mr Glass, You are a pussy, who is afraid to compete.

    You make excuses and 2nd party blame on every one but yourself.

    You probably don’t care, your rich, but maybe you do.

    If you do, stop being a PUSSY!

    Figure out a way to win, and don’t EVER, fucking EVER, after 10 fucking YEARS of DISGRACE, don’t you EVER whine again.



  6. Anonymous says:

    May I suggest this, Mr. Glassass? Rumors had it – that the team was going to be purchased by Mark Cuban.

    Didn’t happen.

    Me personally, I am lowering my expectations, in hope of a change.

    How bout just selling the fucking thing to a CUBAN?!?!???

    You know, a Cuban.

    Fidel fucking Castro on deaths fuckin door, with one foot in the grave, and one on a bananna peel, could have won more games and created more excitement over the last ten years!

    His brother eatin Raoul Castro would be incharge now, and there would be hope. Not fuckin much hope, But more than Kansas City has with YOU!!

    All of my friends-(There are very few, only aobut 10 or so, so there ya are–) are unanimous— (like i said-not many-but…still it is what it is—)you have accomplished NOTHING!

    You made a ton of cash—-great—FUCK YOU!

  7. Anonymous says:

    Rainbow Man
    Glass will probably hold onto the team until the All-Star Game. If the team is still a loser, the All-Star Game will be the high point of the Royals intrinsic value. If the Royals are winning by then… he may hold onto it. Who knows. What happened to Dan Glass? This is terrible.

  8. Anonymous says:

    again I question all you glass haters.
    The guy has put up over 70 millon dollars a year
    to get salaries up…hes turned the team over
    to moore and hillman.
    Moore hasnt made one single trade that has panned
    out. Not one. And the royals have a bigger payroll than many contending teams. what does
    that say?
    Glass helped pay for stadium renovations…
    the sports people agreed with him…taxpayers
    agreed with the deal…isnt that democracy.
    He put up money for drafted players…he paid
    salaries…he let moore and hillman do what they thought best…and what did glass get for his
    kendall…yuni (worst shortstop in baseball)…
    jacobs (bust)…getz (bust)…farnsworth (bust)…cruz (bust)….traded olivo (huge
    mistake)…traded buck (now an all star)…
    coco crisp (bust here)….and many many manymore
    bad trades/acquisitions/moves/wore out the pitchers arms so they are uselss….just traded
    thge only guy who hustled on the team and hes
    on fire with dodgers (pod)….the teams a mess.
    Glass gave the keys and money to the team to
    a loser…dayton moore…oh how about hochevar…kia (hitting 140 now in bigs )….
    one thing after another that moore has screwed
    up on…not one single positive deal thats worked out for the royals with this guy as
    gm. If anything…we should be mad at glass for
    holding onto moore and letteing him mess this
    team up…
    fire more…
    fire yost…
    clean house and see what we have…it cant
    get any worse than what weve got right now…

  9. Anonymous says:

    Collective Noses
    Craig….good take. We can only hope that all the excitement in the farm system pans out and Glass will shell out some cash to keep those players from leaving for greener pastures.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Craig the sports guy. Not a bad job, bud. STill like the stories about sex and ladies better. You do know the Royals and Chiefs. They suck.

  11. Anonymous says:

    FormerRoyals fan
    Well put, I will no longer waste my time at The K. I take the kids to the home opener, next year, no way. Its a Glass rip off. Sell the team.

  12. Anonymous says:

    The Independent Rage
    I pretty much finally gave up on this team last season when they traded one of their top minor league arms for a mediocre shortstop in Betancourt. 25 years of complete hopelessness will do that to a person. The only thing I would mention on the Royals’ behalf is that they now appear to have one of the strongest minor league talent pools in MLB. But does that really matter? If a lot of those guys pan out, the Royals will lose them as soon as they are eligible for free agency. Look how competitive the small-market Twins have been for a number of years by virtue of being a much better run club than the Royals, but the Twins STILL have not won a world series during that period and likely won’t any time soon. In the current economics of baseball, the Royals really don’t have a chance except, of course, for the once-every-100 years miracle-type team. I think that’s about the best the fans can hope for. That, and maybe being a competitive team with virtually no shot at winning it all (i.e. the Twins).

  13. Anonymous says:

    I agree with Independant Rage man, he pretty much says what most Royals fans now know. We ain’t going back to the World Series in our lifetime, unless someone buys this team. I’d like to just be in the post season again. Not gonna happen. Glazer I still won’t buy you a beer.

  14. Anonymous says:

    I did go to the Zac homegame two back. Small crowd, like l5,000, nothing like last year, when he sold the joint out. The bloom is off the rose even for Zac. I won’t see another game this year, likely next year, I’m done with them as well.

  15. Anonymous says:

    He doesn’t drink beer, KellysGuy. You should know that!

  16. Anonymous says:

    Steve Kramer
    I hope he doesn’t leave, but I can’t blame the man if he does.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Screw the Royals, bring on the Chiefs.

  18. Anonymous says:

    KCMO staffer
    I grew up loving the Royals, George Brett, Dennis Leonard, Amos Otis, Frank White. Now its a hard team to watch on any level. There just is no player that grabs me. I rarely go to games anymore. I miss that. Craig good take on all this, I like how you mentioned the last fifteen years have not even put together a strong Royals team. I agree, it hasn’t.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Black Barbie
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  20. Anonymous says:

    Barbie, whatever your name is, why don’t you keep your personal biz to yourself. I know your reading skills are poor, but this article, was about the Royals, not you. You need some more school time young lady.

  21. Anonymous says:

    Black Barbie
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  22. Anonymous says:

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  23. Anonymous says:

    Black Barbie,
    Just wanted to also let you know e-bonics went out in the 90’s. Would be helpful if you update your lingo!

  24. Anonymous says:

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