Take 5: Top 5 Reasons Brett Favre Has Decided To Retire

The Minneapolis Tribune is reporting that the Vikings

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  1. Anonymous says:

    From Deadspin.com

    “There is nothing about Greg Hall’s pretty inflammatory post that can verified. After conversing with Hall via email several times, he had no evidence to support his claims

  2. Anonymous says:

    I wanted to give Greg Hall an excuse to take off two days in a row of having no column that dissects the machinations of Kansas City sports talk radio.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Greg answered Deadspin yesterday in his Chiefs column. I almost didn’t read this entry because I thought it was from that talentless hack Kelly Urich

  4. Anonymous says:

    craig glazer
    Brett gone, I wouldn’t be so sure, til game one of the regular season. Only if he is just too injured to continue…he will hate being home with wife and kids all the time….so don’t count him out yet….but does sound like he’s nearing the final decision. Too bad, he was a great qb..great.

  5. Anonymous says:

    dammit glazer, you’re ruining a perfectly good thread. stick to talking about skanks you oil rigged and leave this thread alone

  6. Anonymous says:

    JimmyD, the guy called Hall, “possibly deluded individual.”

    From the column, he basically thought Hall was a bitter liar with an axe to grind. Now that

  7. Anonymous says:

    You’re right, John, but here’s the thing that I keep coming back to: Deadspin got a cease and desist letter from the Star and Deadspin pretty much rolled over and played dead in response. I’m wondering if KC Confidential got a similar letter. If so, KCC is confident enough that they feel okay in ignoring that letter because they haven’t pulled Greg’s column and Hall hasn’t issued a retraction. Maybe the Star doesn’t figure KCC is worth it to give them the PR, but it sure seems strange that either the Star isn’t going after them or KCC is ignoring letters from attorneys.

    So, how about it Greg: Has KCC gotten any cease-and-desist letters from the Star? Have you responded? On the other hand, it sure would be eaiser if you could get us a copy of a check or something, Greg.

    And don’t kid yourself, Deadspin may be “neutral,” but they have very good reasons to paint Hall and Hearne as delusional ex-employees with axes to grind. For all Deadspin knows, the Star’s threat is real and the Star is a lot less likely to sue if Deadspin doesn’t back up the story told by KCC.

    And even though Deadspin loves to beat up Whitlock and Whitlock loves to complain about them, when Whitlock wrote his column ripping Mitch Albom a couple of weeks ago, he suggested that the APSE award be given by a panel that included Will Leitch, the founder of Deadspin. So, they might not be as neutral as it would appear.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Gavin, I disagree on one point, I don’t think Deadspin care that much about threats from Whitlocks or The Star lawyers. I bet Deadspin gets threats of legal action almost ever week. Deadspin is the sports version of The Drudge Report, he’s conterversial and with that comes legal action. So much so that it becomes old-hat.

    I just think it’s telling that a guy who has no connection to KC thinks while Whitlock story is a little fishy, thinks Halls story is more fishy.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Even if Hall is a deluded individual I’m still glad we get to read his stuff. The year or two he took off wasn’t pleasant for those of us who like the Pork Chop or KK bashing.

  10. Anonymous says:

    You’re right, John. I imagine Deadspin gets letters from attorneys like a fat dude gets french fries. Still, it seems to me that Deadspin would have at least tried to find the story Greg says Whitlock plagiarized. They could have beaten the hell out of this thing and still worded it in such a way that the Star wouldn’t have had any legal recourse.

    What about that column Greg? I know t hat there is no smoking gun, like a check from Whitlock or anything like that, but can you give us a copy of the purloined story? A link or an image of the clipped article would be fine. If you don’t have it, the Star shoudl be able to get it for you (as Hearne has said many times, Derek Donovan is an excellent librarian for the Star, I’m sure he could get a copy if you describe it well enough and give a rough date when it hit print).

    I’m not sure who to believe, Greg. You seem awfully certain and the Star has been suspiciously quiet, but you haven’t really given us the details of the column, let alone a link to it. Can you give us something else?


    GH: I would think The Star would like to know the truth. When they do, they have access to everythig they need. They also know how to reach me. I have a feeling that day is coming — for what worth is a newspaper without its credibility? While some will believe how the DeadSpin article attempts to portray me, I am confident those who have come to know me through my column will judge me on what they have read over the past 16 years. I’m not here to slay Whitlock or prop up my worth. I simply have a story to tell. And it is as good a story as it is true.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Frankly, I’m not inclined to believe Whitlock. He’s never been wrong or made a mistake, and always has an excuse or rationalization handy. He’s just another KK. People like that are simply not credible, even if I enjoy reading their columns or listening to their shows.

