Tony: Most People Are Too Poor For Politics

Across the metro area the only thing that was obvious during the primary election is that political access for the masses is getting harder to attain for people without deep pockets.

The Tea Party hoped to galvanized grassroots support from cable news watchers and turn it into electoral power but the victory of middle-of-the-road Republicans like Jerry Moran and Kevin Yoder proved that well connected and well funded elected officials simply brought more skill and knowledge to the game and that ultimately earned these RINOS their respective victories.

In Kansas City Proper, the most hotly contested election pitted a multi-millionaire (Jim Nutter, Sr.) against a well-organized special interest (Local 42) in a race where only 12% of registered voters bothered to show up and cast their ballot.

Throughout the metro area individual votes didn’t count for much, so yet again it was voting blocs and big money that ruled the day.

Further, in the midst of the ongoing Great Recession,
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6 Responses to Tony: Most People Are Too Poor For Politics

  1. Anonymous says:

    I’m gonna go stick pins in my eyes.

    Brutal. Read this twice.

    Shoulda called it Dipshit Diatribe.

    Dissafected “D bag” dissident, delves deeply down into political dissonance, duh…

    No good rotton white people. Nah nah na boo boo!


  2. Anonymous says:

    Another brutal Jobs#
    Things could really heat up this week…Bond Market has gone nutzo..2.82% 10yr. Reflation is the absolute goal look for QE 2.0 Tuesday. Consumers starting to save money. Companies are hoarding cash due to uncertain obligations with regard to HC..and leveraged balance sheets.
    Getcha Popcorn.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Your attempt at disaffecting Tea Party voters is weak. While I am not a Tea Party member, I do admire their spunk. Look, there isn’t that much difference between Moran and Tiahrt so it’s a bit of a stretch on your part to call Moran’s victory a loss for the movement. At times, both candidates votes were inconsistent but based on record, Moran will be solid in the Senate.

    The real story is how the true fiscal conservative beat the RINO candidate in the congressional districts vacated by Moran and Tiahrt.

    Congrats to Missouri on the overwhelming rejection of Obamacare.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Can we please stop pretending that the Tea Party is really a grass roots movement created by true Patriotic Americans who want to change the system? Are these “patriots” fighting against Wall Street? Fighting against greed? Nope. They are only angry at government- specifically, just the Democrats in government.

    The truth – the Tea Party is just a clever way for Republicans to rebrand themselves as Libertarians so they don’t have to walk around with the shameful name “Republican” tied to them, since the GOP is a discredited brand after their administration (led by G.W. Bush) helped destroy America’s economy and almost create the second Great Depression, which could only be averted by massive spending bailouts.

    Phillip Morris Became Altria.
    Blackwater became Xe.
    And Republicans became The Tea Party.

    Simple rebranding with the same tired, deluded, old message:
    Rich people good, Poor people bad, and Goverment Ugly.

  5. Anonymous says:

    And the Democrats are so pure they have taken money from the same people and notice who Obama wants to help most with stimulus his voting base the teachers and labor along with government employees. Hell GM has donated 30k to the black caucus and they still owe the tax payers 40 billion dollars I can’t wait till the UAW goes on strike with out GM having paid back the money. They paid back what 4 or 5 billion we still own 60% of the company and I know for a fact they are not paying some of there vendors in a timely fashion that is how they paid some of there money back lets have another cash for clunkers that was a nice govt. subsidy. And lets get a lot of americans back in debt on some 40k cars they may not be able to keep there jobs but they will have a nice car for a while.
    They are still finding lies and BS in Obamacare like the bitch said just pass it and we can read it later.
    No I think a lot of poor peole spoke in the last presidential election and as far as the charade of the Tea Party what about a lot of the stories the media refuses to cover? Is that a charade?
    November is coming tick tock tick tock

  6. Anonymous says:

    Sports and News Links – August 7, 2010 | The (Convolut
    […] -Tony Botello of the popular KC Confidential website writes that regardless on how successful the Tea Party or grassroots campaigns are, most people are too poor for politics and a single vote doesn’t count anymore. […]

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