OTC: Can KU And KSU Compete For The North In Their Last-Chance Season?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Kyle Rohde
    Greg, to call radio hosts like Fescoe “journalists” is kind of a stretch, isn’t it? They’re really just “sports personalities” or commentators.

    I hope you’re not right about Gill, though I suspect you are. My only hope for them is that Chuck Long and Carl Torbush know what they’re doing, and if Gill just plays cheerleader and keeps everything together, the two coordinators will do the real X’s and O’s and help KU win.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Greg, I understand the nature of your dig at Turner Gill and I have my own concerns with him too, but speaking of nonsense and gibberish, you just spouted some of your own. You talk about how you guess that Texas Tech probably never considered Gill, but how could they, exactly? My memory might be off (hell, it probably IS off) but wasn’t Gill hired by Kansas before Leach was even suspended by Texas Tech? How COULD Tech have considered Gill if he was off the market by the time Tech made its decision?

    I realize that your point was that a coach like Gill never would have gotten a look from a team like Tech and that KU settled for him, but given that you were just blasting someone for nonsensical statements, should you really be spouting gibberish of your own?

    And god help me for trying to explain the ravings of Fescoe, but I think what he was trying to say is not that he PREDICTS KU will win seven games, but that his expectation as a fan is that they’d better win seven because they just replaced “the best coach in KU’s history” with a new guy and it wasn’t worth it if they don’t improve as a result.

    Finally, regarding your prediction that Gill won’t be successful: I have my own concerns about him, but I am heartened by the fact that he has better coordinators right now. Chuck Long is a proven commodity as an OC and Carl Torbush is a huge upgrade from Clint Bowen, god bless him. Again, I’m not predicting great things and I agree that Gill does seem pretty rah rah, but what do we want of the guy? He’s gotten in some pretty good recruits, especially given his late start. He’s surrounded himself with a pretty good to very good staff (Torbush may not be great although he might be very good, but Long is, again, a proven commodity and Reggie Miller is a huge get). While I’m not predicting great great things just yet, how can you say that he isn’t going to be good? What is it that he needs to do that he hasn’t done, at this point, to at least deserve the benefit of the doubt?


    GH: You are correct in that Gill was in place at KU before TT went looking to replace Leach. My gibberish has been exposed once again. As for Turner deserving the benefit of the doubt; well, of course he does. But what fun would that be when you’re writing a column?

  3. Anonymous says:

    Greg, your headline is offensive. I guess K-State’s talent tailspin doesn’t take into account Arthur Brown, Broderick Smith, Bryce Brown and Chris Harper, all of which are very highly regarded recruits out of high school. Please do some homework this season before you bash us in your column every week.


    GH: I think you’re drinking the same flavor Kool-Aid they were serving up in Nebraska during the Callahan years. “Look at all the talent he’s attracting!” “We’re back!” “Restore the Order!” “Order Restored!” Reality check time, O-Cat. Snyder’s last three seasons as head coach have resulted in no bowl games at KSU. #4 comin’ up.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Here’s a vote for Gill. While I don’t believe he is a brilliant strategist by any stretch, I do believe he learned a thing or two about motivation and management under Dr. Tom. Don’t believe he will try to override his coordinators, but only time will tell. He will need to be able to recruit Texas.
    If Fescoe’s broadcast resume was equal to Pelini’s football (defensive) history he’d have his own radio gig on ESPN.

  5. Anonymous says:

    That was pretty harsh GH on KU (and KSU). If Gill is so bad, then why did Nebraska almost hire him? Would you say he a better, same as, or worse hire than Ron Prince?


    GH: Gill may prove to be the next Rockne. I just don’t think he has the stomach for what needs to be done at KU to compete with the South schools. You could say Mangino had plenty of stomach. Prince was good enough to get the Cats to abowl game and receive a lucrative contract extension (more lucrative than any of us knew). Gill will never accomplish either at Kansas.