  12. Anonymous says:

    I’m pretty sure I believe you too, Greg. Unless you really are simply delusional, I can’t think why you’d make it up. I do think, though, that to say you’re “not here to slay Whitlock” is a bit of a half-truth. Clearly, you have a bit of a grudge. You can say you’re just telling the truth and, for all I know, you are telling the truth. But I don’t think your only purpose is to tell the truth. I suspect you have lots of truths and secrets you aren’t telling us about yourself, professionally and personally speaking. And that’s cool. I’m not asking for details of your private life. But you chose THIS particularly injurious truth to tell all these years later. Unless you were stricken with a Telltale Heart-like fervent need to tell the truth, there is more to this than just telling an anecdote. Unless you decide to start volunteering all sorts of truths, like that time you whacked off in Whitlock’s coffee mug and slashed his tires, for instance.

    And that’s okay. You can be trying to hurt Whitlock and still telling the truth. The two aren’t necessarily mutually exclusive.

    I know I’m fascinated by this story and can’t wait to see how it plays out.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Gavin, without any proof who should you believe? Do I think Hall might have written some of Whitlock

  14. Anonymous says:

    As I recall the column on Whitlock was a response to Whitlock taking Albom to task for winning an award and for having used ghost writers in the past. It wasn’t something out of the blue but a response to another column. This is not to say that Greg’s not delusional. Anyone who eats Chocolate Mocha Almond in Weston has to be somewhat delusional especially when they have Pistachio Nut Fudge on the menu.

  15. Anonymous says:

    May I add something to this discussion, gentlemen?
    I too was around when all this was going down and was very close to greg as he was a regular in my column a year or more before Whitlock hit the scene. I strongly suspected Greg had written parts of a couple Whitlock stories at the time. But Greg and Whitlock were best buds then and Greg would just smile and play coy. At one point – after their falling out – I asked Greg again and he told me the story of how the first one went down. I remember it practically word-for-word to this day.
    I thought it was a one time deal, as I was never told that it evolved into further writing.
    I had a discussion about this once with a certain editor at the Star who confirmed that he was aware that Whitlock had used Greg’s stuff.
    Trust me on this, no way the Star wants to see anybody in court on any stand because it would not be pretty, trust me.
    So why send a cease and desist letter to Deadspin?
    And hello, boys and girls – it’s the oldest trick in the legal book. They were trying to back deadspin off the story because it had not been published. Didn’t work. Bob Zuroweste at Entercom used to laugh off those C&D letters. Always said everybody knew if someone was going to file a lawsuit, they’d file it. Not play games about it.
    Greg’s story was up already and running here, so there was no putting it back in the bottle for the tens of thousands of readers of KC Confidential. That’s why we didn’t get any C&D letters.
    Greg is a highly respected business executive here in town and has absolutely nothing to gain by making any of this up. Frankly, it’s silly to suggest so.
    Oh yeah, for those readers of a certain other local media blog who think Greg got fired at the Star, think again. The Star sports editor wrote a tribute/farewell column thanking Greg when he left and vowing to replace him.
    Funny, I don’t recall anything like that when Posnanski bailed.

  16. Anonymous says:

    What Hall claims is true – in my opinion anyway. Go back to that whole “Moon Pie” column. Has Whitlock ever composed anything post-GH that is even as remotely funny or pointedly entertaining since then, as that was? I can’t count the times GH has come up with other stuff similarly entertaining.

    By the way, on an unrelated topic, ESPN has a piece on Noodlin’ Catfish that is priceless. Check it out.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Bullshit…if the Star “has access to everything they need” why dont we? Hall, you’re the one who made the accusations…you need to provide the proof. I don’t give a damn about your so called respect as a businessman. You made the accusation, now man up and provide the proof. Otherwise you’re just jerking us off. And defaming someone, by the way. This isn’t some faceless institution like the Catholic Church that you can blame for everything thats gone wrong in your life. This is a real person. Words matter and they can destroy lives. It’s not a game.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Trust me, Timothy, you are correct, it’s not a game. And Greg owes no one any apologies. Certainly not jason.

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