Tony: Kansas City’s Greatest PR Flak Produces Spawn

My writing isn’t always about snark and Kansas City hate. Sometimes, I really do wish people the very best. To wit, I’d like to congratulate Kansas City’s most gully PR Dude Will Gregory given that KCC was recently informed he just “slipped one past the goalie” and is soon to have a baby with the sweetie he recently wed — Erin Curtin Gregory. Consider this the official followup to Kansas City’s “wedding of the year” that we missed.

Without question this news of the blessed event certainly offers us all hope that something wonderful can come out of a collaboration between two of Kansas City’s most powerful Public Relations professionals other than really effective spin.

Even better, we’re all looking forward to see how this rather manly accomplishment toughens the image of Gregory who has heretofore handled fancy clients like Quixotic and The Hotel Phillips.

Now a man in full with extra fatherly duties, we’re encouraged there will soon be yet another person calling Gregory “Daddy” other than the staff of KCC when we marvel over his PR endeavors. This bun in the oven is developing but I thought it would be nice to end this week by offering the congratulations of KCC staffers like myself to The New Gregory Clan.

Tony Botello
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7 Responses to Tony: Kansas City’s Greatest PR Flak Produces Spawn

  1. Anonymous says:

    Guess we pick and choose which couples we choose to congratulate and which ones we choose to humiliate?

    Very disappointed you didn’t delete some of the barroom talk over on your OWN blog about a certain other young lady who also wants a good life like all young girls do.

    No you don’t need to print this. But a responsible blogger whose name isn’t Breitbart would have kept from trying to break her heart or letting other politicos do so.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Am I missing something here, radio dude? Not another soap opera

  3. Anonymous says:

    Maybe you are, Hearne. Do you read Tony’s blog? After all the warm and fuzzy in THIS post, he does the opposite to the Mayor’s daughter and he allows caddy and hurtful comments there, that I’m sure you would not HERE. Yes indeed, it’s a soap opera. A political food fight only worse. A horrible one. A CRUEL one. Why don’t you show Tony how to delete certain messages; he’s YOUR GUY and what he does THERE, and I like a LOT of what he does there, reflects on what he does HERE. Go read the blog post and the messages about Tara. Would you let those comments stand, especially the demeaning ones? I think he’s managed to stop people using the N word but if he intends to remain respectable, he needs to take the next step. Help him do that, Hearne!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Of course you didn’t respond, that’s the sensible thing to do. But give the guy some advice if you intend to keep him onboard.

    You’re a veteran. You know that unseemly, porno style have no class. Our friend pretends to diss the dead tree press but we know thats just an act. Mentor the guy. You don’t have to agree in public. Just do it. He’s fixing to crash and burn without a mentor. He has talents. But he needs a mentor besides these asshole political handlers stroking his ego, using him. Jeez what sleezeball political electorates center on the MO side of Kansas City.

    I’d be very disappointed if this crap exists here in town outside Jxco/KCMO. This is like junior Chicago politics. No wonder historic big cities are dying. No one wants any part of them. Like in city/states the Teamsters run. Chicago has such a horrible reputation, if nothing else but for how difficult it is to show in McCormick Place.

    Again, TKC shows everyone on the internet who lands there just how crappy government can be. Don’t expect him to clean it up. He panders to them, and I’m very disappointed.

    Help him out, Hearne. Or is he doing it because without pandering to them, he won’t get any of the juicy stuff that keeps the snakes in his room?

    No I know you won’t respond. What’s in it for YOU to do so. But your friend Tee either works for them or they need to watch their shit in dealing with him.

    I don’t think they’ll hurt the guy. I think a lot of people don’t like sneaky shit and will feed him anyway. Teach him how to evaluate sources and when to be bigger than they are.

    Night, journalists. Take him aside. He has the hits that most of you don’t.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Jim Lahey trailer park supervisor member IATPSAATPS
    I’ll back up Radioman on this one, Hearne I read your column from when I was a little kid. I was shocked to see you shacking up with someone like TKC. You needed the hits here at first, it WAS a ghost town.

    Mark my words, he will stab you in the back eventually and bring your entire site down. You should think about minimizing his content here or at least keeping him on topic.

    It is clear that you guys were brought together due to mutual dislike of the KC star, but you are better than this, Hearne.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for weighing in gang, I appreciate it. But while KCC signed on with little fanfare and far fewer readers, it was far from a ghost town. You are correct in that we have seen phenomenal growth which continues. As we wind our way towards conversion to Web site, we will be adding more diversity and hopefully can continue to improve to meet your high standards.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I’m really happy to see you’re making changes and moving to web software. I hate blog software which other than style sheets, is a one trick pony. It’s simple, but lacks flexibility that web software allows! Moving to web is like moving from a strip mall presentation to a mega mall! And you’re adding some more contributors? Kick butt!

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