  6. Anonymous says:

    GH, OlatheCat isn’t saying the Cats are resurrecting AirCoryell like Nebraska did in the Callahan years or like they are now acting like Pellini crafted Suh into the monster he became. Pellini’s a moron that will be toasted by the more intelligent coaches in the league.

    KState’s talent level is better than it was last year. They were better last year than they were in the Prince years. That’s all I hear anybody saying. The Big 12 writers picked KState 3rd. That’s not bad for a meaningless poll. Much depends on what Snyder can accomplish with his always effective QB handling. The receiver corps will be key as well.

    We shall see. One thing we do know, Nebraska is going to fall a hell of a lot farther if they fail to meet expectations because of their way too big preseason ego. We all saw that in Kansas basketball last year. Do something before you start talking about it.


    GH: Kansas hoops won the B12 going away last season and were the #1 seed in the NCAA tourney. I don’t know how one upset loss consitutes failure. I sure don’t think KSU’s loss to A&M in the 1998 B12 title games means they were anything less than the best team in the country that year.

    Nebraska is really a non-story this season. Who cares what they do? They may win the North, they may not. They’re gone after this season to battle in the boring but equal B10. Then reality hits for those four remaining B12 North schools in 2011. If KU, KSU, MU or ISU want to claim a B12 football title — it’s now or never. Come 2011 and beyond, football season in the North will be like it is at Kansas every year…a good tailgate party for basketball season.

  7. Anonymous says:

    1. Don’t bet against turner gil. He has
    god on his side.
    2. Don’t bet against MU. 8 starters back on
    offense…8 starters back on defense…if they
    get past illinois it could be a good year.
    3. Hall..not one mention of jason…what
    is the matter with you today…ya sick?
    4. Every big 12 team will be up this year to
    totally kick nebraskas ass. It’s not just a
    fallacy….when they play any big 12 team it
    will be like hell for them….and as one writer
    said…the refs will give them no calls…
    not right…but life isn’t fair.
    5. And don’t forget basektball season…
    nebraska has to take a full year of the wrost
    taunts and words from big 12 fans. I think the
    ku and k state fans are going to be the worst.
    We mu fans are really jealous that nebraska
    left but we still are marking that game on
    our calendar. Oh and remember…the big 12
    tournament isin kc this year…that should be
    “joyous” occassion for nebraska fans and team.

  8. Anonymous says:

    As a die hard Mo. fan, I gotta tell ya, I was so relieved when KU dumped that fat coach. Jeeze he was great coach. He killed my guy Pinky. No sarcasm. Really. That fat guy got 150% out of guys that were undersized, slow etc etc. Man he was good.

    I just could not believe they dumped him for being too tough on the players. ITS DIVISION 1 FOOTBALL!

    Whatever. He was probably the best coach in the big 12, I am glad he is gone.

    Go MU!!

  9. Anonymous says:

    All I can say is I hope Greg’s Mizzou football prediction is as accurate as his Mizzou basketball prediction last season (no tournament for Mizzou … remember?).

    I don’t think Nebraska ever seriously considered hiring Gill. They showed public interest in him to keep the fans happy.

    Shariff has been here long enough to have a better understanding of the local school fan bases. That comment was ridiculously naive.

  10. Anonymous says:

    GH: ‘If KU, KSU, MU or ISU want to claim a B12 football title

  11. Anonymous says:

    Greg, how can you rip Snyder and KState saying “Snyder

  12. Anonymous says:

    Greg, you’re contradicting yourself with your comment about Colorado and their talent. Actually, I’d like to have some of what you’re smoking. Ptolemy and I are on the same page. Is Snyder going to win a national championship or even the conference in the next couple of years? No. But I’ll take a bet on whether or not we’re in a bowl game at the end of this season.


    GH: With the B12 getting 8 bowl bids to a soon-to-be 10-team conference, getting to a bowl is about as much of a sign of success as those field-day ribbons from 4th grade. But it is my opinion that KU, KSU, ISU and OSU stay home from bowls this season.

  13. Anonymous says:

    GH: I don

  14. Anonymous says:

    “I think the entire notion that part of (Kansas or Missouri or Kansas State) fans

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